Elicotteri Meridionali CH-47C Chinook in
usa US Army Aviation

Del'd: 11 - 1985 to 1992

These Italian build Chinooks were bought by the Sha of Iran but after the 1981 hostage crisis they were embargoed and in compensation payed by the US and assigned to Germany based units

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    P-069     85-24734: US Army; Elicotteri Meridionali CH-47C P-069; conv to MH-47E+
    P-070     85-24735: US Army cnvt. to CH-47D 92-00291
    P-071     85-24736: US Army cnvt. to CH-47D 92-00281
    P-072     85-24737: US Army (BV c/n b-737); cnvt. to CH-47D 92-00300
    P-073     85-24738: US Army (BV c/n b-738); cnvt. to CH-47D 92-00306
    P-074     85-24739: US Army cnvt. to CH-47D 92-00288
    P-075     85-24740: US Army cnvt. to CH-47D 92-00283
    P-076     85-24741: US Army cnvt. to CH-47D 92-00285
    P-077     85-24742: US Army cnvt. to CH-47D 92-00294
    P-078     85-24743: US Army; Elicotteri Meridionali CH-47C P-078; conv to MH-47E+
    P-079     85-24744: US Army cnvt. to CH-47D 92-00297, Iran embargoed 5-4026

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