AgustaWestland AW109 in
italy Guardia di Finanza

Italian Customs Police

Del'd: 18 - 2009 to present

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    22502 aw109n 2009     MM81679: GF-301
    22508 aw109n 2009     MM81680: GF-302
    22514 aw109n 2009     MM81681: GF-303
    22515 aw109n 2009     MM81682: GF-304
    22516 aw109n 2009     MM81683: GF-305
    22518 aw109n 2009     MM81684: GF-306
    22519 aw109n 2009     MM81685: GF-307
    22521 aw109n 2009     MM81689: GF-308
    22522 aw109n 2009     MM81690: GF-309
    22524 aw109n 2009     MM81698: GF-310
    22525 aw109n 2009     MM81699: GF-311
    22526 aw109n 2009     MM81700: GF-312
    22534 aw109n     MM81701: GF-313, test serial CSX81701
    22527 aw109n     MM81702: GF-314
    22536 aw109n     MM81703: GF-315, test serial CSX81703
    22537 aw109n     MM81705: GF-316
    22538 aw109n     MM81706: GF-317
    22539 aw109n     MM81707: GF-318

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