Hughes 269

TH-55A Osage


From Organisation with model TH-55A Osage
usa US Army Aviation
    792 1964/88

Construction Numbers on database of TH-55A Osage


Construction Numbers Help Us

0382 1965 US 64-18070 : US Army
US N8056H : to N114CS
US N114CS : Mar83
64-18070 : preserved Vietnam Helicopters Museum at Concord, CA by+
0512 US 64-18200 : US Army
0513 US 64-18201 : US Army
0514 US 64-18202 : US Army
0515 US 64-18203 : US Army
56-0534 US 64-18222 : US Army
US N1025C : Polk County Sheriff Office (PCSO) Apr79-Oct91
US N1040S : scr
56-0551 US 64-18239 : US Army
US N7050D : reg 1988; private at Justin, TX from Jul12; 10may14 pic+
76-0603 US 66-18320 : USArmy; original BuNo 66-9083; to civ N10224
US N10224 : 269a Florida Rotorcraft 1999; to LV-ZTL
AR LV-ZTL : Helifly SRL d/d Jun00; Hughes 269A; Dec.2011 pictured a+
76-0636 US 66-18324 : US Army; w/o 23jun67 crashed at Fort Wolters, Texas in +
47-0696 1967 US 67-18384 : US Army; Jul92 to N9061R
US N9061R : conv to 269A; Rotors And Wings Aviation at Bourbonnais,+
American Aircraft Sales at Lincolnshire, IL; w/o 12jul1+
78-0986 US 67-16879 : USArmy; preserved off airport Russell, Illinois
108-1015 US 67-16908 : US Army
US N57953 : Long Beach Community College District from Nov74
US N57953 : 25mar14 pictured preserved at the At Wings and Rotors A+
128-1043 US 67-16936 : USArmy; 1987 to Honduras as FAH911
HN FAH-911 : FAH; ex 67-16936
19-1062 US 67-16955 : USArmy; preserved at Hubschraubermuseum of Buckeburg, G+
19-1078 US 67-16971 : US Army
US N20906 : City Of El Paso Police Department from Nov93
Canton Police Dept, Canton; canc Oct13; GSA, bought b+
15 C/N.

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