Del'd: 13 - 1952 to 1968

Royal Canadian Navy  (1945-1968) s-55 H-19

The Sikorsky HO4S was was used as Search and Rescue standby aircraft (plane guard) on the carriers HMCS Magnificent and HMCS Bonaventure. They also served in the antisubmarine role until being replaced by the Sea King from 1963

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    55-144 HO4S-2 1952     55144: HO4S-2; RCN d/d 29apr55; w/o 25jun57 McNabs Island Halifax H+
    55-305 HO4S-2 1952     55305: RCN d/d 05dec52; HO4S-2 conv to HO4S-3; wfu 08may70
- N65375: ex 55305
    55-320 HO4S-2 1952     55320: HO4S-2; RCN d/d 19dec52; 1955 conv to HO4S-3; w/o 10jul61 d+
    55-867 HO4S-3 1955     55867: HO4S-3; RCN d/d 16may55; wfu 17jun64
    55-875 HO4S-3 1955     55875: HO4S-3; RCN d/d 16may55; wfu 16may68; preserved Canadian For+
    55-876 HO4S-3 1955     55876: HO4S-3; RCN d/d 10jun55; wfu 15nov68
    55-877 HO4S-3 1955     55877: HO4S-3; RCN 4 d/d 10jun55; wfu 16may70; Shearwater Angel pre+
    55-878 HO4S-3 1955     55878: HO4S-3; RCN d/d 25aug55; wfu 15nov68
    55-885 HO4S-3 1955     55885: HO4S-3; RCN 7 d/d 31aug55; wfu 15aug65; 1970 preserved Canad+
    55-886 HO4S-3 1955     55886: HO4S-3; RCN d/d 25aug55; w/o 22sep61 crashed into trees near+
    55-887 HO4S-3 1955     55887: HO4S-3; RCN d/d 26jul55; w/o 04nov58 McNabs island Halifax h+
    55-891 HO4S-3 1955     55891: HO4S-3; RCN d/d 26jul55; wfu 08aug64; preserved at Shearwate+
    55-892 HO4S-3 1955     55892: HO4S-3; RCN d/d 31aug55; w/o 14mar57 ditched off the coast o+

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