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  • Canadian Ambulance Services AW139

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    41314 2012     C-FGJS: STARS at Calgary, AB from Dec12
AgustaWestland USA N497SM: AgustaWestland, PA May12
    41007 2008     C-GLPI: STARS May08-Nov10
AgustaWestland USA N126AW: AgustaWestland, PA to C-GLPI

AgustaWestland USA N480SM: AgustaWestland, PA Nov10-Nov11

Queensland Government VH-EZJ: Queensland State HEMS from Nov11

Australia Air Ambulances VH-EZJ: Queensland Government Air (QGAir)
    31277 2010     C-GLPI: Stars Aviation Jan11-Dec12
AgustaWestland USA N215YS: AgustaWestland, PA from Nov10
    41323 2012     C-GPCO: STARS at Calgary, AB from Jan13
AgustaWestland USA N503SM: AgustaWestland, PA Aug12
    41226 2009     C-GYNF: Ornge from Jun10, their first AW139
AgustaWestland USA N417SM: AgustaWestland, PA, to C-GYNF
    41227 2010     C-GYNG: Ornge from Nov10
AgustaWestland USA N419SM: AgustaWestland, PA, to C-GYNG
    41230 2010     C-GYNH: Ornge from Nov10
AgustaWestland USA N453SM: AgustaWestland, PA to C-GYNH
    41232 2010     C-GYNJ: Ornge Sep10-Feb11
AgustaWestland USA N454SM: AgustaWestland, PA, to C-GYNJ

Canadian Helicopters C-GYNJ: Canadian Helicopters Ltd from Feb11
    41236 2010     C-GYNK: Ornge from Sep10
AgustaWestland USA N455SM: AgustaWestland, PA, to C-GYNK
    41238 2010     C-GYNL: Ornge from Dec10
AgustaWestland USA N458SM: AgustaWestland, PA, to C-GYNL
    41245 2010     C-GYNM: Ornge from Jan11
AgustaWestland USA N467SM: AgustaWestland, PA, to C-GYNM
    41247 2010     C-GYNN: 23mar12 pictured after emergency landing at Colonel Samuel S+
AgustaWestland USA N468SM: AgustaWestland, PA, to C-GYNN
    41250 2010     C-GYNO: Ornge from Feb11
AgustaWestland USA N470SM: AgustaWestland, PA, to C-GYNO
    41257 2011     C-GYNP: Ornge Air from May11
AgustaWestland USA N478SM: AgustaWestland, PA, to C-GYNP
    41272 2011     C-GYNZ: Ornge from Oct16
ERA Helicopters N482LA: ERA Helicopters Nov11-Sep16

Latest News

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