Aerospatiale sa365 dauphin 2

SA365N1 Dauphin 2


Aerospatiale SA365N1 Dauphin 2

2 Turbomeca Arriel 1C1 turbo-shaft engine

List of Operators of Aerospatiale SA365N1 Dauphin 2

From Organisation with model SA365N1 Dauphin 2
japan Fire and Disaster Management Agency
    sa365 dauphin 2 1980/10
taiwan Taiwan National Police
    sa365 dauphin 2 2 1990/04
switzerland Swift Copters SA
    sa365 dauphin 2 3 1998/   
switzerland Schweizer Luftwaffe
    1 2004/   
taiwan Taiwan National Airborne Services Corps
    sa365 dauphin 2 2004/   
united kingdom Multiflight Ltd
    sa365 dauphin 2 2006/   

argentina Helicopteros Marinos
    sa365 dauphin 2
iceland Landhelgisgæsla Íslands
    sa365 dauphin 2
portugal Heliportugal
    sa365 dauphin 2
romania Special Air Services Bucharest
    sa365 dauphin 2
usa State of Maryland
    sa365 dauphin 2
Construction Numbers on database of SA365N1 Dauphin 2


Construction Numbers

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6082 1984 FR F-GFYU : Locaiman Ltd at Georgetown, Guyana Aug84-Mar93
Compagnie Nationale de Navigation SAS Dec94-Dec97
FR F-GFYU : Heli-Union Dec97-Nov04
AO D2-EXE : SonAir Dec04-Mar07
FR F-GJTB : Heli Union Apr/Nov 2007
AR LV-BMM : HM Argentina Nov07-Feb17
UY CX-HMU : Helicopteros Marinos Uruguay from Mar17
6146 1985 CH HB-XPE : flown for Swiss AF VIP transport originally built as SA+
CH T-771 : from 2004
6229 IT I-AGFA : Italy, to T7-ETL
SM T7-ETL : San Marino, noted 2009, to F-GTEN
FR F-GTEN : France, to TL-KBY
TL-KBY : Central African Republic
Aug15 impounded in Cameroon
6251 1987 CH HB-ZBG : Swift Copters from Feb99
6252 1988 US N57MD : MSP Maryland State Police
6256 ON SALEUS N6024P : Aerospatiale USA
US N29TH : Sony Aviation Leasing Corp at Teterboro, NJ Jan91-Mar92
JP JA6694 : Sony Apr92-Jul98
FR F-GVAR : Regourd Aviation Dec98; SARL PG Air Nov06-Dec12; Regour+
6262 1987 US N128SC : USA, to N914K
US N914K : to N914L
US N914L : to N65CW
US N65CW : to N600LL
US N600LL : Milton S Hershey Medical Center at Hershey, PA from Mar+
6264 PT CS-HCG : Vinair; to LN-OPM
NO LN-OPM : Norsk Luftambulanse; ex CS-HCG; to EC-JLV
6282 1987 US N6010Y : to N89SM
US N89SM : Debis Financial Services at Norwalk, CT from Feb99; Cor+
6286 US N93SV : St Vincent Mercy Medical Center at Toledo, OH from Dec9+
6294 1988 US N365AH : Aerospatiale USA, to Japan
JP JA6601 : Japan, to N588FA
US N588FA : USA, to N896LL
US N896LL : Milton S Hershey Medical Center at Hershey, PA from Au+
6298 1988 US N365SC : USA, test serial N60132
US N365SB : to N97SV
US N97SV : St Vincent Life Flight at Toledo, OH
US N97SV : Multiflight Aviation Inc Trustee at Wilmington, DE Jun0+
UK G-CEYU : Multiflight Ltd from Sep08
6301 1989 FR F-WKAY : Aerospatiale, test serial F-WYML
UK G-BVME : McAlpine May/Jun 1994
UK G-BVME : Brintel Jun94-Mar95
UK G-BVME : McAlpine Mar/Oct 1995
FR F-WIPI : France, conv to SA365N2, to F-WQEZ
NO LN-OMJ : Norway, to TF-EIR
IS TF-EIR : Icelandic Coast Guard, noted Jan07-Oct08
UK G-BVME : CHC Scotia Jul10-Sep13
CA C-GRWV : CHC from Oct13
6302 TR TC-HCF : OGM
6304 JP JA9693 : Nagoya City Fire Air Corps Apr88-Jul07
JP JA9693 : 2010 Toho Air Service
6307 1988 JP JA9902 : Japan
LU LX-HGR : Luxembourg, to HB-ZBY
CH HB-ZBY : Swift Copters Jul00-Apr06
UK G-DPHN : Mutanderis Recoveries 2006-2009; Atlantic Air 2009-2011+
PT CS-HHW : Everjets from 2011
01feb15 based at Porto, Portugal
6308 1988 UK G-BOKC : McAlpine Mar/Aug 1988
UK G-BOKC : Twinjet Aircraft Sales Ltd 26aug88 for Spain
ES EC-EKQ : Spain, test serial EC-194; LN-OLN ntu; F-GLHU ntu
LU LX-HUM : Luxembourg, to Spain
ES EC-GJE : Helicsa, test serial EC-391; ambulance; w/o 30mar94 hit+
112 SUC Canarias ambulance; w/o 30mar94 in Gran Canari+
6309 1988 UK G-BOPI : McAlpine May/Nov 1988
UK G-POAV : Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co Nov88-May92
UK G-OLNT : Multiflight Ltd Aug/Oct 2006
UK G-OLNT : Exaviation Ltd Oct06-Sep14; 18aug07 pictured (top) at S+
2012 Maintained by ECUK, hangared in West Yorkshire, En+
29may14 pictured (bot) at Denham
LNT Aviation from Sep14
27sep15 at Leicestershire
10mar16 above Nottingham
30may16 heading NE approaching Halifax, West Halifax, Y+
16jul16 landed at Prestwick
19aug16 York Racecourse
02sep16 Addingham, West Yorkshire
18oct16 lnded University Parks, Oxford, Oxfordshire
23nov16 at Turweston aerodrome
10mar17 ay Imperial War Museum Duxford
6311 1989 US N92MD : MSP Maryland State Police /Trooper 2; w/o 27sep08 crash+
6314 1984 JP JA9933 : Shizuoka Prefecture Emergency Management Mar89-Apr10
CA C-FLHK : Airmedic Aviation at St-Honoré, QC Jan07-Jan10
CA C-FLHK : Qwest Helicopters at Fort Nelson, BC from Jan10
6315 JP JA9932 : Japan unk, rtn as F-WQEX
BR PR-YOF : Brazil unk, rtn as F-WQAZ
IE EI-DUF : conv AS.365N2, Starlite Ireland ? canc Jul12, to Sou+
ZA ZS-HRX : South Africa, ex EI-DUF
6316 1989 US N93MD : MSP Maryland State Police from Sep89
US N93MD : Apr/Jun 2015, sold Eurocopter SA365N 1989 - Single Pilo+
US N93MD : Sep15 put on sale again
6317 1989 US N94MD : MSP Maryland State Police
US N94MD : Apr/Jun 2015, sold Eurocopter SA365N 1993. Single Pilot+
6319 1989 NO LN-OPQ : Airlift d/d Sep.93; ex G-THGS; loan 5N-BFP
NG 5N-BFP : AeroContractors of Nigeria 2003/4; this is LN-OPQ
RO YR-SCS : SASHelicopters; ex LN-OPQ
6320 1989 US N95MD : MSP Maryland State Police
US N95MD : Sep/Dec 2015, sold Dauphin AS365N-3 1993 ; Tricycle whe+
6321 1989 US N96MD : MSP Maryland State Police
6324 JP JA9956 : Euroheri Nov01, test serial F-WTNK
JP JA9956 : Excel Air Service Jun02-Nov05
US 6603 : hh-65 USCG conv to MH-65C; 2008 CGAS Port Angeles
25jun11 pictured (pic1) as CGAS Port Angeles during res+
31oct14 pictured (pic2) during Wings Over Houston 2014,+
6325 1990 FR F-WTNV : Aerospatiale toward I-TTLL
IT I-TTLL : ex F-WTNV toward EC-JAM
ES EC-JAM Mayoral Aviacion : from 2004 to 2006 toward new owner.
ES EC-JAM : Helisureste from 2006 to 2006 toward new owner
ES EC-JAM Mayoral Aviacion : from 2006 to 2008 toward N365MY
US N365MY Helicopter Asia : from 2008 ex EC-JAM
6327 1989 ZA ZS-HVI : South Africa, Thailand ntu
FR F-WQDA : Eurocopter, conv to N3
GR SX-HID : Greece, to F-GLNU
FR F-GLNU : Heli Union Jul02-May06
AO D2-ESE : SonAir 2006-2008, to be confirmed
FR F-GPVN : Heli Union Jun08-Jun16; pictured
FR F-GPVN : Natixis Lease from Jun16, op by Loc Heli at Ambilly
6328 JP JA9966 : Fukuoka City Fire Department Jan90-Feb08
US N787KK : K K Aircraft Intl at Wilmington, DE Feb08-May09
RO YR-CBB : Cobrex Helicopters, Romania from 2009
6329 1989 US N365UC : University Of Chicago Hospital (UCAN) at Chicago, IL fr+
6330 1989 US N97MD : MSP Maryland State Police
MSP Dec12, based at 2W6 in St Marys County, MD
US N97MD : Sep/Dec 2015, sold Dauphin AS365N-3 1989; Tricycle wh+
6334 1989 JP JA9980 : Tokyo Fire Department Feb90-Sep10, test serial F-WYMI
CA C-FLHR : Qwest Helicopters at Fort Nelson, BC from Apr11
6335 1989 US N38MD : MSP Maryland State Police
US N38MD : Apr/Jun 2015, sold Eurocopter SA365N 1989. Single Pilot+
6336 JP JA9978 : Hiroshima City Fire Air Corps Feb90-Jul06
PT CS-HGA : Portugal
6338 1989 JP JA6600 : Japan; 1997 to N911UF
US N911UF : UF Health Shands Hospital, ShandsCair Flight Program, n+
US N365SC : to N661ME
US N661ME : Trevor Corp at Grayslake, IL Mar/Jun 2006
PT CS-HFV : HeliPortugal, noted Apr10
6340 1989 JP JA9972 : Japan 1990-2002
FR F-GJRU : Eurocopter France Aug02-Dec04
US 6602 : hh-65 USCG MH-65C type
6343 1989 UK G-BRVP : McAlpine for the UAE
AE DU-133 : UAE; to CS-HGI
PT CS-HGI : Heliportugal; ex DU-133
6350 1990 CH HB-XQW : Swift Copters from May98
6352 1990 US N79MD : MSP Maryland State Police
US N79MD : Sep/Dec 2015, sold Dauphin AS365N-3 1989; Tricycle whee+
DE D-HFVP : Heli-Flight at Flugplatz Reichelsheim from Apr16; Dec1+
6354 TW AP016 : Taiwan Police, to NA-101
TW NA-101 : NASC
6363 TW AP017 : Taiwan Police, to NA-102
TW NA-102 : NASC
6365 1993 JP JA6621 : to N808JT
MX XA-CCI : Aero Personal, to N365AY
US N365AY : from Nov11; Aircraft Guaranty Holdings at Houston, TX M+
BG LZ-EAQ : Bulgaria, ex N365AY
43 C/N.

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