Aerospatiale as355 ecureuil 2


AS355F2 Ecureuil 2


Aerospatiale AS355F2 Ecureuil 2

Powered by 2 Allison 250-C20F turboshaft engines, increased max weight further 50kg / 110lb


From Organisation with model AS355F2 Ecureuil 2
france Douane
    as355 ecureuil 2 5 1985/now
venezuela Guardia Nacional de Venezuela
malaysia Polis Diraja Malaysia
    2 1990/now
malaysia Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia
    2 2000/03

united kingdom UK Police Forces
    as355 ecureuil 2
Construction Numbers on database of AS355F2 Ecureuil 2


Construction Numbers Help Us

5026 1981 FR F-ZBAC : as355e Douane original, conv to AS.355F2, ex C-GFSI
w/o unk ?
5255 CA C-GYBA : as355f1 Blackcomb AS355F2 type from Jun10
5274 CA C-FXBC : as355f1 Blackcomb AS355F2 type May06-Jun11
Blackcomb AS355F2 type from Apr12
5282 1983 GR SX-HBX : as355f Olympic Aviation Greece, test serial F-WZKG
VR-BJC : conv F2, to VP-BJC
UK G-PDGS : PLM Dollar/PDG from Dec12, as355f2 type
04oct13 flying over Stirling, Scotland
UK G-NLDR : PLM Dollar Group from Oct13
UK G-NLDR : National Rail as /Osprey63/PDG63, lsd from PLM; 01mar1+
5304 JP JA9601 : Asahi from Nov91, conv to F2
5323 JP JA9639 : as355f1 Asahi 1988-2008, conv to 355F2 type
5347 1986 UK G-BMUS : McAlpine Jul86-Jan87, reser G-FTWO
UK G-FTWO : McAlpine Jan-Jun 1987, to G-OJOR
UK G-OJOR : Daniel Martin Plant Ltd Jun87-Oct89, back to G-FTWO
UK G-FTWO : McAlpine Oct89-Apr06, lsd police
UK G-FTWO : Police; 24jun97 pictured (top) at Liverpool
UK G-NTWK : PLM Dollar Group from May06, ex G-FTWO; Network Rail mr+
28feb13 pictured (bot) at Norwich whist on a fuel stop +
5348 1986 UK G-BYPA private : w/o 01may07 hit terrain near Peterbotough, UK
5353 US N56CD : Detroit Police Dept (DPD) Mar89-Jul96, test serial N600+
RP RP-C1408 : Philippines
5355 1986 UK G-WWWW : Chivas Brothers Ltd Feb87-Apr90
UK G-WWWW : McAlpine 10-12 April 1990
FR F-GKBD : Heli-Union May/Jun 1990
FR F-GKBD : SA Natiolocation Jun90-Dec92; SNC Negocequip Dec92-Apr9+
IL 4X-BJW : Israel 1994-2015; CNAirways; Limocopter
AU VH-PHN : PHS from Jul15
Jul17 IFR NVG trainer in Melbourne
5356 US N79D : to N300LG
US N300LG : canc Dec91
RP RP-C1556 : Philippines, to PH-HHJ
NL PH-HHJ : Heli Holland, noted 2004; 15oct14 pictured at Brussel, +
5364 1987 UK G-BNNN : McAlpine Jun87-Jan88
UK G-DAFT : Powersense Mar88-Apr96 ; Fayair Apr/Aug 1996
UK G-HARO : Air Harrods Aug96-Apr00
UK G-OBHL : Octagon Helicopters Apr00-Feb03 ; Richer Jet Feb03- Mar+
UK G-ULES : Richer Jet Mar03-Jun04; Select Plant Hire Company Jun04+
UK G-ULES : PLM Dollar Group Jul/Aug 2013
UK G-NLSE : Network Rail from Aug13, lsd PLM Helicopters; survey wo+
5367 1987 UK G-PRDH : 28may10 type:AS355F2 at Staverton
5371 1987 US N60563 : Eagle Hangar Inc at San Antonio, TX canc Sep88
MX XA-MDE : Transporte Ejecutivo Aereo SA, Mexico
AR LV-CUT : DAP Argentina from Aug12
5372 1988 US N6018Z : to N225CC
US N225CC : Circus Enterprises at Las Vegas, NV Sep88-Nov89
CL CC-CMV : DAP Helicopteros (Argentina)
11jan15 in Punta Arenas
5374 1988 UK G-BOOV : McAlpine May88-Apr90
UK G-BOOV : 11sep88 pictured at Farnborough AP
Merseyside Police Air Support Unit Apr90-Dec02
UK G-BOOV : Dec02-May06, to N325SC
US N325SC : Jun06-Oct07
UK G-PDGT : PDG Helicopters from Nov07
5378 1988 FJ DQ-FGH : Fiji Air Wing 1988-1997 , test serial F-WYMT
FR F-GTVE : Helicopteres de France Dec97-Jul99
FR F-GTVE : Citicapital Societe Par Actions Simplifiee Jul99-Sep09;+
Arkata Aviation Ltd Sep09-Mar12
Inter Aero Business SARL Apr/May 2012
DE D-HLEA : FJS Helicopter Lufttransport GmbH from Jun12
5379 VE GN-8882 : Guardia Nacional; 1998 DAA.5
5381 1988 ES F-HDLS : 1988 ES-92 Algerian AF; 2006 to Delagnes Location et Se+
ES EC-LHD : ex F-HDLS; 11aug10 pictured at Helipuerto de la Autorid+
5385 VE GN-8883 : Guardia Nacional; 1998 DAA.6
5388 VE GN-8884 : Guardia Nacional, to F-WQED
CZ OK-BIC : Delta System Air 2004-2012,
NZ ZK-HFS : from Oct12
Heletranz Helicopters, Auckland, New Zealand
5389 VE GN-8885 : Guardia Nacional; 1998 DAA.3
5395 VE GN-8887 : Guardia Nacional; 1998 DAA.3
5401 1989 UK G-WMPA : McAlpine Feb/May 1989
UK G-WMPA : West Midlands Police Authority May89-May00
built as an As355F2 and delivered to West Midlands Poli+
Police Aviation Services from May00; West Midlands Poli+
CH HB-ZIV : Eliticino from Oct08
5402 1988 US N227NR : reg May89; Africair Inc at Miami, FL Oct/Nov 2003
TT 9Y-DAS : Briko Air Services from Oct03
5403 VE GN-8888 : Guardia Nacional; 1998 DAA.4
5404 VE GN-8889 : Guardia Nacional; 1998 DAA.5
5407 VE GN-8890 : Guardia Nacional; 1998 DAA.5
5408 VE GN-8891 : Guardia Nacional; 1998 DAA.6
5410 VE GN-8892 : Guardia Nacional; 1998 DAA.5
5411 1989 US N226NR : Purwin Co at Van Nuys, CA from Jan04
US N226NR : DHL 2014 Los Angeles area, op by Helinet of Van Nuys, C+
5413 1989 US N255BB : to N710KM
US N710KM : Purwin Company at Van Nuys, CA Jul98-Jul03
CL CC-CIK : DAP Helicopteros
AR LV-CUS : DAP Argentina from Aug12
5417 MY 9M-PHA :
5418 MY 9M-PHB :
5424 1989 JP JA9964 : Japan, to RP-C1688
RP RP-C1688 : Philippines, to G-CDFV
UK G-CDFV : Lloyd Helicopters Europe Jan05-Mar06
UK G-JEMH : PJM Helicopters / East Midlands Helicopters Apr06-Apr09
BE OO-HSN : Instituut voor Medische Hulpverlening, Belgium; 112 air+
5426 1989 JP JA9977 : to C-FXZZ
US N684CC : Wells Fargo Bank May05
CA C-FXHA : Heli-Inter; ex JA9977
5436 1990 US N311RL : to N355HL
US N355HL : Heli Motion Llc from 2003
US N355HL : Aug11 pictured at an old farm house near Plano and York+
US N355HL : Sweet Helicopters Aug17
5447 JP JA6630 : NAS
5449 1990 JP JA6638 : Japan, to ZK-ILN
NZ ZK-ILN : New Zealand, to G-TVHD
UK G-TVHD : Arena Aviation Ltd, Redhill from Feb08; 17oct13 picture+
5454 US N84CC : USA, to PT-HXV
BR PT-HXV : Brazil Sep93
US N26ET : Multiflight Aviation at Dover, DE Sep96-May98
ES EC-GUZ : TAF Helicopters; Mossos desquadra (police) noted 2007
19mar17 pictured at Sabadell "puertas abiertas"
5456 1990 US N5738K : USA, to N335FP
US N335FP : St. Petersburg, FL;
US N409MR : Partner Aviation at Farmingdale, NY Nov06-Mar08
DO HI861 : AviaJet SA, Dominican Republic; w/o 14aug16 at Santo D+
5459 1990 CA C-FOPP : Ontario Provincial Police (OOP) May91-Jan11
CA C-GJYH : Ontario Provincial Police (OOP) Jan11-Mar12
US N624TD : Eurotec Vertical Flight Solutions Llc at Eudora, KS fro+
5460 1990 CA C-FOPS : Ontario Provincial Police (OOP) May91-May11
CA C-GKYT : Ontario Provincial Police (OOP) May11-Mar12
US N627TD : Eurotec Vertical Flight Solutions Llc at Eudora, KS fro+
5463 1991 US N158BC : USA, tmp as XU-018
DE D-HKEV : Teuto Air Lufttransporte GmbH Sep95-Aug98
Lloyd Helicopters (Pte) Ltd Singapore Sep98-Feb99
US N620LH : Lloyd USA 1999-2001, to be conf
US N620LH : MJD Aviation at Wilmington, DE Feb01-Oct07
UK G-DBOK : Multiflight Ltd Oct07-Jan08
UK G-DBOK : Venturi Capital Ltd Jan08-May10
Hinde Holdings Ltd May10-Jan11
UK G-VVBA : Hinde Holdings Ltd from Jan11
5464 1990 JP JA6646 : Japan, to N355FT
IL 4X-BJV : Israel, to N4360N
US N4360N : Palace Aviation Invest at Wilmington, DE Oct06-Jun07
UK G-ECOU : Rulegate Ltd Jun07-Nov12
ZA ZS-HZA : South Africa 2013
Mar/May 2014, sold Eurocopter AS355F-2 1990 - No Known +
07jun17 at General Aviation, CIVAIR Hangar, Cape Town I+
5467 MY 9M-SSW : Malaysian Navy; loaned awating Super Lynx; to civ
5475 1991 US N355CS : USA, canc Mar97
FR F-GKSD : SARL Tristar Helicoptere May97-Apr99
JP JA355T : Tohoku Air Service from May99
5476 MY 9M-SSV : Malaysian Navy; loaned awating Super Lynx; to civ
MY 9M-SSV : MHS Aviation
49 C/N.                 continue at Eurocopter AS355F2 Ecureuil 2

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