mbb bk117


The BK.117 is a twin-engined medium utility–transport helicopter jointly developed between Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm (MBB) of Germany and Kawasaki of Japan.

It first flew on June 13, 1979 and was in production until 2004 after 443 aircraft built when it was replaced by the EC.145

c/n 1... : Kawasaki Bk.117
c/n 7000 to 7253 : built by MBB (listed here)
c/n 7500 to 7554 : Eurocopter Bk.117
c/n 4... : Kawasaki Bk.117C2 ( Japan EC.145 )
c/n 9... : Eurocopter EC.145
c/n 20... : Airbus Helicopters Bk.117D2 / H145 and EC645 / Bk.117D2M / H145M

Model News

ADAC BK117s purchased by Airwork, 11-Sep-13 : Global niche helicopter operator and maintenance specialist Airwork NZ is expanding into Europe through a contract with Germany’s largest motoring organisation, The General German Automobile Club (ADAC).


KHI bk117 1979 On December 2012 Kawasaki achieved a total of 1,000 aircraft delivered from the bk117/ec145 family since starting production in May 1982.
BK117A-1 1982 Powered by two Lycoming LTS 101-650B-1 engines.
BK117A-3 1985
BK117A-4 1986
BK117B-1 1987 Powered by two LTS 101-750B-1 engines
BK117B-2 1989
BK117B-3 1990
EC bk117 1992 MBB became part of Eurocopter in mid 1991. Airframes are listed here it was succeeded by the EC.145
Airwork NZ BK117-850D2 2010 Developed by Airwork NZ at Ardmore, New Zealand is the MBB/Kawasaki/Eurocopter Bk117-B2 with their engines replaced with Honeywell LTS 101-850B-2 ...


From Organisation with model bk117
germany MBB
    331 1979/92
germany ADAC Luftrettung GmbH
    16 1983/now
spain guardia civil
    9 1983/now
germany DRF Luftrettung
germany Landespolizei
south korea Korea Aerospace Industries
chile Fuerza Aerea de Chile
    BK117B-1 3 1990/11
chile Carabineros de Chile
    2 1990/now
canada Canadian Armed Forces
    1 1991/92
usa American Eurocopter
    4 1993/98
south africa Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag
    9 1994/now
sweden SOS Helikoptern Gotland
    1 1995/05
peru Policia Nacional del Peru
    5 1998/now
germany HSD Luftrettung
    2 2003/11
germany DL Helicopter
    1 2007/now

canada STARS Air Ambulance
greece Elliniki Pyrosvestiki Ypiresia
usa State of North Carolina
Construction Numbers on database of bk117 or its versions


Construction Numbers Help Us

Airframes conv to new variant
C/NBuilt asYearHistory
    7002     bk117a1 MBB D-HBKD : MBB, to N39180
N122LF : to New Zealand as ?
D-HLFR : bk117b2 B-2 type, to C-FKCM
C-FKCM : Stars Aviation from Dec05, B-2D type
STARS Air Ambulance C-FKCM : STARS from Mar11
    7005     bk117a1 1982 MBB D-HBKG : MBB BK117A-1 type toward D-HDAC
ADAC Luftrettung GmbH D-HDAC : ADAC, conv to A-1,A-3,A-4 and B-2 types
bk117b2 BK-117B-2 type from 1994/1995; Apr05 Christoph 6; Aug06+
    7006     bk117a1 N39184 : MBB Corp; to HK-3081P
Armada Nacional de Colombia ARC-218 : Colombia Navy d/d Dec.05; conv A-3; ex HK-3081P
    7007     bk117a1 1983 D-HBKI : from 1983 toward 1989
F-GMBB : from 1989 toward 2000
D-HMBB : from 2000 toward 2000 (Eurocopter)
D-HBUR : from 2005
Elitaliana / Free Air D-HBUR : Freeair/Elitaliana 2008; conv A-3, B-1, C-1 and B-2
    7008     bk117a1 PK-NZH : to D-HDDD
DRF Luftrettung D-HDDD : DRF Mar02
D-HDDD : bk117b2 Air Rescue Austria (ARA) Jan03, b2 type
OE-XAS : Air Rescue Austria (ARA) Dec04
DRF Luftrettung D-HNNN : DRF Jan12
    7009     bk117a1 1983 MBB D-HBKK : bk117a3 MBB Rescue Demonstrator mar87, BK.117A-3 type, all red +
ADAC Luftrettung GmbH D-HBKK : bk117b2 ADAC; Jan10 type:B-2 Christoph Murnau
Oct11 type:B-2 Christoph 22
    7014     bk117a1 1983 N135CP : ex N3919B; conv to A-3 type; canc May12
Airwork NZ ZK-HQC : Airwork NZ from Sep12
    7016     bk117a1 ADAC Luftrettung GmbH D-HMUZ : ADAC Luftrettung; w/o 23aug85, Christoph 26 NWK Sander+
    7017     bk117a1 1984 N317RM : USA, test serial D-HBKS
N951AM : to N365CH
N365CH : to N627AM
N627AM : Rocky Mountain Holdings Llc at Englewood, CO Jun99-Dec+
Airwork NZ ZK-HNP : BK117-850D2 Airwork NZ from Mar15, conv to 850D2
    7018     bk117a1 PK-NZG : Indonesia, test serial D-HBKT
DRF Luftrettung D-HDRG : DRF Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht 2002-2004, B2 type
ÖAMTC OE-XAR : Air Rescue Austria, lsd DRF 2004-2012
DRF Luftrettung D-HAID : DRF Luftrettung from Oct12
19jul15 /Christoph53 parked blown off in severe weather+
    7020     bk117a1 MBB D-HBKV : MBB, to N3928U
N3928U : N113 ntu, to N271
N271 : to N789JW
N789JW : bk117a4 A-4 type, canc Dec97
Eurocopter Canada C-GBNH : Eurocopter Canada Dec97-Jul99; A-4D type conv to B-2D
C-GBNH : Stars Aviation from Dec99
STARS Air Ambulance C-GBNH : STARS from Apr11
    7022     bk117a1 1983 MBB D-HBKX : MBB toward N39281
N39281 : bk117a3 MBB corp.(not confirmed) ex D-HBKX toward N117UV
N117UV medical helicopter : PEGASUS ex N39281 toward EC-EZT to dec90
Helicsa EC-EZT : Helicsa from 1991 to 2003 ex N117UV toward D-HTIB
D-HTIB Elbe Helicopters : bk117b2 Elbe Helicopters ex EC-EZT from 2003 to 2006?, toward n+
ADAC Luftrettung GmbH D-HTIB : ADAC
    7028     bk117a1 1983 MBB D-HBMC : MBB, to N3926D
N3926D : to C-GALI
C-GALI : bk117a3 Alc Airlift, A-3D Type, canc Sep87
HB-XSG : Rüdisühli Helitransport Oct87-Mar99
Heli Transair D-HHTA : Heli Transair, noted May01
C-GCPH : bk117b2 Stars Aviation Canada from Nov01, B-2D type
STARS Air Ambulance C-GCPH : STARS from May11
    7029     bk117a1 guardia civil HU.22-01 : 09-201, conv to a-3 ?
    7031     bk117a1 ADAC Luftrettung GmbH D-HMUS : ADAC Luftrettung GmbH from Oct98, conv to A-3,A-4 and B+
    7034     bk117a1 MBB D-HBMI : MBB toward ZS-HMP
ZS-HMP Ciskei Defence Force : CDF ex D-HBMI toward 386
Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag 386 : SAAF. ex D-HBMI
    7036     bk117a1 MBB D-HMBK : MBB, to N4493W
N4493W : to N118HH
N118HH : to N128HH
N128HH : Life Star Hardford Hospital, to N485UH
State of North Carolina N485UH : EastCare (Vidant Health), noted 2004
Air Methods N485UH : Air Methods from May10, Bk.117A-4 type
    7046     bk117a1 MBB D-HBMU : MBB toward ZS-HNC
ZS-HNC Ciskei Defence Force : CDF ex D-HBMU toward 385
Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag 385 : SAAF 15 sqd. ex D-HBMU
    7047     bk117a1 Elilombarda I-MABR : Elilombarda, noted Jul98, test serial D-HBMV
State of New York N547SW : Mercy Flight WNY from Nov07, 117A-4 type
State of New York N507TJ : Mercy Flight WNY from Nov07
    7048     bk117a1 guardia civil HU.22-02 : 09-202, conv to a-3?
    7049     bk117a3 MBB D-HBMX : MBB toward VDF-010
VDF-010 Venda Defence Force : VDF ex D-HBMX toward 380
Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag 380 : SAAF 15 sqd. ex D-HBMX
    7050     bk117a1 MBB D-HBMY : MBB cnvt. to type:BK117A-3 toward C-GMCL
C-GMCL ALC Airlift Canada Inc. : from Sep85 ex D-HBMY toward N507AL
N507AL ? : from Mar91 ex C-GMCL toward N401PH
PHI Inc N401PH : PHI from May93 ex N507AL toward N911WJ
N911WJ Martin County Fire Rescue : Martin County Fire Rescue from Aug98 ex N401PH w/o 16De+
    7053     bk117a1 MBB D-HBNA : MBB toward ZS-HND
ZS-HND Ciskei Defence Force : CDF ex D-HBNA toward 384
Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag 384 : SAAF 15 sqd. ex D-HBNA
    7054     bk117a1 Lesotho Defence Force LDF-27 : MBB BK117A-1, cn 7054, ff:?; del Germany as D-D-HBNB, u+
    7055     bk117a1 guardia civil HU.22-03 : 09-203, conv to a-3?
    7056     bk117a1 1985 ADAC Luftrettung GmbH D-HBND : bk117b2 ADAC; 2007 Christoph 22
    7059     bk117a1 1985 MBB D-HBNG : MBB toward USA
    7061     bk117a3 MBB Helicopter Corp N950MB : MBB, test serial D-HBNI
N117CH : to N312LS
N312LS : to N504LH
N504LH : to N143AM
Omniflight N143AM : Omniflight Helicopters Feb08-Apr14
Airwork NZ ZK-IVB : BK117-850D2 Airwork NZ, conv to 850D2
Garden City Helicopters ZK-IVB : Garden City Helicopters at Christchurch airport from No+
    7063     bk117a3 Air Methods N163BK : BK117-850D2 Air Methods, test serial D-HBNK; conv to A-4; conv to+
    7066     bk117a3 ZS-HRJ Transkei Defence Force : TDF toward 383
Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag 383 : SAAF 15 sqd. ex ZS-HRJ. w/o mar03
    7071     bk117a1 1986 DRF Luftrettung D-HQQQ : DRF; Oct10 type:B-2 Christoph 42
    7073     bk117a3 1986 MBB D-HBNU : MBB toward C-GJLE
C-GJLE : MBB Canada (not confirmed) ex D-HBNU toward N12851
American Eurocopter N12851 : American Eurocopter Dec93-Feb94 ex C-GJLE toward CC-CSW
CC-CSW : ex N12851 toward PT-HZM
PT-HZM : ex CC-CSW toward XA-TRF
XA-TRF : ex PT-HZM toward D-HSMA
ADAC Luftrettung GmbH D-HSMA : ADAC; Mar05 type:B2 at Bonn-Hangelar for overhaul
Aug07 type:B2 Christoph Leipzig
Dec07 type:B2 Christoph Leipzig
    7074     bk117a3 1986 D-HBNV : bk117a4 cnvt. to type BK117A-4
Generalitat de Catalunya EC-EVT : Generalitat de Catalunya type BK117A-4; Bomberos 03 Jul+
ADAC Luftrettung GmbH D-HDPS : bk117b2 ADAC type BK117B-2; Aug04 Christoph 6; May09 Christoph +
    7075     bk117a3 MBB D-HBNW : MBB toward VDF-020
VDF-020 Venda Defence Force : VDF ex D-HBNW toward 381
Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag 381 : SAAF 15 sqd. ex D-HBNW
    7076     bk117a3 ZS-HRR Transkei Defence Force : TFD toward 382
Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag 382 : SAAF. ex ZS-HRR
    7079     bk117a3 Suid-Afrikaans Polisie ZS-HSD : Police, test serial D-HBKG, N423MB ntu; conv to B1 typ+
    7080     bk117a3 ADAC Luftrettung GmbH D-HMUM : ADAC Luftrettung from 1999, conv to A-4, B-2 types 2013+
    7085     bk117a3 Government of Canada C-GOFJ : Ministry of Natural Resources Province of Ontario (OMNR+
Eurocopter Canada C-GOFJ : Eurocopter Canada May 1995
American Eurocopter N117FF : American Eurocopter May95-Mar98, A-4 type
Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH D-HMBC : Eurocopter Germany Jun97-Mar98
Policia Nacional del Peru PNP-123 : Peru National Police Mar98
    7086     bk117a3 MBB Helicopter Corp N9745N : MBB USA, test serial D-HBPG
Transportes Aereos Pegaso XA-ZZG : Pegaso, to N1174U
State of Wisconsin N587MC : Milwaukee Regional Medical Center from Mar00; Bk117A-4 +
    7087     bk117a3 guardia civil HU.22-06 : 09-231. ex EC-EEY
    7094     bk117a3 1986 MBB D-HBPO : MBB, to N522MB
N114AE : canc Nov92
DRF Luftrettung D-HDRF : bk117b2 DRF Luftrettung, B2 type; Aug13 pictured at homebase Ch+
    7095     bk117a3 1985 ERA Helicopters N116MB : ERA Med 2007-2012
Airwork NZ ZK-HQD : BK117-850D2 Airwork NZ at Papakura d/d Aug12, conv to 850D2
    7096     bk117a3 American Eurocopter N118MB : American Eurocopter Jul/Oct 1992, test serial D-HBPQ
PT-HJM : HeliJet Aerotaxi Ltda Oct92-Jun01
Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH D-HILF : Eurocopter Germany Nov00, conv to 117B-3
DRF Luftrettung D-HILF : DRF Luftrettung from Jan01
    7099     bk117a3 N911BK : Rockford Memorial Hospital EMS, ex N525MB, N540H; w/o 1+
    7100     bk117a3 ADAC Luftrettung GmbH D-HMUZ : ADAC Luftrettung from Jun97, conv to A-4 and B-2 types
    7102     bk117a3 ERA Helicopters N526MB : ERA Med, canc May12
Airwork NZ ZK-HQJ : BK117-850D2 Airwork NZ from Sep12
Great Slave Helicopters C-GBKD : Great Slave Helicopters from Jul14
    7103     bk117a3 1986 Omniflight N527MB : Omniflight Helicopters at Addison, TX from Jul98
State of Ohio N527MB : MedFlightOhio
    7105     bk117a3 1986 Landespolizei D-HMUF : Polizei Bayern Feb87-May97, test serial D-HBPZ
Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH D-HMUF : Eurocopter Germany Mar98, conv to A-4
DRF Luftrettung D-HMUF : DRF Luftrettung Jul99-Dec12, conv to B2 type
Airwork NZ ? : BK117-850D2 noted as 850D2 type by Jul13
Great Slave Helicopters C-GGSA : Great Slave Helicopters from Jan13
    7106     bk117a3 1986 MBB D-HBCA : MBB, to C-FIOM
C-FIOM MBB Helicopter Canada : Jul90-Jan91, conv to A3D type
Canadian Armed Forces 143106 : Canada Armed forces CH-143 serial 143106 test program; +
Eurocopter Canada C-FIOM : Eurocopter Canada Apr/May 1992
heliflyg SE-JBK : Heliflyg HEMS A4D type May92-Apr93
Eurocopter Canada C-FIOM : Eurocopter Canada Apr/Jun 1993
STARS Air Ambulance C-FIOM : STARS from Jun93
    7113     bk117a3 1986 MBB Helicopter Corp N628MB : MBB Corp, to N117LS, test serial D-HBCH
N117LS : Trevor Corp from Jul08, 117A-4 type
State of New York N508TJ : Mercy Flight WNY from Jan11
    7114     bk117a4 Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag 389 : SAAF 15 sqd. ex PT-HJD. w/o 20aug03
    7116     bk117a3 guardia civil HU.22-07 : 09-232. ex EC-EFA
    7117     bk117a3 ZS-HRV : toward T250
T250 Bophutatswana Defence Force : BDF ex ZS-HRV toward 387
Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag 387 : SAAF 15 sqd. ex ZS-HRV
2014 appear in Seal Team 8: Behind Enemy Lines movie
    7118     bk117a3 ZS-HRW : toward T260
T260 Bophuthatswana Defence Force : BDF ex ZS-HRW toward 388
Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag 388 : SAAF 15 sqd. ex T260
    7119     bk117a3 guardia civil HU.22-08 : 09-233. ex EC-EFB
    7121     bk117a3 guardia civil HU.22-09 : 09-234. ex EC-EFD
    7123     bk117a4 1987 Metro Aviation N117CH : Metro Aviation from Feb88; Children Healthcare of Atlan+
    7125     bk117a4 1987 MBB Helicopter Corp N9021D : test serial D-HBCT, to N117CW
N117CW : Tactical Helicopters Llc at Fort Worth, TX from Sep11
HK-4866 : Sociedad Aerea De Ibague Ltda, Colombia; w/o 09jul13 hi+
    7128     bk117a4 State of Puerto Rico N119PD : Puerto Rico Police Dept (PPR), test serial D-HBCW, ex N+
    7129     bk117a4 MBB D-HBCX : MBB, to N9022E
N9022E . : to N586BH
State of North Carolina N586BH : EastCare (Vidant Health), noted 1990-2004 to N485UM
State of North Carolina N485UM : Rocky Mountain Holdings Llc at Englewood, CO Jun99-Jun1+
    7130     bk117a4 1988 State of New York N3PD : SCPD Suffolk County Police 1990s; to N880SL
N880SL Air Methods Corp : conv BK.117B2; ex N3PD
    7131     bk117b2 1997 Transportes Aereos Pegaso XA-THK : Pegaso; ops.offshore in gulf of Mexico 9 pax
    7138     bk117a4 MBB D-HBDG : MBB, to N90250
N290H : to N313LF
N313LF : to N171MU
N171MU : Cyfly Llc at San Francisco, CA from Oct11; MUSC Hospit+
State of New York N504TJ : Mercy Flight from Jul13; Mercy Flight WNY; 04may14 in+
    7139     bk117a4 1987 MBB D-HBDH : MBB toward ZS-XBX
ZS-XBX : ex D-HBDH toward ZS-HUU
ZS-HUU : JCI Ltd late 1980s to early 90s; ex ZS-XBX to N550SL
Air Methods N550SL : Air Methods from May10; 21may11 damaged by Tornado at +
Helicopters Otago Limited ZH-HQI : bk117b2 Otago Regional Rescue from Aug12, BK117B-2 type
    7140     bk117b1 1988 American Eurocopter N216AE : American Eurocopter, test serial D-HBDI
N90260 : to N117AM
Air Methods N117AM : BK117-850D2 Air Methods Corp 2009, B2 type; conv to 850D2?
    7141     bk117b1 Air Methods N124AM : Air Methods; to N155SC
    7151     bk117b1 American Eurocopter N7059J : American Eurocopter Feb 1998, test serial D-HBDT, for P+
Policia Nacional del Peru PNP-121 : Peru National Police 1998; w/o 28jun01 near Moquegua. 3+
    7164     bk117b1 1988 UAE Government S-716 : ?, to D-HBHG
MBB D-HBHG : MBB, Jun91 at Paris air show, France
MHS Helicopter Flugservice GmbH D-HBHG : MHS ambulance Aug93
Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH D-HBHG : bk117b2 Eurocopter Germany 1996, conv to B2 type
Elilario Italia D-HBHG : Elilario Italia 1999
Elilario Italia I-HBHG : Elilario, to D-HMBB
Elilario Italia D-HMBB : Elilario Italia, noted Oct07
DRF Luftrettung D-HDDD : DRF May08
bk117b2 Dec12 type:B-2 Christoph Weser
    7168     bk117b1 MBB D-HBHK : MBB, to N7060B
N911LT : to N911LK
Air Evac Lifeteam N911LK : bk117b2 Air Evac, B-2 type, noted 1998-2000
N117KC : to C-FRSK
STARS Air Ambulance C-FRSK : STARS from Jul12
    7174     bk117b1 1988 MBB D-HBHQ : MBB, to N7060N
MBB Helicopter Corp N7060N : MBB USA, to N911TG
N911TG : to N912TG
Air Methods N912TG : Air Methods from Sep11
State of Florida N912TG : TGH, op by Air Methods
    7177     bk117b1 1988 State of Texas N117TX : Mother Frances Hospital at Tyler, TX Oc89-Oct13; Flight+
Airwork NZ ZK-IQL : Airwork NZ from Nov13
    7179     bk117b1 1988 N5405G : USA, test serial D-HBHV; conv to B2 type
STAT MedEvac N5405G : STAT MedEvac, Johns Hopkins noted 2002-2004
N5405G : Maxus Leasing Group at Cleveland, OH Jul05-Jan12
CJ Systems Aviation at Englewood, CO Feb12-Jun14
Airwork NZ ZK-INI : BK117-850D2 Airwork NZ from Dec12, conv to 850D2
    7180     bk117b1 PHI Inc N7040U : PHI Dec97-Feb98
Policia Nacional del Peru PNP-122 : Peru National Police 1998
    7184     bk117b1 1988 MBB D-HIMA : MBB, N5405K ntu
G-HMBB : MBB Helicopter Systems Ltd Jun91-Apr93; conv to B-1C ty+
McAlpine Helicopters G-HMBB : McAlpine Apr93-Jun96
ADAC Luftrettung GmbH D-HBRE : ADAC Luftrettung from 1997
bk117b2 type BK117B-2; Oct02 Christoph Rheinland; Jun07 Christo+
BK117-850D2 ADAC, type 850D2?
    7185     bk117b1 MBB D-HIMB : MBB, blue livery; 20jun92 picture at Berlin airshow; 13+
JY-ACC : Jordan, rtn to D-HIMB
DRF Luftrettung D-HIMB : bk117b2 DRF Notarzt from 1996? original built as BK117B-1
10oct10 pictured at Freiburg (Christoph 54)
    7186     bk117b1 1990 JY-ACD : Jordan, rtn to D-HIMC
SOS Helikoptern Gotland SE-JUL : SOS Helikoptern; to VH-VSA
Australian Helicopters VH-VSA : Australian Helicopters from May06, conv b-2 type
    7194     bk117b1 Fuerza Aerea de Chile H-32 : fach d/d 1990; ex N117BK
    7197     bk117b1 Fuerza Aerea de Chile H-33 : fach d/d 1998. ex CC-DAE
Carabineros de Chile C-02 : Carabineros; 2011 Base El Tepual Puerto Montt; ex FACH +
    7200     bk117b2 1989 Landespolizei D-HNWK : Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen from 1989
    7202     bk117b1 Policia Nacional del Peru PNP-119 : Peru National Police, ex N8192M; w/o 09jan04 near Buena+
    7203     bk117b1 1989 D-HIMT : Air rescue 118, 1993 cnvt. to type:B-2 toward D-HEMS
ADAC Luftrettung GmbH D-HEMS : ADAC from 2003 ex D-HIMT; 2011 Christoph 32
    7204     bk117b1 1989 DRF Luftrettung D-HIMU : DRF in 1993?? cnvt. to BK117B-2 w/o 14 December 2005.
HDM Flugservice D-HIMU : HDM Flugservice operated for DRF
    7205     bk117b1 MHS Helicopter Flugservice GmbH D-HIMV : MHS Helicopter-Flugservice 1992
LN-OSY : Norway, to D-HBAY
ADAC Luftrettung GmbH D-HBAY : ADAC Luftrettung from 2008, conv to B-2 type; 2013 sti+
    7209     bk117b1 Fuerza Aerea de Chile H-31 : fach d/d 1990; w/o 26apr91; rebuilt; to CC-CIW
Carabineros de Chile C-10 : Carabineros; ex fach H-31
    7210     bk117b1 Policia Nacional del Peru PNP-120 : Peru National Police, ex N8194Q
    7212     bk117b1 1989 Landespolizei D-HNWL : Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen; oct11 type:B-2 Hummel 5
    7213     bk117b1 1990 D-HFDD : to VH-BKZ
VH-BKZ : Australia, first reg Jan96
Australia Air Ambulances VH-BKZ : Ambulance NSW Child flight, Westmead
VH-BKZ : Skyplan Australia Pty from May13
27jan14 now at Ardmore, Auckland, New Zealand. Imported+
    7217     bk117b1 1990 N7161S : test serial D-HFDH
Omniflight N170MC : Omniflight Helicopters at Addison, TX from Jun02
State of Florida N170MC : Orlando Health at Orlando, FL; Orlando Regional Medical+
    7218     bk117b1 MBB D-HFDI : MBB, to N71579
N71579 : to C-GDGP
C-GDGP : Stars Aviation from Jan91, B-1D type
bk117b2 Stars Aviation; May04, conv to B-2D type
STARS Air Ambulance C-GDGP : STARS from Apr11
    7220     bk117b2 1989 DRF Luftrettung D-HBBB : CHRISTOPH-51. w/o 28sep05 crashed into mountain near We+
    7221     bk117b3 guardia civil HU.22-04 : 09-204
    7224     bk117b2 ADAC Luftrettung GmbH D-HLTB : ADAC; Nov96 type:B-2 Christoph1 homebase
    7225     bk117b2 DRF Luftrettung D-HAWK : DRF; May03 Christoph 27
Jul04 Christoph 42
    7228     bk117b1 1992 MBB D-HFDS : MBB re-registered to D-HMBN
MBB D-HMBN : bk117b2 MBB ex D-HFDS cnvt. to B-2 type toward SE-JBC
heliflyg SE-JBC : bk117b2 Heliflyg; Mar93 new ex D-HMBN; 1996 to new owner Osterm+
osterman helikopter SE-JBC : bk117b2 Osterman; 1996 new ex owner Heliflyg; 1999 toward D-HMM+
DRF Luftrettung D-HMMM : bk117b2 DRF; 1999 new; 2007 Christoph 27
    7229     bk117b1 1991 N192BK : USA, test serial D-HFDT
N117BK : tmp to Germany as?,
N104VU : reser N164AM
N164AM : Rocky Mountain Holdings Llc at Englewood, CO from Dec01
Airwork NZ ZK-HGU : Airwork (NZ) Ltd from Dec14
Garden City Helicopters ZK-HGU : Mar14 Cyclone Pam relief efforts at Vanuatu, op by Gard+
    7236     bk117b2 Carabineros de Chile C-20 : Carabineros
27dec14 pictured damage after crewmember hit with a gun+
    7238     bk117b1 1991 N440HH : Memorial Hermann Hospital 2000; conv bk.117b-2; ex N13+
CFS Air Llc N238BK : CFS Air; ex N440HH; to Native Air; 22jan12 pictured as+
    7239     bk117b1 guardia civil HU.22-05 : 09-205. w/o 10apr96
    7240     bk117b1 ADAC Luftrettung GmbH D-HSFB : bk117b2 ADAC 1994, test serial D-HFIE, conv to 117B-2 type
02jun13 pictured at Stadtlohn-Vreden Airport
    7242     bk117b1 1992 MBB D-HFIG : MBB re-registered to D-HMBN
MBB D-HMBN : bk117b2 MBB ex D-HFIG cnvt. to B-2 type toward N3202U
American Eurocopter N3202U : bk117b2 American Eurocopter; 1992 new ex D-HMBN; 1993 toward D-+
DRF Luftrettung D-HUUU : bk117b2 DRF; 1993 new ex N3202U; 2007 Christoph 53; 22may09 w/o+
    7244     bk117b2 1995 Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH D-HMBH : Eurocopter toward D-HECE
DRF Luftrettung D-HECE : DRF; Medevac
Helitalia I-HECE : Helitalia
DRF Luftrettung I-HECE : DRF Christoph 26 pictured on 2006
DRF Luftrettung D-HECE : Sep13 Christoph Weser
    7245     bk117b2 1993 DRF Luftrettung D-HSSS : DRF Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht 1993; DRF - Luftrettung+
OY-HLT : Falck Denmark from Jun10
    7246     bk117b2 1993 DRF Luftrettung D-HTTT : DRF Rettungsflugwach from 1993; 1996+- pictured at Neus+
    7247     bk117b2 1993 Landespolizei D-HBWF : Polizei Baden-Wurttemberg, Stuttgart 1993-2001; to D-HE+
Helicopter Travel Munich D-HEOE : HTM 2001-, ex D-HBWF
International Flug-Ambulanz D-HEOE : Internationale-Flug-Ambulanz (IFA) 2005, op by HTM
DL Helicopter D-HEOE : DL Helicopter; 2007 Hamburg
ADAC Luftrettung GmbH D-HEOE : ADAC 2008, op by HTM
FlyMed GmbH D-HEOE : Flymed 2010, op by HTM
D-HEOE : DL Helicopter, op by HTM; 22apr13 pictured as Medicopte+
DL Helicopter D-HEOE : 17aug13 100 years celebration Marineflieger
    7250     bk117b2 Landespolizei D-HBWG : Polizei Baden-Württemberg 1993
ADAC Luftrettung GmbH D-HBRB : ADAC Luftrettung from 2001; 2013 still
    7251     bk117b2 1995 DRF Luftrettung I-HBHC : DRF team, ex D-HITZ
Helitalia I-HBHC : Helitalia noted Apr06, to D-HJJJ
HSD Luftrettung D-HJJJ : HSD from mid 2008
DRF Luftrettung D-HJJJ : DRF Luftrettung, ex I-HBHC
HSD Luftrettung D-HJJJ : Jun09 Christoph Sachsen-Anhalt
    7252     bk117b2 Transportes Aereos Pegaso XA-THM : Pegaso; to Peru
OB-1966-P :
107 C/N found.                 continue at eurocopter bk117

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