Del'd: 18 - 2007 to present

  • HM Coastguard s-92 Helibus
From 2007 operated by CHC Scotia four new-build S-92As used in search and rescue duties from Stornoway and Sumburgh. Since 2015 UK SAR contract switched to Bristow

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Bristow Sumburgh SAR Completes 500 mission, 16-Dec-16 : HM Coastguard search and rescue (SAR) helicopter service of Sumburgh, in Shetland off the Scottish coast, passed the 500 missions milestone since operated by Bristow from July 2013

Stornoway S-92 Reaches 500 Missions, 14-Dec-16 : HM Coastguard search and rescue (SAR) Sikorsky S-92 helicopters operated by Bristow from Stornoway completed 500 missions since July 2013

Bristow Secured Financings for 8 SAR Helicopters, 14-Nov-16 : Bristow secured equipment seven-year financings for u$s 200M to be used in 3 S-92 and 5 AW189 search and rescue (SAR) helicopters being utilized for the UK SAR contract

Inverness Marks 500 Missions in 18 Months, 09-Nov-16 : HM Coastguard S-92 helicopter base in Inverness, operated by Bristow, completed 500th mission since launch on 1 April 2015

Caernarfon Coastguard S-92 500th SAR Mission, 18-Oct-16 : The UK Coastguard S-92 based at Caernarfon since July 1st, 2015 completed its 500th search and rescue mission

Bristow SAR Third Anniversary in Northern Scotland, 29-Jul-16 : Bristow’s Gap SAR search and rescue contract celebrates third anniversary from Sumburgh and Stornoway in Northern Scotland with more than 900 missions with the S-92 helicopters

Sikorsky Recognizes Bristow and HM Coastguard, 13-Jul-16 : FIA 2016 Sikorsky recognized Bristow and the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency for excellence in lifesaving achievement with the S-92 helicopter

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    92-0034 s-92a 2006     G-CGMU: HM Coastguard op by CHC Scotia
Sikorsky Helicopters N8010S: Sikorsky Feb/Jun 2007; Mar07 on display at Heli-Expo 20+

CHC Scotia G-CGMU: CHC Scotia from Jun07, operated on behalf HM Coast Guar+

CHC Ireland EI-ICU: CHC Ireland for Irish Coast Guard from Jul13

Irish Coast Guard EI-ICU: Irish Coast Guard, op by CHC
    92-0051 s-92a 2007     G-CGOC: HM Coastguard 2007-2013, op by CHC Scotia
CHC Scotia G-CGOC: CHC Scotia from Nov07, Sikorsky serial N45165; operated+

CHC Ireland EI-ICR: CHC Ireland 2013, for Irish Coast Guard

Irish Coast Guard EI-ICR: Irish Coast Guard, Operated by CHC Ireland

w/o 14mar17 Dublin based "Rescue 116" crashed into the+

Sadly lost at Sea on SAR mission. Captain Dara Fitzpatr+
    92-0045 s-92a 2006     G-SARB: HM Coastguard op by CHC Scotia; 2010 Isle of Lewis, Scotland
CHC Scotia G-SARB: CHC Scotia from Sep07, Sikorsky serial N80562 operated +

CHC Ireland EI-ICA: CHC Ireland 2013, for Irish Coast Guard

Irish Coast Guard EI-ICA: Irish Coast Guard, Operated by CHC Ireland
    92-0052 s-92a 2006     G-SARC: HM Coastguard operated by CHC Scotia; 11dec12 an Unst Shetla+
CHC Scotia G-SARC: CHC Scotia from Nov07, Sikorsky serial N45168; operated+

CHC Ireland EI-ICD: CHC Ireland 2013, for Irish Coast Guard

Irish Coast Guard EI-ICD: Irish Coast Guard, Operated by CHC Ireland

12oct14 pictured on approach to Beaumont Hospital, Dubl+
    92-0166 s-92a 2011     G-MCGA: HM Coastguard Jan13, operated by Bristow, Sumburgh/Stornoway
Feb13 Based at Inverness airport for line training before de+
Sikorsky Helicopters N166J: Sikorsky 2011

Bristow G-MCGA: Bristow from Jan13, Aberdeen
    92-0167 s-92a 2011     G-MCGB: HM Coastguard from Feb13, Bristow
Sikorsky Helicopters N167G: Sikorsky 2011

Bristow G-MCGB: Bristow from Feb13, GAP SAR contract. d/d 23feb13 Aberd+
    92-0169 s-92a 2011     G-MCGC: HM Coast Guard op by Bristow; 12apr13 pictured (top) at Aber+
14apr14 pictured (bot) incoming to home base at Sumburgh
25apr14 Oscar Charlie Helicopter Naming Ceremony at Sumburgh+
Sikorsky Helicopters N169F: Sikorsky 2011

Bristow G-MCGC: Bristow from Apr13, for Coast Guard
    92-0171 s-92a 2012     G-MCGD: May14 Search and rescue heli on Stornoway, Scotland
11jan15 at Humberside
30sep16 at Inverness
Sikorsky Helicopters N971E: Sikorsky 2012

Bristow G-MCGD: Bristow from Jun13, for Coast Guard
    92-0214 s-92a 2014     G-MCGE: HM Coast Guard op by Bristow
09jan15 flying over Flamborough, East Yorkshire
10jan15 12:30 over skegness flown from humberside airport
9Jan15 Flying over Rotherham ex Humberside. 1245
24jan15 passed over Rotherham 0900 towards Sheffield, just r+
02feb15 11:40hs Passed over Mablethorpe heading for Norwich +
15jul15 at Humberside airport
19jul15 attending SAR / Emergency Humberside to Glossop, Der+
02nov15 as /Rescue931 at Humberside sector
24dec15 rescuing person from boat off south shields heading +
04jan17 13:45hs flying over Swallownest, South Yorkshire
Bristow US Llc N214HM: Bristow US

Bristow G-MCGE: Bristow from Oct14

23oct14 flying over Towcester
    92-0222 s-92a 2013     G-MCGF: HM Coast Guard op by Bristow
17mar15 SAR service launched ceremony at Inverness
25aug15 pictured Scottish Secretary David Mundell with Brist+
Bristow US Llc N222XC: Bristow US from Mar14

Bristow G-MCGF: Bristow from Oct14
    92-0225 s-92a 2013     G-MCGG: HM Coast Guard op by Bristow
21nov14 Overflying RAF Leconfield
21nov14 Overflying Aberdeen on approach to Dyce
09jun15 at Stornoway
04nov15 arrived at Prestwick
17dec15 in Prestwick SAR launch ceremony
17dec15 training with RNLI lifeboat of the coast nr Arran
- N225WK: Aircraft MSN 920225 Trust at Wilmington, DE Mar/Oct 199+

Bristow G-MCGG: Bristow from Oct14
    92-0234 s-92a 2014     G-MCGH: HM Coast Guard, op by Bristow; 13jan15 pictured at Aberdeen
13jul15 at Humberside airport
21jul15 at Caernarfon, N Wales
16nov15 as /Rescue912 at Humberside.
Sikorsky Helicopters N234TR: Sikorsky

Bristow G-MCGH: Bristow from Dec14
    92-0235 s-92a 2014     G-MCGI: HM Coast Guard, op by Bristow; 13jan15 pictured at Aberdeen
17mar15 SAR service launched ceremony at Inverness
Sikorsky Helicopters N235U: Sikorsky

Bristow G-MCGI: Bristow from Dec14
    92-0248 s-92a 2014     G-MCGJ: HM Coast Guard, op by Bristow
07may15 at Caernarfon Aairport, Wales, UK. Arrived to home b+
Jul15 based at Caernarfon
Sikorsky Helicopters N248N: Sikorsky from Jul14; 27feb15 pictured (top) departing C+

Bristow G-MCGJ: Bristow, for Coast Guard; 03mar15 pictured (bot) at Hel+
    92-0251 s-92a 2014     G-MCGK: HM Coast Guard, op by Bristow; 02jun15 pictured (pic1) at Ab+
20jun15 now based Caernarfon, North Wales
19jul16 at Newcastle under Lyme
07oct16 pictured (pic2) landed at Royal Blackburn Hospital
Sikorsky Helicopters N251Z: Sikorsky Mar14; Aircraft MSN 920251 Trust at Wilmington+

Bristow G-MCGK: Bristow from May15, for Coast Guard
    92-0254 s-92a 2014     G-MCGL: HM Coast Guard, op by Bristow; Jan16 at Prestwick
Bristow US Llc N254J: Bristow Oct14-Nov15

Bristow G-MCGL: Bristow from Nov15
    92-0257 s-92a 2014     G-MCGY: HM Coast Guard, op by Bristow
Oct15 asg Newquay sector
23nov15 pictured as /Coastguard-924 at Newquay
Sikorsky Helicopters N257Z: Sikorsky

Bristow G-MCGY: Bristow from Sep15, for Coast Guard
    92-0262 s-92a 2014     G-MCGZ: Nov15 asg Newquay sector
01jan16 began Bristow SAR Operations
18feb16 picture training with RNLI Penlee Lifeboat ‏
Nov16 asg Newquay sector
Bristow US Llc N262U: Bristow Nov14-Oct15

Bristow G-MCGZ: Bristow from Oct15
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