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Sikorsky Helicopters s-92 Helibus

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First Flight of Future Marine One VH-92A, 03-Aug-17 : The VH-92A test aircraft achieves first flight on July 28 at Owego, NY starting a 250 hours test program. Based on the S-92, the new presidential helicopter is scheduled to enter service in 2020

Farren Delivers Multiple Helicopters In June, 07-Jul-15 : Transportation supplier Farren delivered a VH-92 trainer, CH-148 Cyclone and a CH-53K airframe to Sikorsky and its 11th CH-47D Chinook to Columbia Helicopters all in June 2015

Construction Numbers Help Us

C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    92-5009 ch-148 2012     148809: Sikorsky CH-148 cn 92-5009, ff:?; reg Sikorsky for systems t+
    92-5011 ch-148 2013     148811: Sikorsky CH-148 cn 92-5011, ff:?; reg Sikorsky for systems t+
    92-5007 ch-148 2011     ?: Sikorsky CH-148 2011; 13-24Jun11 Paris Air Show France
Canadian Armed Forces 148807: RCAF 03aug12
    92-5006 ch-148 2011     ?: Sikorsky CH-148 2011; Canadian Armed Forces 148806 from 12+
Canadian Armed Forces 148806: RCAF d/d May11 12Wing Shearwater; first interim maritim+
    92-5005 ch-148 2010     ?: Sikorsky CH-148 CAF 148805
Canadian Armed Forces 148805: RCAF Jun12
    92-5003 ch-148 2009     ?: Sikorsky CH-148 2009
Canadian Armed Forces 148803: RCAF
    92-5004 ch-148 2010     ?: Sikorsky CH-148 2010-2012
Canadian Armed Forces 148804: RCAF d/d 07Jun12 12th Wing, CFB Shearwater
    VH-92A 2017     ?: VH-92A EDM-1 f/f 28jul17 at Owego, NY
    92-0030 s-92a 2006     G-CHCK: Sikorsky 2006
CHC Scotia G-CHCK: CHC Scotia from Feb06; 25jul06 pictured (pic1) at Abe+

10apr15 pictured (pic2) at Aberdeen
    92-0141 s-92a 2011     N1004C: Sikorsky 11/18 Jan 2011
Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GJMY: CHC Jan/Feb 2011

Brazilian Helicopter Services Taxi Aereo Ltda PR-BGB: BHS Aero taxi 2012

Sep12 operating from Jacarepagua carring Petrobras work+
    92-5008 ch-148 2011     N1125M: Sikorsky CH-148 2011
Canadian Armed Forces 148808: RCAF from 16Jun12, CFB Shearwater
    92-0133 vvip 2011     N1138T: Sikorsky 2011
Royal Thai Air Force H.10-3/54: RTAF H.10-3/54 d/d Mar11, ceremony help 18may11
    92-0127 s-92a     N127Q: Sikorsky 2010
Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GFHO: CHC 02/23 July 2010

Brazilian Helicopter Services Taxi Aereo Ltda PR-CHU: BHS Aero taxi from Aug10
    92-0129 vvip 2011     N129PL: Sikorsky 2011
Royal Thai Air Force H.10-1/54: RTAF H.10-1/54 d/d Mar11, ceremony help 18may11
    92-0131 vvip 2011     N131RF: Sikorsky 2011
Royal Thai Air Force H.10-2/54: RTAF H.10-2/54 d/d Mar11, ceremony help 18may11
    92-0132 s-92a     N132GN: Keystone Helicopter Corp Aug/Sep 2010
Helikopter Service LN-OQL: CHC Norway from Sep10
    92-0134 s-92a 2010     N134WH: Sikorsky 2010
National Police Agency JA02MP: Tokyo Metropolitan Police Keishichō from Nov11

Keishichō; video from Kisarazu Air festival 2013
    92-0135 s-92a 2010     N135NL: Sikorsky Jul/Nov 2010
Azerbaijan Airlines 4K-AZ50: AZAL Silk Way Helicopter Services
    92-0136 s-92a 2010     N136CL: Sikorsky Jul/Nov 2010
Azerbaijan Airlines 4K-AZ51: AZAL Silk Way Helicopter Services
    92-0138 s-92a 2010     N138BW: Sikorsky/Keystone Mar/May 2011, to Kuwait as 9K...
    92-0139 s-92a 2010     N139UN: Sikorsky, to Kuwait as 9K...
    92-0140 s-92a 2011     N140SR: Sikorsky 2010
EP Aviation N850AR: EP Aviation from Jan11, with AAR Corp in Afghanistan

AAR Corp N850AR: Jul12 at Kabul, Afghanistan

EP Aviation N850AR: 22apr15 at Melbourne, FL ... rotor blades removed

- N850AR: Mar/Apr 2017, sold Sikorsky S-92 2010
    92-0142 s-92a 2011     N142KT: Sikorsky 2010
EP Aviation N851AR: EP Aviation Jan11-Jun15

AAR Corp N851AR: Jul12 at Kabul, Afghanistan, lsd EP

EP Aviation N851AR: 07jan14 Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT), Jackson+

- N851AR: Wells Fargo Bank NA Trustee from Jun15

Jan/Apr 2017, sold Sikorsky S-92 2010; Currently Utilit+
    92-0143 s-92a 2011     N143SU: Sikorsky Jan/May 2011
CHC Scotia G-CHCZ: CHC Scotia from May11

Exported to Thailand December 2012

Thai Aviation Service HS-HTF: Thai Aviation Services from Jan13
    92-0146 s-92a 2011     N146UK: Sikorsky 2011
Thai Aviation Service HS-HTH: Thai Aviation Services from Jan13

02jul15 at NST airport on Chevron terminal for off-shor+

14sep17 at Helitek Brisbane, Australia for maintenance
    92-0149 s-92a 2011     N149LY: Sikorsky 2011
- N928PH: Wells Fargo Bank Northwest

Petroleum Helicopters Inc N928PH: PHI Inc from Oct11
    92-0150 s-92a 2011     N150AL: Sikorsky 2011
CHC Ireland EI-ICG: CHC Ireland, for Irish Coast Guard

Irish Coast Guard EI-ICG: Irish Coast Guard d/d Feb12
    92-0152 s-92a 2010     N152RM: Sikorsky 2010
CHC Scotia G-WNSA: CHC Scotia Nov11-Jun12

09may12 arrived Norwich at 12:51 (pictured refueling) d+

09may12 was heading to Marignane, France, for onward tr+

Brazilian Helicopter Services Taxi Aereo Ltda PR-BGN: BHS from Jun12
    92-0153 s-92a 2010     N153SF: Sikorsky 2010
Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GNUA: CHC Dec11-Apr12

Brazilian Helicopter Services Taxi Aereo Ltda PR-BGM: BHS Aero taxi as "Duke" from Feb12

Sep12 operating from Macae, Rio de Janeiro carring Petr+
    92-0155 s-92a 2011     N155N: Sikorsky 2011
Bristow US Llc N933BG: Wilmington Trust Co Trustee at Wilmington, DE from Dec1+

- N933BG: Sep/Nov 2017, sold Sikorsky S-92 2011; Engines on GE M+
    92-0156 s-92a 2011     N156F: Sikorsky 2011
中国南方航空公司 B-7117: Zhuhai Helicopter Company (ZHC)
    92-0157 s-92a 2011     N157Q: Sikorsky, to G-CGYW
Bristow G-CGYW: Bristow Helicopters from Mar12

12aug13 pictured at Aberdeen, Scotland

08aug16 at Aberdeen
    92-0158 s-92a 2011     N158G: Sikorsky 2011
Bristow US Llc N158G: Bristow US Jan/Jun 2012

Bristow G-CHHF: Bristow from Jun12
    92-0159 s-92a 2011     N159Y: Sikorsky 2011
Bristow US Llc N159Y: Bristow US Jan/Feb 2012

Lider Taxi Aereo SA PR-JBH: Lider Taxi Aereo Mar12-May16

Bristow G-CIYD: Bristow Jun16-Mar17

Bristow Norway AS LN-OIB: Bristow Norway from Apr17
    92-0160 s-92a 2011     N160H: Sikorsky 2011
Petroleum Helicopters Inc N930PH: PHi from from Jan12
    92-0161 s-92a 2011     N161U: Sikorsky 2011
Petroleum Helicopters Inc N931PH: Phi from Jan12
    92-0162 s-92a 2011     N162G: Sikorsky 2011
Exploration Services N193ES: Exploration Services at Gainesville, Florida from Jan12
    92-0163 s-92a 2011     N163L: Sikorsky 2011
- N163L: 10sep12 spotted on st Maarten, then of to St Lucia (TLP+

Lider Taxi Aereo PR-JAW: Lider Aero Taxi from Oct12
    92-0165 s-92a 2011     N165U: Sikorsky 2011
Petroleum Helicopters Inc N933PH: PHi from Apr12
    92-0166 s-92a 2011     N166J: Sikorsky 2011
Bristow G-MCGA: Bristow from Jan13, Aberdeen

Her Majesty’s Coastguard G-MCGA: HM Coastguard Jan13, operated by Bristow, Sumburgh/Stor+

Feb13 Based at Inverness airport for line training befo+
    92-0167 s-92a 2011     N167G: Sikorsky 2011
Bristow G-MCGB: Bristow from Feb13, GAP SAR contract. d/d 23feb13 Aberd+

Her Majesty’s Coastguard G-MCGB: HM Coastguard from Feb13, Bristow
    92-0168 vvip 2011     N168Q: Sikorsky 2011
Turkish National Police TC-HEY: Turkish Republic EM-001 VIP op by TNP d/d Apr13
    92-0169 s-92a 2011     N169F: Sikorsky 2011
Bristow G-MCGC: Bristow from Apr13, for Coast Guard

Her Majesty’s Coastguard G-MCGC: HM Coast Guard op by Bristow; 12apr13 pictured (pic1) a+

14apr14 pictured (pic2) incoming to home base at Sumbur+

25apr14 Oscar Charlie Helicopter Naming Ceremony at Sum+
    92-0173 vvip 2012     N173Y: Sikorsky 2012
Turkish National Police TC-HUD: Turkish Republic EM-003 VIP op by TNP d/d Oct13
    92-0174 s-92a 2012     N174X: Sikorsky 2012
Bristow G-XCII: Bristow from Nov12

18dec12 pictured at Aberdeen, Scotland
    92-0176 s-92a 2012     N176U: Sikorsky 2012
Bristow G-CHMJ: Bristow d/d 04dec12

14may13 pictured at Aberdeen
    92-0178 s-92a 2012     N178F: Sikorsky 2012
Petroleum Helicopters Inc N935PH: PHi from Oct12
    92-0179 s-92a 2012     N179P: Sikorsky 2012
Lider Taxi Aereo PR-JBI: Lider Taxi Aereo 2013, from Oil Assests Intl
    92-0181 s-92a 2012     N181L: Sikorsky from 2012, to Norway
Norsk Helikopterservice N181L: NHS d/d Jan13

Norsk Helikopterservice LN-OEC: 08feb13 arrived at Stavanger-Sola airport by An-124. Wi+

02oct13 pictured (bot) at Aberdeen, Scotland
    92-0183 s-92a 2012     N183M: Sikorsky 2012
Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GUQI: CHC 01/20 March 2013

Brazilian Helicopter Services Taxi Aereo Ltda PR-BGT: BHS Taxi Aereo from Apr13
    92-0184 s-92a 2012     N184W: Sikorsky 2012
Omni Taxi Aereo PR-OHI: Omni Taxi Aereo from Feb13
    92-0186 s-92a 2012     N186U: Sikorsky 2012
Helikopter Service LN-OQM: CHC Norway Apr13

Jun15 Completes First EGNOS LPV Rotorcraft Approach in +
    92-0187 s-92a 2012     N187N: Sikorsky 2012
Omni Taxi Aereo PR-OHG: Omni Taxi Aereo from Apr13
    92-0189 s-92a 2012     N189D: Sikorsky 2012
中国南方航空公司 B-7351: Zhuhai Helicopter Company (ZHC)
    92-0190 s-92a 2012     N190V: Sikorsky 2012
CHC Scotia G-WNSE: CHC Scotia from May13

18jun15 pictured at Aberdeen, Scotland

30Jul15 at Cork, Ireland

18aug15 passing Newcastle, Co.Down, Northern Ireland
    92-0191 s-92a 2012     N191Q: Sikorsky 2012
Lider Taxi Aereo PR-JBK: Lider Taxi Aereo from Oct13
    92-0192 s-92a 2012     N192K: Sikorsky 2012
Bristow US Llc N192K: Oil Logistics LLC, Wilmington, DE Jun/Jul 2013

Lider Taxi Aereo PR-JBO: Lider Taxi Aereo 2013, ex N192K
    92-0001 1997     N192SA: Sikorsky S-92 ground test vehicle with fake serial N192SA; J+
    92-0193 s-92a 2012     N193G: Sikorsky Jan/Jul 2013
Yunnan Jingchen Group B-7366: Jingcheng Helicopters Aug13

- B-7366: Dec14-Jun15, sold Sikorsky S-92 2012 airline Configurat+
    92-0194 s-92a 2012     N194H: Sikorsky 2012
Bristow US Llc N292BG: PNC Bank NA trustee at Boise, ID from Sep13; Bristow US
    92-0164 s-92a 2011     N194V: Sikorsky 2011
Petroleum Helicopters Inc N932PH: Phi from Mar12
    92-0195 s-92a 2013     N195HM: Sikorsky Nov13
National Maritime Police Agency B519: South Korea Coast Guard from Mar14

Sep16 completed 2yrs/750hs inspection by Heli-One

27feb17 pictured during rescue
    92-0198 s-92a 2013     N198Q: Sikorsky Apr/Dec 2013, Wells Fargo Bank
Lloyd Helicopters VH-LYX: Lloyd Helicopters from Dec13; op by CHC in Broome
    92-0203 s-92a 2013     N203Y: Sikorsky Jul/Dec 2013, Wells Fargo
Cougar Helicopters -: VIH Group Canada, ntu, to Australia

Bristow Australia VH ZUO: Bristow Australia from Dec13
    92-0099 s-92a 2009     N2059J: Sikorsky, Sep08, LN-OQJ (ntu)
Lider Taxi Aereo PR-JAA: Lider Taxi Aereo as N2059J; reg (PR-LDC) (ntu); reseri+
    92-0205 s-92a 2013     N205XC: Sikorsky Jul/Dec 2013, Wells Fargo
Cougar Helicopters -: VIH Group Canada, ntu, to Australia

Bristow Australia VH-ZUQ: Bristow Australia from Dec13
    92-0100 s-92a 2009     N2064R: Sikorsky toward MOI-17
Ministry of Interior MOI-17: Sikorsky S-92A Helibus, c/n 920100, ff: 2009; reg Sikor+
    92-0101 s-92a 2009     N20672: Sikorsky toward MOI-12
Ministry of Interior MOI-12: Sikorsky S-92A Helibus, c/n 920101, ff: 2009; reg Sikor+

03mar13 crew member fell and died during World Civil De+
    92-0102 s-92a 2009     N20688: Sikorsky toward MOI-13
Ministry of Interior MOI-13: Sikorsky S-92A Helibus, c/n 920102, ff: 2009; reg Sikor+
    92-0103 s-92a 2009     N2077V: Sikorsky Jan/Jul 2009, to Bristow as G-CGCI
Bristow G-CGCI: Bristow Jul/Sep 2009, to Nigeria

Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BMN: Bristow Helicopters Nigeria from Sep09

19jun14 Bristow Nigeria at Lagos
    92-0107 s-92a 2010     N20880: Sikorsky toward MOI-15
Ministry of Interior MOI-15: Sikorsky S-92A Helibus, c/n 920107, ff: 2010; reg Sikor+
    92-0106 s-92a 2010     N2088X: Sikorsky toward MOI-14
Ministry of Interior MOI-14: Sikorsky S-92A Helibus, c/n 920106, ff: 2009; reg Sikor+
    92-0208 s-92a 2013     N208Y: Sikorsky Jul13-Jan14, To Brazil
Omni Taxi Aereo PR-OHO: Omni Taxi Aereo 2014
    92-0108 vvip 2010     N2096D: Sikorsky S-92A VVIP, c/n 92-0108, ff: 2010; reg Sikorsky as +
Azerbaijan Government 4K-AZ11: Azerbaijan Government from 2010
    92-0109 s-92a 2009     N2107X: Sikorsky S-92A Helibus, c/n 92-0109, ff: 2009; reg Sikorsky +
- N314RG: del Rencopter Inc as N314RG, 2009.
    92-0114 s-92a 2009     N21122: Sikorsky Jul09, LN-OQK ntu
Cougar Helicopters C-GEKN: Cougar Helicopters May10-Jun12

VIH Cougar N921VH: VIH Cougar Helicopters Jun/Dec 2012

Cougar Helicopters C-GEKN: Cougar Dec12-May13

Construction Helicopters Inc N901CH: Wells Fargo Bank NA Trustee May13-Feb17; CHI Aviation (+

Bristow US Llc N901CH: Bristow US at New Iberia, LA Aug16-Jan17

Bristow Norway AS LN-ONI: Bristow Norway from Jan17; 02feb17 at Hammerfest
    92-0117 s-92a     N21285: Sikorsky Jun09-Jan10
Helikopter Service LN-OQK: CHC Norway from Feb10; CHC Helikopter Service 2011
    92-0212 s-92a 2013     N212VL: Sikorsky, canc Jan14, Wells Fargo Bank
Bristow G-CICJ: Bristow Jan/Feb 2014

19jan14 at Newcastle

Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BPC: Bristow Nigeria Feb14
    92-0123 s-92a 2010     N2145L: Sikorsky, canc Mar11
Ministry of Interior MOI-16: Saudi Arabia MOI-16 2011
    92-0120 s-92a 2009     N2163Q: Sikorsky, N120JK ntu
Exploration Services N191ES: Wells Fargo from Nov09; Exploration Services at Gainesv+
    92-0217 s-92a 2013     N217Y: Sikorsky 2013
Petroleum Helicopters Inc N942PH: PHI Inc from Nov13
    92-0126 s-92a 2010     N2183N: Sikorsky 2010
Cougar Helicopters C-GIKN: Cougar Helicopters from Jun10
    92-0218 s-92a 2013     N218PY: Sikorsky
Petroleum Helicopters Inc N943PH: PHI Inc from Nov13
    92-0124 s-92a 2010     N2195Z: Sikorsky 2010
Cougar Helicopters C-GKKN: Cougar Helicopters Jun10-Oct14

Bristow G-CIHP: Bristow from Oct14

26jan15 pictured at Aberdeen, Scotland

16feb15 ferry to Port Stanley, Falklands to cover SAR +

28apr16 on ship back to UK
    92-0154 s-92a 2010     N2198J: Sikorsky 2010
Bristow US Llc N2198J: 12jul11 at ST Maarten for crew rest and fuel stop

Lider Taxi Aereo PR-JAR: Lider Aero taxi from Aug11
    92-0151 s-92a 2011     N2199M: Sikorsky 2010
Petroleum Helicopters Inc N929PH: PHi from Jan12; 11feb12 pictured at HeliExpo 2012, Dall+
    92-0128 s-92a     N2206X: Sikorsky from Jan10
    92-0130 s-92a 2010     N2208Q: Sikorsky, N780JB ntu
Exploration Services N192ES: Wells Fargo from May10; Exploration Services at Gaines+
    92-0147 s-92a 2011     N2208U: Sikorsky 2011
中国南方航空公司 B-7116: Zhuhai Helicopter Company (ZHC)
    92-0220 s-92a 2013     N220Q: Sikorsky Oct13
- N220Q: Wells Fargo Bank Feb/Mar 2014

Bond Aviation Group G-VINI: Bond Offshore Helicopters Mar/Jun 2014; pictured (top) +

21apr14 pictured (bot) departing Sumburgh

Norsk Helikopterservice LN-OEE: Norsk Helikopterservice AS from Jun14

Sep14 op by Bond helicopters at Aberdeen

Babcock International G-VINI: Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore Ltd from Apr+
    92-0228 s-92a 2013     N228V: Sikorsky 2013, to G-IACG
Bristow G-IACG: Bristow from Jun14

16feb15 ferry to Stanley Airport, Falklands

28apr16 on ship back to UK
    92-0230 s-92a 2013     N230Y: Sikorsky 2013, to B-7352
中国南方航空公司 B-7352: Zhuhai Helicopter Company (ZHC) 2014
    92-0232 s-92a 2014     N232F: Sikorsky from Sep13; Wells Fargo Bank from Mar14
Bond Helicopters Australia VH-NYW: Bond Australia from Nov14
    92-0233 s-92a 2014     N233Q: Sikorsky from Sep13; Wells Fargo Bank from May14
Bond Helicopters Australia VH-NYZ: Bond Australia from Nov14

24Feb/01Mar 2015 at Avalon airshow
    92-0234 s-92a 2014     N234TR: Sikorsky
Bristow G-MCGH: Bristow from Dec14

Her Majesty’s Coastguard G-MCGH: HM Coast Guard, op by Bristow; 13jan15 pictured at Aber+

13jul15 at Humberside airport

21jul15 at Caernarfon, N Wales

16nov15 as /Rescue912 at Humberside.
    92-0235 s-92a 2014     N235U: Sikorsky
Bristow G-MCGI: Bristow from Dec14

Her Majesty’s Coastguard G-MCGI: HM Coast Guard, op by Bristow; 13jan15 pictured at Aber+

17mar15 SAR service launched ceremony at Inverness
    92-0237 s-92a 2014     N237MW: Wells Fargo Bank Apr/Dec 2014
CHC Scotia G-WNSM: CHC Scotia from Dec14

18jun15 pictured at Aberdeen, Scotland

07aug15 at De Kooy, Netherlands

05Aug17 Noted active at Aberdeen EGPD
    92-0241 s-92a 2014     N241Q: Sikorsky from Mar14; Wells Fargo Bank from Jun14
CHC Scotia G-WNSL: CHC Scotia from Oct14

18jun15 pictured at Aberdeen, Scotland
    92-0246 s-92a 2014     N246EC: Sikorsky toward N945PH
Petroleum Helicopters Inc N945PH: PHI, test serial N246EC

21jul17 Phi at KBDR
    92-0248 s-92a 2014     N248N: Sikorsky from Jul14; 27feb15 pictured (top) departing Coates+
Bristow G-MCGJ: Bristow, for Coast Guard; 03mar15 pictured (bot) at Hel+

Her Majesty’s Coastguard G-MCGJ: HM Coast Guard, op by Bristow

07may15 at Caernarfon Aairport, Wales, UK. Arrived to h+

Jul15 based at Caernarfon

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