Westland Lynx


Super Lynx mk88a


Super Lynx mk88a
New Built Super Lynx 100 variant plus rebuilt Mk88 survivors airframes


From Organisation with model Super Lynx mk88a
germany Marineflieger
    7 2000/now

Construction Numbers on database of Super Lynx mk88a


Construction Numbers Help Us

388 DE 83+20 : MArineflieger, uk test serial ZJ535
14jun13 pictured (top) with 100 Jahre Marineflieger mr+
13jul13 flying over broadstairs, it attended Yeovilto+
21jul13 pictured (bot) at RIAT 2013 RAF Fairford, UK
17aug13 MFG3 100 years celebration Marineflieger
389 1999 DE 83+21 : Marineflieger, test serial ZJ536
01aug07 pictured asg MFG3 at RNAS Culdrose Air Day 2007+
20mar10 returned to Germany on An124 from Operation End+
391 2000 DE 83+22 : ex ZJ537. United Nations
MFG in mar2010 deployed aboard FGS Augsburg F213
392 DE 83+23 : ex ZJ538
393 DE 83+24 : Marineflieger, uk serial ZJ539
Jul10 pictured at RNAS Yeovilton Air Day 2010 with a Pi+
17aug13 MFG3 100 years celebration Marineflieger
29may14 on-board FGS Luebeck (F214) for FOST training +
396 DE 83+25 : ex ZJ540
397 DE 83+26 : ex ZJ541
404 DE 83+03 : Rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 225, UK MoD ZJ701
412 DE 83+09 : Rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 263; Jul04 pictured (top) with MF+
Special c/s 25 Years Annivarsary Lynx at MFG3, first sh+
10sep06 MFG3 pictured (bot) special c/s Tag der Heeresf+
413 DE 83+19 : Rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 345
Marineflieger; 23jun12 MFG3 noseart RATTLEHEAD
414 DE 83+06 : Rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 252. United Nations marking
23jun12 pictured at RNAS Yeovilton Air Day, UK
415 DE 83+17 : Rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 343
17aug13 MFG3 100 years celebration Marineflieger
417 DE 83+11 : Marineflieger; 16-20may06 MFG3 Berlin air show
Marineflieger; MFG-3 Mk88A type rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 2+
419 DE 83+05 : Rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 246
420 DE 83+18 : Rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 344
17aug13 MFG3 100 years celebration Marineflieger
421 DE 83+07 : Rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 258
422 2005 DE 83+02 : Rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 223. United Nations markings
17Sep05 pictured (pic1) with MFG.3 in the static displa+
19jul15 pictured (pic2) at RIAT 2015, UK
423 DE 83+13 : Rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 326. United Nations markings
427 DE 83+04 : Rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 231, teset serial G-BIHM
Mar10 deployed aboard FGS Augsburg F213
Oct15 with SNMG2 flagship FGS Hamburg (F220)
Oct15 pictured with SNMG2 flagship FGS Hamburg (F220) d+
428 DE 83+12 : Rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 272. United Nations markings
MGF on 20mar2010 returned from Djibouti. Operation Endu+
429 DE 83+10 : Rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 266
430 DE 83+15 : Rebuilt from Mk88 c/n 341
22 C/N.

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