westland Lynx

in united kingdom Army Air Corps

Del'd: 140 - 1977 to present

Lynx Army Air Corps

History of this Model in this Organisation:

1977: 112 AH.1, most converted to AH.7
1985: 13 AH.7 plus conversions
1990: 16 AH.9 plus conversions
2008: AH.9A
2009: AgustaWestland AW.159 Wildcat

16 new airframes AH.9 ordered from Westland in Apr 1988, with plans to modify 8 from the AH.1 / AH.7 fleet, the total number was eventually reduced to 22.

Under a £70M urgent operational requirement to improve hot and high performance and reliability in the Afghan Theatre, 12 Army Lynx AH.9 are being re-engined with the LHTEC CTS800-4N engine, to be used in the Lynx Wildcat programme. By end of Apr 2009, 4 of the 12 were on the Westland line at Yeovil and will be known as the Lynx AH.9A. All 12 airframes are due by Nov 2010. On completion, a decision will be made whether to address the other 10 Army Lynx AH.9.

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Units with this Model in this Organisation:

YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2004/??672 squadron AAC Dishforth
2001/04672 squadron AAC Dishforth
1991/now655 squadron JHCFS Aldergrove
AAC Ballykelly
1990/93672 squadron AAC Dishforth
RAF Topcliffe
1990/now651 squadron JHCFS Aldergrove
DE Gütersloh
DE Hildesheim
1986/91665 squadron JHCFS Aldergrove
1985/04656 squadronAAC Dishforth
AAC Netheravon
Port Stanley
1982/91655 squadron JHCFS Aldergrove
AAC Ballykelly
1981/now659 squadron AAC Dishforth
AAC Wattisham
DE Detmold
1980/04662 squadron AAC Wattisham
DE Soest
DE Oxford Barracks, Munster
1980/now653 squadron AAC Wattisham
DE Soest
1978/??4 REGT
1977/91651 squadronDE Hildesheim
DE Verden
1977/??654 squadronDE Herford
? to ?671 squadron AAC Middle Wallop

Roles of this Model in this Organisation:

light assault
tactical support

Construction Numbers of this Model in this Organisation: Help Us    

C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    2/11 ah1 1972     XX153: AH.1 f/f 12apr72; Preserved Yeovil
    008 ah1 1977     XZ170: AAC d/d 01jun77; 1985 AH.1 MoD(PE); conv AH-7; conv AH-9
    011 ah1 1977     XZ171: AAC in 1990 type:AH7 /K 671Sqn.
    013 ah1 1977     XZ172: AAC; conv AH.7
655 Sq by Jun 1996
    021 ah1 1977     XZ173: AAC; conv AH.7
ah7 2007 type:AH.1 653Sqn.
    024 ah1 1977     XZ174: AAC; conv AH.7;
    030 ah1 1977     XZ175: AAC AH.1 f/f 20sep77, d/d 03oct77; conv to AH.7
1997 AH7 type 671Sqn /Z
Jul13 pictured at paintball range "Warfighters R6 Centre" ne+
    037 ah1 1977     XZ176: AAC; conv AH.7
ah7 AAC; 2jun98 651Sqn. visit
Royal Marines XZ176: RM 847 Sqn
    038 ah1 1977     XZ177: AAC; conv AH.7
Royal Marines XZ177: 05jan10 seen together with XZ182 make a nightstop at Am+
    044 ah1     XZ178: AAC; conv AH.7
Royal Marines XZ178: Royal Marines in 2007 type:AH7 847Sqn.
    047 ah1     XZ179: AAC; 1994 type:AH7 669Sqn.; 2011 type:AH7 1Reg.
    055 ah1 1980     XZ180: AAC; conv AH.7
AAC, noted Feb08
07sep14 pictured as /C during Air Waves at Portrush
Royal Marines XZ180: Royal Marines; 15jan92 3CBAS./R visit Valkenburg

16jan92 3CBAS./R visit Eelde

16jan92 3CBAS./R visit Sylt

1995 3CBAS; 1997 847Sqn./R; 2000 847Sqn./R
    056 ah1 1978     XZ181: AAC; 1984 652Sqn; 1992 663Sqn /H
    058 ah1 1978     XZ182: AAC for Royal Marines
Royal Marines XZ182: May86 AH1 type 3CBAS /23A pictured at RNAS Yeovilton

Royal Marines; 15jan92 3CBAS./M visit Valkenburg

16jan92 3CBAS /M visit Eelde

16jan92 3CBAS /M visit Sylt

2000 847Sqn./M

05jan10 seen together with XZ177 make a nightstop at Am+
    061 ah1 1978     XZ183: AAC; conv AH.7
    065 ah1 1978     XZ184: ah7 AAC AH1 f/f 21jun78, d/d 06jul78; conv AH.7; 2007 671 Sqn
15jul11 pictured (top) asg 9 Regt at RAF Fairford during RIA+
11jul14 pictured (bot) at RIAT 2014
    069 ah1 1978     XZ185: AAC; conv AH.7
ah7 Feb04 AH.7 type asg 672Sqn. AAC Disforth
    072 ah1 1978     XZ186: AAC; conv AH.7; 655 Sqn 5 Regt w/o 14nov91 at Gorton, Count+
    075 ah1 1978     XZ187: AAC; conv AH.7
    077 ah1 1978     XZ188: AAC; conv AH.7; to SEAE Arborfield
    079 ah1 1978     XZ189: AAC AH.1 d/d 14sep78; BAOR 1 Regt w/o 05jul79 at Hildesheim,+
    082 ah1     XZ190: AAC; 2007 type:AH7 672Sqn.; 2011 type:AH7 9Reg.
    085 ah1 1978     XZ191: AAC; 2003 type:AH7 671Sqn./A; 2011 type:AH7 657Sqn.
    089 ah1 1978     XZ192: ah7 655 Sq by Jun 1996
Royal Marines XZ192: Royal Marines; conv AH7
    093 ah1 1978     XZ193: AAC; conv AH.7
    096 ah1 1979     XZ194: AAC; conv AH.7
- XZ194: May13 preserved at the Imperial war museum, Duxford
    097 ah1 1978     XZ195: AAC in 2009 type:AH7 672Sqn.
    098 ah1 1979     XZ196: AAC AH.1 f/f 07feb79, d/d 14sep79
ah7 Feb04 AH.7 type asg 672Sqn. AAC Disforth
18oct12 pictured as /T at RAF Northolt
    100 ah1 1979     XZ197: AAC; conv AH.7
    104 ah1 1979     XZ198: AAC; 1998 type:AH.7 655Sqn.
AAC; conv AH.7; 2005 for sale at Fleetlands
    106 ah1 1979     XZ199: AAC. Conv to AH7. w/o 18may99
    107 ah1 1979     XZ203: AAC; 1992 type:Lynx AH7 653Sqn.; 1997 671Sqn./Z; 1998 671Sqn+
    107/1 ah1 1979     XZ204: AAC; 662 Sqn w/o 18mar88
    110 ah1 1979     XZ205: AAC; conv AH.7
    111 ah1     XZ206: AAC; conv AH.7
    115 ah1 1979     XZ207: AAC; conv AH.7; w/o 17apr00; seen at SEAE ( School of Electr+
    116 ah1 1979     XZ208: AAC; 1984 652Sqn
AAC; conv AH.7; 2005 672Sq(9 Regt)
Royal Marines XZ208: Royal Marines in 2003 847Sqn.
    125 ah1     XZ209: AAC; conv AH.7; wfu
    126 ah1 1979     XZ210: AAC; conv AH.7; May05 672 Sq (9 Regt); w/o 01dec11 caught fi+
    127 ah1     XZ211: AAC; conv AH.7; Oct07 9 Regt
    129 ah1 1979     XZ212: AAC; conv AH.7
    131 ah1 1979     XZ213: AAC; conv AH.7; w/o 20mar86; to TAD213 Fleetlands, i/a
    133 ah1 1979     XZ214: AAC; 1992 type:AH.7 654Sqn.; 2007 type:AH.7 657Sqn.
    136 ah1 1979     XZ215: AAC; conv AH7; 1992 671Sqn
655 Sq by Sep 1997
1999 655Sqn.; 2008 9Reg.
15jul11 pictured at RAF Fairford during RIAT 2011
    138 ah1 1979     XZ216: AAC in 1987 653Sqn. ; 2000 type:AH7 661Sqn.
    139 ah1 1979     XZ217: AAC; 1991 654Sqn desert c/s
AAC; conv AH.7; May05 672Sqn (9 Regt)
    141 ah1 1979     XZ218: AAC; conv AH.7
655 Sq by Jun 1996
    144 ah1 1979     XZ219: ah7 AAC; conv AH.7
07may96 pictured at Ilidza, Bosnia during Operation Joint En+
2007 type:AH.7 653Sqn.
Oct07 9 Regt
    146 ah1 1980     XZ220: AAC; conv AH.7
ah7 AAC; 2jun98 651Sqn. visit
    147 ah1 1979     XZ221: AAC in 1992 type:AH7 671Sqn.
    148 ah1 1980     XZ222: AAC; conv AH.7
    149 ah1 1979     XZ605: AAC; 2010 7 Regt AH.7 type
Royal Marines XZ605: Royal Marines; 15jan92 3CBAS./Y visit Valkenburg

16jan92 3CBAS./Y visit Eelde

16jan92 3CBAS./Y visit Sylt

1993 3CBAS./Y; 1995 847Sqn./Y; 2000 847Sqn./Y
    150 ah1 1980     XZ606: AAC; conv AH.7
ah7 nov06 667Sqn.
    151 ah1 1980     XZ607: AAC; conv AH.7
    152 ah1     XZ608: AAC; 1984 652Sqn
ah7 2011 657Sqn
    154 ah1 1981     XZ609: AAC; conv AH.7; Sep05 655 Sqn 5 Regt
    155 ah1 1980     XZ610: AAC; conv AH.7; 669 Sqn w/o 22dec98 near Sarajevo, Bosnia
    156 ah1 1980     XZ611: AAC; conv AH.7; Sep05 671 Sqn/X 2 Regt
    160 ah1 1980     XZ613: AAC; conv AH.7
    162 ah1 1980     XZ615: AAC; conv AH.7; Oct07 9 Regt
    167 ah1     XZ616: AAC; 2011 type:AH7 657Sqn.
    168 ah1 1980     XZ617: AAC; conv AH.7
    171 ah1 1980     XZ640: AAC; w/o 17sep86
    172 ah1 1980     XZ641: ah7 AAC AH1 ff 12may80, dd 29may80; 653 Sq by 1984 still 1985;+
25 Flt by 2000; served in Northern Ireland with 655 Sq by Au+
Royal Marines XZ641: Royal Marines in 2007 type:AH7 847Sqn.
    173 ah1 1980     XZ642: AAC; conv AH.7
    178 ah1 1980     XZ643: AAC; conv AH.7; 01jun12 pictured as /C at RAF Odiham Familie+
08jul12 AH.7 type pictured (bot) as 671Sqn /C at RIAT air sh+
    179 ah1 1980     XZ644: AAC; conv AH.7; w/o 12/05/1992
    180 ah1 1980     XZ645: AAC AH7 type;1993 657Sqn.; 1997 9Reg.
    182 ah1 1980     XZ646: AAC; conv AH.7; w/o 21feb05 Cat5 air accident at Zenica, Bos+
    183 ah1 1980     XZ647: AAC AH7 type
Jul05 at Fairford/RIAT 05 as /Z with Tiger camo on tail
16jul06 pictured with Blue Eagles at RAF Fairford. AS350BB Z+
    188 ah1 1980     XZ649: AAC; conv AH.7; ground instruction at Farnborough as XZ646
655 Sq by Jun 1996
    189 ah1 1980     XZ650: AAC; conv AH.7; w/o 22sep94
    192 ah1 1980     XZ651: AAC; conv AH.7
    193 ah1 1980     XZ652: AAC d/d 05nov80
2007 Lynx AH7 type 653 Sqn
- XZ652: Oct134 now resident at Serco Fire Training facility at +
    201 ah1 1980     XZ653: AAC; conv AH.7
18may13 at Kassel Calden Airport with Apaches
    205 ah1 1980     XZ654: 2009 AAC AH.7 type
Royal Marines XZ654: Royal Marines in 2007 type:AH7 847Sqn.
    209 ah1 1980     XZ655: AAC; conv AH.7
ah7 nov06 671Sqn./A
    212 ah1 1981     XZ661: AAC; conv AH.7
    214 ah1 1981     XZ662: AAC; 1991 652Sqn
655 Sq by Sep 1997
AAC; conv AH7; w/o 02mar00
    218 ah1 1981     XZ663: AAC; conv AH.7; Dec05 671 Sqn/I
    221 ah1 1981     XZ664: AAC AH.1 f/f 27mar81, d/d 10apr81; conv AH.7; 2006 to civ
Jul13 pictured at paintball range "Warfighters R6 Centre" ne+
    224 ah1 1981     XZ665: AAC AH.1 f/f 28apr981, d/d 14may81; conv AH.7
655 Sq by Apr 1984
Jul13 pictured at paintball range "Warfighters R6 Centre" ne+
    226 ah1 1981     XZ666: AAC; conv AH.7; SEAE Arborfield
    227 ah1 1981     XZ667: AAC; conv AH.7; 655 Sqn w/o 10apr94
    229 ah1 1981     XZ668: AAC; conv AH.7; w/o 20aug95; seen at Middle Wallop
    230 ah1 1981     XZ669: AAC; conv AH.7
    233 ah1 1981     XZ670: AAC; conv AH.7; May05 672Sqn(9 Regt)
ah7 2007 type:AH.7 653Sqn.
    234 ah1 1981     XZ671: AAC; 652 Sqn w/o 24jan85
    236 ah1 1981     XZ672: AAC; conv AH.7
ah7 2007 type:AH.7 653Sqn.
    238 ah1 1981     XZ673: AAC; conv AH.7
655 Sq by Sep 1997
    239 ah1     XZ674: AAC; 2007 type:Lynx AH7 669Sqn.
    240 ah1 1981     XZ675: AAC; conv AH.7; 1997 as /E 671 Sqd Blue Eagles; ?? to spares+
    241 ah1 1982     XZ676: AAC; conv AH.7
ah7 2007 type:AH.7 653Sqn.
    242 ah1 1982     XZ677: AAC; conv AH.7; Oct07 9 Regt
    244 ah1 1982     XZ678: AAC; conv AH.7
    247 ah1 1982     XZ679: AAC; conv AH.7; Jan05 672Sqn (9 Regt)
    250 ah1 1982     XZ680: AAC; conv AH.7; May05 671 Sqn/E
    254 ah1 1982     XZ681: AAC; w/o 04jan84 Falklands
    102     ZB500: AAC AH.1 demonstrator; to Westland as G-LYNX
Westland G-LYNX: WG.13 Lynx; ZA500,ZB500; conv to Lynx 800; 11aug86 He+

20jun87 pictured (top) at Paris-Le Bourget airshow, Fra+

Jul90 pictured (middle) at Koksijde, Belgium

1995 donated and preserved at the Helicopter Museum

AgustaWestland UK G-LYNX: 2007 began restoration by AgustaWestland; 2011 flew aga+
    274 ah1 1983     ZD272: AAC; 1987 656Sqn
AAC; conv AH.7
ah7 24+25jul99 671Sqn. Blue Eagles Fairford air show
    275 ah1 1983     ZD273: AAC AH.1 f/f 09feb83, d/d 28mar83; conv AH.7
Jul13 pictured Cabin preserved for ground instruction at Bur+
    277 ah1 1983     ZD274: AAC in 1992 656Sqn.
conv AH.7
    279 ah1 1983     ZD275: AAC d/d 30mar83 AH1 type; conv AH7; 655sqd/5regt w/o 19mar94
656 Sq by 1984, 657 Sq by 1985 still 1991, 657 Sq/Q by 1992,+
ah7 653 Sq/F by 1993, 655 Sq by 1994, w/o by mortar fire in Cros+
    285 ah1 1983     ZD276: AAC d/d 12may83 AH1 type; conv AH7; w/o 18mar07 Mayhem Paint+
    290 ah1 1983     ZD277: AAC; conv AH.7
    294 ah1 1983     ZD278: ah7 AAC; 1991 662Sqn
06may12 pictured (top) as AH.7 type /F at Abingdon Air Show
13jul13 pictured (bot) as AH.7 type 671 Sq /F at RNAS Yeovil+
    298 ah1 1983     ZD279: AAC; conv AH.7; Jun05 672Sqn (9 Regt)
    302 ah1     ZD280: AAC in 2000 type:AH7 651Sqn.
    304 ah1 1983     ZD281: AAC; conv AH.7; 10jul11 pictured as /K of 671 Sq at 815 NAS +
    308 ah1 1983     ZD283: AAC; conv AH.7
    311 ah1 1984     ZD284: AAC; conv AH.7; 18jul10 pictured at RIAT 2010
Royal Marines ZD284: Royal Marines; 1985 3CBAS/24B
    314 ah1 1984     ZD285: AAC; conv AH.7
    319 ah7 1985     ZE375: ah9 AAC; 1995 AH.9 type 659Sqn.
ah.9a conv to AH9A type
    320 ah7 1985     ZE376: AAC; conv AH.9
ah9 10sep06 661Sqn. Tag der Heeresflieger
ah.9a conv AH9A type
    321 ah7     ZE377: AAC; 657 Sqn w/o 01aug89
    322 ah7 1986     ZE378: AAC
    323 ah7 1986     ZE379: AAC
    324 ah7 1986     ZE380: ah9 AAC; conv AH.9; 2009 672Sqn
ah.9a conv AH9A type
    325 ah7 1986     ZE381: AAC
    328 ah7 1987     ZE382: ah9 AAC; 1998 AH.9 type 659Sqn /3
w/o 09sep04 in Czech Rpublic, 661Sqn AH.9 type
    329 ah7     ZF537: ah9 AAC; conv AH.9 type; Sep05 1Regt
ah.9a conv AH.9A type
    330 ah7     ZF538: ah9 AAC; conv AH.9; Jan06 1 Regt
Royal Marines ZF538: Royal Marines in 2007 847Sqn.

conv AH.9A type, also with AAC
    331 ah7 1987     ZF539: ah9 AAC; 1995 type:AH.9 659Sqn.
Jun05 1 Regt
Royal Marines ZF539: Royal Marines in 2007 847Sqn.
    332 ah7 1987     ZF540: ah9 AAC; 1995 type:AH.9 659Sqn.
Jan06 1 Regt
    346 ah9 1990     ZG884: AAC; Dec06 1Reg.
14mar07 1Reg.
2008 1Reg.
ah.9a conv AH.9A type
    347 ah9     ZG885: AAC in 2000 /7 659Sqn.
ah.9a conv AH9A type
    348 ah9 1991     ZG886: ah.9a AAC; Nov05 9 Regt; conv AH9A type
    349 ah9 1991     ZG887: AAC; 1993 /4 9Reg.
ah.9a conv AH.9A type
    351 ah9 1991     ZG888: AAC in 1993 /5 9Reg.
ah.9a As of 2010, a MK9A at 672Sqn
AAC; 13+14jun12 9Reg.
    352 ah9 1991     ZG889: ah.9a AAC d/d 27sep91; 9 Regt til Sep 2005; 1 Regt Sep 2005; March+
    353 ah9 1991     ZG914: ah.9a AAC; conv AH9A type
    354 ah9 1991     ZG915: ah.9a AAC; conv AH9A type
    355 ah9 1991     ZG916: AAC f/f 10de91, d/d 06jan92
Apr05 asg 672Sqn (9 Regt)
ah.9a conv AH.9A type f/f 16sep09
Mar14 with Vector Aerospace at Fleetlands
    356 ah9 1992     ZG917: ah.9a AAC; conv AH9A type
    357 ah9 1992     ZG918: AAC in 1993 664Sqn. ; 1998 659Sqn. ; 2006 1Reg.
ah.9a conv AH9A type
    358 ah9 1992     ZG919: AAC; 1993 9Reg./7; 2003 659Sqn.; 2007 1Reg.
ah.9a conv AH.9A type
    359 ah9 1992     ZG920: ah.9a AAC; Nov05 1 Regt; conv AH9A type
    360 ah9 1992     ZG921: AAC; 1995 659Sqn.
14mar07 at Koksijde
ah.9a conv AH9A type
06jun14 at Hope Valley, Castleton
    361 ah9 1992     ZG922: AAC d/d 26jun92; w/o 19sep01 at desert landing pad in Oman d+
    362 ah9 1992     ZG923: ah.9a AAC AH9 type; conv AH.9A type
    140 C/N found in this Organisation

  • Australian MH-60R on display around Sydney Harbour

  • Belgium takes delivery of last NH90 TTH

  • Sikorsky gains $1.3 billion in H-60 contracts

  • Bell Japan First Sale: Nishi Nippon Airlines Bell 412EP

  • CH-147F Chinook tested in Northern Canada

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Sikorsky gains $1.3 billion in H-60 contracts
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CH-147F Chinook tested in Northern Canada
Australian MH-60R on display around Sydney Harbour
Belgium takes delivery of last NH90 TTH
82nd CAB Pathfinders remain vigilant in Afghanistan
Bell Japan First Sale: Nishi Nippon Airlines Bell 412EP
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