aerospatiale as350 ecureuil    
AS350D Astar


Model History:

Replaced the AS.350C with a more powerful Lycoming engine

Organisations with this Model:

From Organisation with model AS350D Astar
france Aerospatiale
    as350 ecureuil 1000 1974/91
usa Maverick Helicopters
    as350 ecureuil 1995/now

usa ERA Helicopters
    as350 ecureuil

Construction Numbers on database of AS350D Astar


Construction Numbers of this Model: Help Us    

Airframes conv to new variant  

    1005 1977 Aerospatiale F-WZAU : as350c Aerospatiale re-registered to F-ODHN
Aerospatiale F-ODHN : ex F-WZAU cnvt. to AS350D toward N350AH
N350AH : ex F-ODHN toward N350BR
N350BR : ex N350AH toward N29FH
N29FH : ex N350BR
    1013 American Eurocopter N90001 : as350c Aerospatiale USA; Conv to AS.350D; to N134BH
N134BH : ex N90001, rtn to Aerospatiale as F-WYMZ
Aerospatiale F-WYMZ : Aerospatiale ex N134BH; testbed AS351 with fenestron t+
Aerospatiale F-WGMQ : as350z Aerospatiale ex F-WYMZ; conv AS.350Z as prototype for +
Aerospatiale F-WYMZ : 02jun14 pictured preserved at the main entrance to Airb+
    1069 N354RM : USA, to C-GRGK
C-GRGK : Maple Leaf Helicopters at Richmond BC, canc Feb86, AS.3+
C-GRGK : 529617 Ontario Ltd Jan/Sep 1988
Okanagan Helicopters Ltd C-GRGK : Okanagan Helicopters Sep88-Oct89
Canadian Helicopters C-GRGK : Canadian Helicopters 1994, AS.350BA type; w/o 26apr96 M+
    1099 1979 N3596B : Air One Helicopters Inc; 12mar96 pictured at San Jose, +
C-GPWQ : conv to AS.350B; Pacific Western Helicopters Ltd from J+
    1108 1979 C-GOLV : conv AS.350B type; Peace Helicopters at Grande Prairie,+
VIH Helicopters Ltd C-GOLV : Vancouver Island Helicopters Mar01-Feb13
Yellowhead Helicopters Ltd C-GOLV : Yellowhead Helicopters from Mar13
    1110 1979 N40445 : Colorado Helicopters; conv AS.350BA; to C-GGIS
Heli-Inter C-GGIS : Heli-Inter; ex N40445
    1126 1979 N3597T : Aris Helicopters; 12mar96 pictured at San Jose, CA
Heliflite N3597T : conv to AS.350B; Heli-flite Inc at Riverside, CA from A+
    1127 1979 N35977 : to N57954
Temsco Helicopter Inc. N57954 : as350ba Temsco Helicopters Inc, Alaska from Nov85; conv to as35+
Oct13 at Juneau, Alaska
    1141 Metro Aviation Inc N3599C : Metro Aviation; 13mar95 pictured at Patterson-Williams +
American Eurocopter N3599C : American Eurocopter; conv to AS.350B; canc Jul95
ZS-RGF : Helibip; w/o 03jul97 at Kasane, Namibia, 1 fatality
    1153 F-HJPC : conv AS.350B; ex N802DB,F-GINV; 12sep08 pictured at Par+
    1162 1980 C-GELC : Peace Helicopters Aug89-Oct93
VH-HRD : Australia
Canadian Helicopters C-GELC : Canadian Helicopters from Jul96
    1168 1979 C-GONB : Air Switch at Medicine Hat, Alberta, canc Jul86; conv t+
N20875 : Aug94
N354NT : Jan Leasing at Las Vegas, NV from Jul97, AS.350BA type;+
    1170 1979 Canadian Helicopters C-GMIZ : Canadian Helicopters
    1173 US Helicopters Inc N151AD : US Helicopters 2007, ex N141BH,N151AC, conv AS350B type
    1182 1979 N3599T : to DQ-FDH
DQ-FDH : Fiji, to N350FD
N350FD : Honeywell Intl at Redmond, WA from Jan04; type+
    1183 1980 N35998 : to N350EH
ERA Helicopters N350EH : ERA, noted 1985
C-GVHM : Viking Helicopters at Les Cedres, Quebec Jun88-Aug96
Canadian Helicopters C-GVHM : Canadian Helicopters, Eastern Div Aug96-Sep98
Eurocopter Canada C-GVHM : Eurocopter Canada Sep98-Mar02; w/o ?
    1186 1979 N3601D : to N155EH
N155EH : Hawaii Pacific Helicopters Apr88-Oct96
HELiPRO NZ ZK-HYO : Helipro NZ, noted 2000-2001
VH-HSR : Australia from Feb07; Helistar noted 2008,2009
VH-HSR : Wayport Pty Ltd at Arcadia, NSW from Jul12
    1191 1980 N3599X : from 1980 to 1988 original built as AS350D ASTAR to F-G+
F-GIPN : as350ba from 1988 to 1996 in this time conv AS350BA ex N3599X t+
SX-HDO : from 1996 to 1999 ex F-GIPN to F-GUPF
F-GUPF : from 1999 ex SX-HDO
    1192 AZUR Helicoptere F-GSJT : conv AS350BA; ex N3602V,F-ODLL; Oct 2006 pictured at Ca+
    1198 1979 N360SP : Rogers Helicopters, ex N3603D; 15mar96 pictured at Fres+
C-GQHK : Ben-Ney Aviation from 2004
    1206 Maverick Helicopters N64MH : Maverick Helicopters; conv AS.350BA; ex N3530T
    1207 1980 American Eurocopter N36033 : Aerospatiale Helicopter Corp; canc 1980; to C-GBEW
PDG Helicopters G-PLMB : PDG Helicopters; conv. AS350B; to F-HFPP
F-HFPP : Mar12 for sale in Marseille, France by Aeromecanic
    1216 1979 C-GNML : conv AS.350B; conv AS350B2
G-BXNI : European Helicopters 1997 for sale
Heliportugal CS-HFI : Heliportugal; conv AS.350B2; ex PT-YJC
    1218 1979 N3610D : to ZK-HZL
ZK-HZL : reg Oct92; conv to AS.350B; conv to AS.350BA;
ZK-HZL : Search And Rescue Services from Oct09, Ambulance; w/o +
    1219 1980 N611WC : East Bay Regional Park Police, ex N3605G; 16may97 pict+
N611WC : conv AS.350B2 type; Noevir Aviation at Montvale, NJ ca+
HL9189 : South Korea
    1222 N144BH : conv AS.350B2
RP-C8880 : ex N144BH
Heliportugal CS-HEO : Heliportugal; as350b2 type; ex RP-C8880; to 5N-BHT
5N-BHT : ex CS-HEO
    1237 D-HEPT Johann Lafer Heli Gourmet : conv to AS350BA; ex N36062,F-WYMG; 12aug07 pictured at +
    1240 1980 Great Slave Helicopters Ltd C-GIUX : GSH; conv AS.350BA
    1244 1980 PHI Inc N3607C : PHI in jul85 accident toward F-WYMA
Aerospatiale F-WYMA : as350b Aerospatiale from 1988? ex N3607C toward F-GJYG
F-GJYG : from 1990 ex F-WYMA toward N350UK
N350UK : from 2005? ex F-GYJG
N350UK : visit
    1254 1980 Coastal Helicopters N205CH : as350ba Coastal Helicopters 1994; ex N3607S
    1258 Papillon Grand Canyon N36079 : Papillon Helicopters, Oct96 to NZ
HELiPRO NZ ZK-HYD : Helipro / Rick Lucas Helicopters Ltd, New Zealand
ZK-HYD : 05feb08 pictured at Taupo
    1262 Canadian Helicopters C-GLNM : Canadian Helicopters; ex N3608D
    1265 Papillon Grand Canyon N3608R : Papillon Helicopters, May96 to NZ
ZK-HBV : New Zealand, conv to AS.350BA type
ZK-HZD : Helicopter Services (BOP) Ltd, New Zealand
New Zealand Rescue Helicopters ZK-HZD : PSRT / Baytrust Rescue Helicopter at Rotorua, Bay of Pl+
    1270 1980 national helicopter service and engineering co N145BH : National Helicopter Service from 1981
    1286 Canadian Helicopters C-GOVH : Canadian Helicopters; Aerospatiale serial N224GA; conv +
    1288 1980 ERA Helicopters N216EH : ERA Helicopters, to N369SF
N369SF : to N103TV
N103TV : to N37SH
N37SH : to N61TV
N61TV : Sterling Corp at Philadelphia, PA from Aug86, AS350B ty+
    1290 1980 Gobierno de Mexico XC-DOZ : Mexico, to ZK-HBV
ZK-HBV : New Zealand, to VH-RTV
VH-RTV : Australia from Feb90, AS.350BA type
Sydney HeliTours VH-RTV : Sydney Helicopters from Mar13
    1294 1981 N3612S : to N150BH
C-FNFU : rtn to N150BH
N150BH : as350b Ryan Helicopters Jun96-Mar98, ex N3612S, AS350B type
St Lucia helicopters J6-AAM : as350ba St Lucia Helicopters from Mar98, ex N150BH, AS.350BA ty+
    1295 ERA Helicopters N351EH : ERA Helicopters, test serial N3612M; pictured unk date;+
ZK-HJQ : conv AS.350BA, ex C-FBXE; Glacier Helicopters New Zeal+
    1297 1981 N3611U : to N352EH
ERA Helicopters N352EH : ERA, noted 1985
C-GVHB : Viking Helicopters Jun88-Feb91
Canadian Helicopters C-GVHB : Canadian Helicopters Dec00-Jan08
C-GVHB : Heliproducts Industries Jan/May 2008; conv to AS.350B2 +
Wood Buffalo Helicopters C-GYWB : Aurora Helicopters at Fort McMurray, AB from Jun08
    1324 1980 N57869 : USA, to C-GRGK
Guardian Helicopters Inc C-GRGK : Guardian Helicopters May00-Apr06; Oct03 conv to AS.350B+
N9511 : Sunshine Helicopters at Kahului, HI from Apr06; Arashi +
    1334 1981 Coastal Helicopters N57717 : Coastal Helicopters 2003-2011; to VH-XLM
VH-XLM : as350ba V2 Helicopters Pty reg Oct11
    1338 ERA Helicopters N353EH : ERA Helicopters Jun81-Mar91; w/o 24may88 crash at Dilli+
    1344 Papillon Grand Canyon N5771N : Papillon Helicopters, Sep96 to NZ
ZK-HYC : New Zealand, conv to AS.350BA type; Mt Hutt Helicopters+
ZK-ITW : Alpine Helicopters, noted Jan10; Heli Support New Zeala+
    1376 1980 EagleMed N920EM : Eaglemed from Aug09
    1382 1980 N5773V : to N354EH
ERA Helicopters N354EH : ERA, noted 1985
C-FCYS : Les Helicopteres Abitibi Ltee Oct90-Apr92
N43677 : private Pacific Palisades, CA Jan/May 1997
ZK-HZZ : New Zealand, to C-GIMG
C-GIMG : Heli/Express Inc at Ste-Foy, Quebec from Nov02; 2012 co+
    1386 Papillon Grand Canyon N5774T : Papillon Helicopters, Nov96 to NZ
ZK-HBR : conv to AS.350BA type; The Helicopter Line Ltd, Queenst+
    1393 Papillon Grand Canyon N5774Y : Papillon Helicopters, Jun96 to NZ
ZK-HYP : conv to AS.350BA type; Skyline Aviation Ltd, New Zealan+
    1397 Helicopters Australia Pty Ltd VH-WCD : Helicopters Australia; N122LW AS.350D; conv AS.350B; to+
    1402 1980 N702MD : ex N982WF, canc 1990
Hy-Ridge Helicopters Ltd C-GNIX : conv to AS.350B type, conv to AS.350BA type; Hy-Ridge ?
C-GRTM : Bailey Helicopters Ltd from Dec09
    1403 1981 N5783D : to N138EH
ERA Helicopters N138EH : ERA, noted 1985
N317LT : M B Aircraft Llc at Cincinnati, OH Jul04-May05
C-FFBM : Taiga Helicopters (1993) Ltd at Whitecourt, AB from May+
    1411 1981 N5781E : to N139EH
ERA Helicopters N139EH : ERA, noted 1985
N139EH : LW Winter Helicopters at Ukiah, CA, canc Dec98
C-GEMJ : Heli-Spar Helicopters (1994) Ltd at Chilliwack, BC Dec9+
C-GEMJ : conv to 350BA type; Quebec Helicopteres at St-Mathieu-D+
VP-CIH : Helico Store Intl, Cayman Islands from Jun05
    1424 ABC helicopteres F-GIBM : conv 350B; ex N5784Y; 13sep08 pictured at La Ferte-Alla+
    1431 Canadian Helicopters C-GCEC : Canadian Helicopters; ex N666JK; conv as.350ba
    1436 1981 State of California N816CE : Southern California Edison (SCE) Feb82-Feb07, reser N81+
C-FXMJ : Heli-Lynx Helicopter Services at Stoney Creek, ON Mar/J+
C-FXMJ : as AS350BA type; Ultra Helicopters at Grimshaw, AB Jul0+
C-FXMJ : Gemini Helicopters at Grande Prairie, AB Jan11-Nov13
C-FXMJ : Opsmobil at Grande Prairie, AB Nov13-Mar15
    1438 1981 State of California N817CE : Southern California Edison (SCE) Feb82-Feb08, reser N81+
C-FXLD : Heli-Lynx Helicopter Services at Stoney Creek, ON Feb08+
C-FXLD : as AS350BA type; Gemini Helicopters at Grande Prairie, +
C-FXLD : Heli Explore Inc at La Sarre, QC Aug10-Aug11
C-FXLD : Expedition Helicopters at Cochrane, ON Aug11-Jun13
C-FXLD : Airborne Energy Solutions Ltd at Whitecourt, AB Jun/Nov+
C-FXLD : Opsmobil at Grande Prairie, AB Nov13-Feb15
C-FXLD : D.F. Capital Ltd at Victoria, BC from Feb15
    1444 1981 N5787C : to N142EH
ERA Helicopters N142EH : ERA, noted 1985
American Eurocopter N35SV : Aerospatiale Helicopter Corp at Grand Prairie, TX Mar91+
C-FPHN : Pegasus Helicopters at New Glasgow, New Scotia Sep92-F+
Eurocopter Canada C-FPHN : Eurocopter Canada Feb/Mar 1993
C-FPHN : Skytech Aviation at Orillia, ON Apr/Jul 1993; Questral +
C-FPHN : Taiga Helicopters (1993) Ltd at Whitecourt, AB from Apr+
    1450 1981 ERA Helicopters N143EH : ERA, noted 1985; w/o 20jul89 Long Beach, CA; Dec89 canc
    1456 1981 N5791R : to N140EH
ERA Helicopters N140EH : ERA, noted 1985
solaire helicopters 9M-HMB : Solaire helicopters; conv to 350B type; conv to 350BA+
Helistar 9M-RSQ : Helistar, noted Oct10
G-JOZI : Aero Maintenance Ltd at Walton Wood airfield, UK from +
    1460 ERA Helicopters N141EH : ERA Helicopters from Jul82; w/o 11jul83 at Dutch Harbor+
    1472 1982 N5797T : Eagle Rescue 19mar93 pictured at Mesa-Falcon Field, AZ;+
N3944S : conv to AS.350B
N5797T : Helicopter Services Inc at Spring, TX 2009
    1476 1982 N5793P : as350ba conv to as350ba; 14nov09 impact terrain near Doyle, Ca+
    1490 1982 N333FH : to F-GKRT
F-GKRT : ex N5797V, conv AS.350B, to G-BXKT
G-BXKT : Autopilot Ltd 1997-1998
G-NUTY : 1998-2009
G-NUTY : Eli Airbust 2009-2011
I-MIAM : Eli Airbust from Mar11, ex G-NUTY
    63 C/N found.

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