sikorsky s-56 H-37    


Organisations with this Model:

From Organisation with model XHR2S-1

usa US Marine Corps
    s-56 H-37 1956/70

Construction Numbers on database of XHR2S-1


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Airframes conv to new variant  

    56-1X 1953 US Marine Corps - : Sikorsky S-56, cn 56-1X; del NPRO as XHR2S-1 [no BuNo a+
    56-2X 1953 US Marine Corps 133732 : Sikorsky S-56, cn 56-2X, ff:18Dec53; del NPRO as XHR2S-+
    56-3X 1954 US Marine Corps 133733 : Sikorsky S-56, cn 56-3X, ff:?; del NPRO as XHR2S-1, 133+
    56-4X 1955 US Marine Corps 133734 : Sikorsky S-56, cn 56-4X, ff:?; del NPRO as XHR2S-1, 133+
    56-5X 1954 US Marine Corps 133735 : Sikorsky S-56, c/n 56-5X, ff:?; del NPRO, as XHR2S-1, 1+
    5 C/N found.

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