Del'd: 17 - 1991 to present

  • Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de Tierra CH-47D Chinook

CH-47C bought in the 1970s and upgraded to D standard in the 1990s

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Spanish Special Forces at SOFEX-16, 17-Jun-16 : Spanish Navy Assault Ship Castilla participated in the joint Navy/Army special forces exercise SOFEX 16

Marines and Spanish Soldiers Train in Heavy Lift, 25-Nov-14 : US Marines trained with Spanish soldiers from BHELTRA V in externally sling loading heavy equipment at Colmenar Viejo, Spain, No 18-19, 2014

Boeing Completes Chinook Industrial Cooperation Program in Spain, 13-Apr-10 : MADRID -- The Boeing Company today announced that it has successfully completed its industrial cooperation program for the third phase of the CH-47D Chinook rotorcraft upgrades performed for the Spanish Army's Airmobile Force, FAMET. Boeing finished the industrial cooperation program on schedule while exceeding the $80 million requirement, demonstrating the company's continued success in meeting its commitments.


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1991/nowBHELTRA V Colmenar Viejo


LH Buque de Proyeccion Estrategica

Construction Numbers Help Us

C/NBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    M.3502     HT.17-02: FAMET ET-402; conv from CH-47C B-697
    M.3503     HT.17-03: FAMET ET-403; conv from CH-47C B-699
    M.3505     HT.17-04: FAMET ET-404; conv from CH-47C B-713
    M.3506     HT.17-05: FAMET ET-405; conv from CH-47C B-715
    M.3507     HT.17-06: FAMET ET-406; conv from CH-47C B-717
    M.3508     HT.17-07: FAMET ET-407; conv from CH-47C B-724
    M.3509     HT.17-08: FAMET ET-408; conv from CH-47C B-792
    M.3501     HT.17-09: FAMET ET-409; conv from CH-47C B-793; 24/25jul99 BHELTRA V a+
    M.3504     HT.17-10: FAMET ET-410; conv from CH-47C B-794
    M.3511     HT.17-11: FAMET ET-411; conv from CH-47C B-855
    M.3512     HT.17-12: FAMET ET-412; conv from CH-47C B-856
    MA.901     HT.17-14: FAMET ET-414; conv from CH-47C B-870
    MA.902     HT.17-15: FAMET ET-415; conv from CH-47C B-871
    MA.903     HT.17-16: FAMET ET-416; conv from CH-47C B-878
    MA.904     HT.17-17: FAMET ET-417; conv from CH-47C B-879
    MA.905     HT.17-18: FAMET ET-418; conv from CH-47C B-880; 03oct04 pictured
    MA.906     HT.17-19: FAMET ET-419; conv from CH-47C B-881

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