Bell 212 in
argentina Fuerza Aerea Argentina

Argentine Air Force

Del'd: 12 - 1978 to present


  • Fuerza Aerea Argentina 212
  • Fuerza Aerea Argentina 212
  • Fuerza Aerea Argentina 212Bell 212 unloading from C-130 returning from Antarctica

The Bell 212 has been the main air force helicopter since 1978. Having taken part in the 1982 conflict they have also been deployed in Antarctica and under the UN flag in Cyprus and Haiti.

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    30830 1978     H-81: FAA d/d 1978; pictured (top) in original camo, date unk; 199+
    30831 1978     H-82: FAA d/d 1978. w/o 18jun78 at Rosario, Santa Fe
    30834 1978     H-83: FAA d/d 1978; 1982 Deployed to Goose Green (BAM Condor) duri+
    30836 1978     H-84: FAA d/d 1978; crash 10nov84; rebuilt; 28sep07 pictured /(pic+
UN-024: 2017 pictured (pic2) in Cyprus as UN flight UNFICYP car+
    30837 1978     H-85: FAA d/d 1978; 1982 Deployed to Goose Green (BAM Condor) duri+
    30838 1978     H-86: FAA d/d 1978; 1999 pictured (top) with VIP camo at Moron; 20+
    30839 1978     H-87: FAA d/d 1978; w/o 25jul90 at Cordoba
    32261 UH-1N     H-87: Redeployed to Argentina dec00 when replaced by H-90; 30Apr10+
Israeli Air Force ?: IAF; 1998 to Argentine Air Force

H-87: FAA d/d sep98, ex Israel delivered non-stop flight di+
    30840 1978     H-88: FAA d/d 1978; w/o 02feb93 at Esperanza Base, Antarctica
    32138 1981     H-88: FAA d/d Dec06, ex PT-HPO; 13aug08 pictured at FAA HQ Edific+
Lider Taxi Aereo PT-HPO: Lider Taxi Aereo ?-2006, ex N2143C, to H-88
    31141 1980     H-89: FAA ; damaged; repaired in Colombia ( as 31141? ); Sent as U+
    32201 UH-1N     H-90: 12aug10 pictured at Aeroparque Jorge Newbery during the cere+
Israeli Air Force ?: IAF; 2000 to Argentine Air Force

    30825 1977     LQ-CHP: 1982 part of Escuadron Fenix as SAR helo for San Julian airb+
Chaco Province Government LQ-CHP: Chaco Province Gov, ex LV-CHP; 2003 to N212RT

- N212RT: WKS LLC at Kimberly, ID 05-21 May 2003, to C-GXTF

Helicopter Transport Services Canada C-GXTF: Helicopter Transport Services Canada from Jun03

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