Agusta ab47 in
italy Aeronautica Militare Italiana

Italian Air Force

1955 to 1990

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1965/now15° Stormo c/sar Cervia
Pratica di Mare
Rome Ciampino
1954/??208 Gruppo

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    1 AB47G 1955     MM80048: I-SIAP Italy Civil MM80044 Italy Air Force G-AZJK United K+
    133 ab47g-2     MM80090: AMI
Italian Army  Aviation MM80090: d/d ALE as E.1-1 17may56 recoded E.1-21 208 Gruppo SE
    134 ab47g-2     MM80091: AMI
Italian Army  Aviation MM80091: d/d ALE 28may56
    164 ab47g-2     MM80092: AMI
Italian Army  Aviation MM80092: d/d ALE as E.1.3 10aug56 recoded E.1-23, E.1.3 oct76, l+
    167 ab47g-2     MM80093: AMI
Italian Army  Aviation MM80093: d/d ALE 04aug56, wfu; to I-LUGA 29jul98 G. Gazza at Par+
    170 ab47g-2     MM80094: AMI
Italian Army  Aviation MM80094: E.1.25 d/d ALE 21sep56, scr Viterbo
    171 ab47g-2     MM80095: AMI
Italian Army  Aviation MM80095: E.1.26 d/d ALE 21sep56
    180 ab47g-2     MM80096: AMI
    181 ab47g-2     MM80097: AMI
    163 ab47g-2 1955     MM80106: AMI d/d 28jul56; to Firefighters as I-VFEU; returned to AMI +
Italian Firefighters I-VFEU: Vigili del Fuoco 1968-1970; rtn AMI
    172 ab47g-2 1956     MM80107: AMI d/d 03oct56; to Firefighters as I-VFEO; returned AMI au+
Italian Firefighters I-VFEO: Vigili del Fuoco 1968-1970; rtn
    182 ab47g-2     MM80108: AMI d/d 30oct56
    193 ab47g-2 1955     MM80110: AMI d/d 24jan57; to firefighters as I-VFEP; returned to AMI +
Italian Firefighters I-VFEP: Vigili del Fuoco 1968-1970; rtn AMI
    194 ab47g-2     MM80111: AMI d/d 30jan57; Sep80 208 Gruppo SE as /SE-29
    195 ab47g-2     MM80112: AMI d/d 30apr57; Jul88 wfu; Oct94 stored Frosinone
    196 ab47g-2     MM80113: AMI d/d 30dec56; preserved at Museo Storico, Vigna di Valle+
    1006 ab47j     MM80131: AMI d/d 11aug58
    1020 ab47j     MM80132: AMI
    1025 ab47j     MM80133: AMI d/d 25sep58
    1028 ab47j     MM80134: AMI d/d 02apr59
    1034 ab47j     MM80135: AMI d/d 19nov58
    1035 ab47j     MM80136: AMI
    1036 ab47j     MM80137: AMI
    1038 ab47j     MM80138: AMI d/d 18nov58
    1039 ab47j     MM80139: AMI
    1040 ab47j     MM80140: AMI
    1047 ab47j     MM80153: AMI
    1048 ab47j     MM80154: AMI
    1049 ab47j     MM80155: AMI
    1053 ab47j     MM80156: AMI
    1054 ab47j     MM80157: AMI
    1056 ab47j     MM80158: AMI
    1057 ab47j     MM80159: AMI
    1060 ab47j     MM80160: AMI
    1061 ab47j     MM80161: AMI
    1062 ab47j     MM80162: AMI
    1094 ab47j     MM80182: AMI
    1095 ab47j     MM80183: AMI
    1096 ab47j     MM80184: AMI
    1097 ab47j     MM80185: AMI
    1098 ab47j     MM80186: AMI
    1100 ab47j     MM80187: AMI
    1101 ab47j     MM80189: AMI
    1102 ab47j     MM80189: AMI
    1103 ab47j     MM80190: AMI
    1104 ab47j     MM80191: AMI
    1066 ab47j     MM80193: to I-EDUE
- I-EDUE: ELIVIE 1959-1970; rtn; then to civ
    1122 ab47j     MM80227: SAR SE-40 (Scuola Elicotteri) Preserved Museo dellAria San P+
    2010 ab47j-3     MM80242: AMI
    2014 ab47j-3     MM80243: AMI
    2015 ab47j-3     MM80244: AMI
    2016 ab47j-3     MM80245: AMI
    2017 ab47j-3     MM80246: AMI
    2018 ab47j-3     MM80247: AMI
    2019 ab47j-3     MM80248: AMI
    2020 ab47j-3     MM80249: AMI
    2021 ab47j-3     MM80250: AMI
    2024 ab47j-3     MM80252: AMI
    1601 ab47g-3b     MM80351:
    1603 ab47g-3b     MM80420:
    1612 ab47g-3b     MM80426:
    302 ab47g-2     MM80479: SVE (Scuola Volo Elicotteri) 9 Museo della Aviazione di Rimi+
    1615 ab47g-3b     MM80482:

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