Westland scout


Scout AH.1



Engine: 1 x RR Nimbus 102 685shp
Capacity: 2 + 3
Length: (m) 9.24
Height: (m) 2.72
Blades: 4
Rotor diam.: (m) 9.83
Disc area: (m2) 75.89
Weight: (kgs) Empty: 1465     Max: 2405
Speed: (km/h) Cruise: 196     Max: 211
Range: (km) 510
Ceiling: (m) 4085
Rate/Climb: (m/min) 183


From Organisation with model Scout AH.1
united kingdom Army Air Corps
    scout 150 1961/94
united kingdom Royal Marines
    scout 9 1970/82

Construction Numbers on database of Scout AH.1


Construction Numbers Help Us

f.9472 1961 UK XP846 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
AAC f/f 20oct61, first production Fairey (Westland) Sco+
f.9473 1962 UK XP847 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
AAC; preserved at Museum of Army Flying, Middle Wallop
f.9475 1962 UK XP849 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
UK XP849 : AAC in 1990 ETPS
UK XP849 : w/o 03apr97 heavy landing at Netheravon during autorota+
F.9476 UK XP850 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
f.9477 UK XP851 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
f.9478 UK XP852 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
f.9479 UK XP853 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
preserved in static condition at Sutton Surrey by Dec16
f.9480 1962 UK XP854 : AAC Scout AH.1 d/d 29jan63, w/o 23mar65
Unk to 7898M, to TAD043, to Abridge, Essex; to Bedford +
f.9481 1962 UK XP855 : dd 29 Jan 1963; ARWF by Jul 1969
G I Arborfield by Jul 2009
f.9485 UK XP884 : Scout AH.1 d/d 06feb63; AAC Historic Flight
f.9494 UK XP893 : 3CBAS / S, displayed aboard HMS Fearless at Plymouth Na+
Royal Marines; 06jan80 3CBAS /S on route
f.9500 1963 UK XP899 : dd 18 Oct 1963; ARWF/D by Jul 1973 still by Aug 1977; S+
G.I. Arborfield by Jul 2009
f.9502 UK XP901 : Royal Marines; jan78 3CBAS
f.9503 UK XP902 : Royal Marines; jan78 3CBAS
06jan80 3CBAS /T on route
f.9508 1963 UK XP907 : Royal Marines; 06jan80 3CBAS /U on route; toward G-SROE
UK XP907 : 657Sq (ex 3CBAS /U) landed on mv Astronomer in Plymouth+
UK G-SROE : ex XP907
f.9509 UK XP908 : AAC Scout AH.1
Displayed at Farnborough Airshow 1968
f.9511 1963 UK XP910 : AAC d/d 06dec63; w/o 13sep89; Museum of Army Flying
f.9517 1964 UK XR595 : AAC Scout AH.1 27sep95 to G-BWHU
UK G-BWHU : Private owner
f.9519 UK XR597 : 1964/66 Scout 597 was one of 6 that took part in the Bo+
preserved Hermeskeil Air Museum, Germany
f.9523 1964 UK XR601 : w/o 26 Aug 1979 after tail rotor severed by main rotor +
G.I. SEAE Arborfield until Sep 2009
To Whittington Barracks as Gate Guard 10 Sep 2009, gone+
f.9527 1964 UK XR627 : Royal Marines; 06jan80 3CBAS /Q on route
f.9529 1964 UK XR629 : d/d 29/04/1964, 8 Flt/C by Jul 1969
657Sq landed on mv Astronomer in Plymouth Sound 7 Jun 1+
f.9535 1965 UK XR635 : AAC d/d 08feb65; i/a at Midland Air Museum
XR635 : to Coventry University date unk; Sep12 to The Midland A+
under restoration at Midland Air Museum. Still present +
f.9536 1965 UK XR636 : crashed during a roulement detachment to Northern Irela+
f.9537 UK XR637 : AAC Scout AH.1
f.9632 UK XT626 : Scout AH.1 XT626 / Q with 666 Squadron Army Air Corps b+
AAC Historic Flight
f.9635 UK XT629 : Royal Marines; jan78 3CBAS
06jan80 3CBAS /R on route
f.9636 1966 UK XT630 : AAC d/d 02may66
UK G-BXRL : Rodney Coplestone Jan/Jul 1998
Raffia Enterprises Ltd from Jul98; w/o 16oct99; canc Ma+
preserved Bruntingthorpe, noted Jul06
24aug14 pictured preserved on external display at Brunt+
Apr17 on sale on eBay
Mr J and DJ Baddeley private collectors from Jun17
f.9643 1966 UK XT637 : dd Aug 1966. Scrapped Yeovilton 1994
visited Seaton Barracks 10 Jun 1967
f.9655 1966 UK XT649 : dd Dec 1966 to AAC. 655 Sq/Y by Jul 1972. Sold, to New +
NZ ZK-HUK : to ZK-HUK, w/o 12 Mar 2003
f.9698 UK XV123 : AAC; Jan13 preserved
f.9699 UK XV124 : AAC Scout AH.1; noted AAC Hildesheim EDVM 17jun80
f.9702 1967 UK XV127 : 655 Sq/T by Jul 1972
AAC; preserved at Museum of Army Flying, Middle Wallop
f.9704 UK XV129 : AAC; to civ ZK-HVD
NZ ZK-HVD : Heli-Logging NZ, noted 2001
26mar15 Stratford, Taranaki, Zealand North Island
f.9711 UK XV136 : AAC type:Scout AH.1
deployed to Northern Ireland by Nov 1976
Northern Ireland nov76
AAC noted at Hildesheim EDVM 17jun80
Jul05 Gate Guard Netheravon
XV136 : Feb14 On loan to Ulster Aviation Society
03mar14 pictured undergoing restoration to static displ+
f.9712 UK XV137 : AAC Scout AH.1 17mar98 to G-CRUM
Noted at AAC Hildesheim, Germany 17jun80
UK G-CRUM : Many owners until Current jun16 in Bishop Waltham area,+
f.9716 UK XV141 : 657Sq landed on mv Astronomer in Plymouth Sound 7 Jun 1+
f.9735 1969 UK XW280 : ff 9 May 1969
D and TS Middle Wallop, noted visited Fremlington Camp +
scrapped Sek Kong Nov 1993
f.9744 UK XW616 : Royal Marines; 06jan80 3CBAS /P on route
f.9759 1972 UK XW796 : 660Sq/H by May 1984
XW796 Privately owned : Privately owned, Sproughton
UK XW796 : Gunsmoke Paintball Hadliegh Suffolk by Mar 2014
f.9797 UK XV132 : AAC Scout AH.1 - correct c/n is f.9707
01jun74 noted at Bessbrook, N.I coded P - photo - www+
w/o 10apr78
S2/8437 1960 UK XP165 : ff 29 Aug 1960. To Fairey at White Waltham as a develop+
XP165 : to Historic Aircraft Museum, Southend in Jul 1975, unti+
UK XP165 : 24aug11 pictured at The Helicopter Museum, Weston-Super+
S2/8438 UK XP167 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
S2/8440 UK XP188 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
S2/8441 UK XP189 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
S2/8443 UK XP190 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
S2/8446 1961 UK XP191 : AAC Scout AH.1 f/f 19Jan61, d/d 01May61
UK XP191 : Westland, returned for loan to RAE at Bedford for Rotor+
UK XP191 : AAC noted in storage at Wroughton 21Oct78 fitted with L+
S2/8447 UK XP192 : AAC Westland Scout AH.1
48 C/N.

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