Westland Lynx in
united kingdom Army Air Corps

Del'd: 140 - 1977 to present

  • Army Air Corps Lynx

The Lynx began to replace the Scout AH.1 as the British Army main battlefield helicopter in 1977. When fitted with TOW missiles, it became a potent anti-tank platform. As the Apache AH.1 began to appear in 2001, Lynx TOW kits were withdrawn and the airframes were re-purposed for battlefield support.

1977: 112 AH.1, most converted to AH.7
1985: 13 AH.7 plus conversions
1990: 16 AH.9 plus conversions
2008: AH.9A
2009: AgustaWestland AW.159 Wildcat

16 new airframes AH.9 ordered from Westland in Apr 1988, with plans to modify 8 from the AH.1 / AH.7 fleet, the total number was eventually reduced to 22.

Under a £70M urgent operational requirement to improve hot and high performance and reliability in the Afghan Theatre, 12 Army Lynx AH.9 are being re-engined with the LHTEC CTS800-4N engine, to be used in the Lynx Wildcat programme. By end of Apr 2009, 4 of the 12 were on the Westland line at Yeovil and will be known as the Lynx AH.9A. All 12 airframes are due by Nov 2010. On completion, a decision will be made whether to address the other 10 Army Lynx AH.9.

The final flight of the Lynx AH.7 in AAC service took place at Middle Wallop on 31 Jul 2015.

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Final UK Lynx Helicopter Depth Overhaul, 07-Dec-15 : After 37-year support, Vector Aerospace held a ceremony to commemorate the last Depth maintenance event to be completed on a UK Armed Forces Lynx helicopter. Lynx being replaced by Wildcat

British Army Retires Last Lynx AH.7, 31-Jul-15 : British Army Air Corps retires their last Lynx AH.7 helicopter on a farewell ceremony at Middle Wallop. They will continue to use the AH.9A (until 2018) and the recently introduced Wildcat

Construction Numbers Help Us

C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    274 ah1 1983     ZD272: AAC; conv AH.7
- ZD272: to Air and Ground Aviation, Hixon by Nov 2013
    275 ah1 1983     ZD273: AAC AH.1 f/f 09feb83, d/d 28mar83; conv AH.7
    277 ah1 1983     ZD274: AAC in 1992 656Sqn.
    279 ah1 1983     ZD275: AAC d/d 30mar83 AH1 type; conv AH7; 655sqd/5regt w/o 19mar94
    285 ah1 1983     ZD276: AAC d/d 12may83 AH1 type; conv AH7; w/o 18mar07 Mayhem Paint+
    290 ah1 1983     ZD277: AAC; conv AH.7
    294 ah1 1983     ZD278: 06may12 pictured (top) as AH.7 type /F at Abingdon Air Show
    298 ah1 1983     ZD279: AAC; conv AH.7; Jun05 672Sqn (9 Regt)
- ZD279: to Air and Ground Aviation, Hixon by Nov 2013
    302 ah1 1983     ZD280: ah7 AAC; 2000 type AH.7 651Sqn.
    304 ah1 1983     ZD281: AAC; conv AH.7; 10jul11 pictured as /K of 671 Sq at 815Sq pa+
    308 ah1 1983     ZD283: AAC; conv AH.7
- ZD283: hull at Air and Ground, Hixon by Nov 2012, still Nov 20+
    311 ah1 1984     ZD284: AAC; conv AH.7; 18jul10 pictured at RIAT 2010
Royal Marines ZD284: Royal Marines; 1985 3CBAS/24B
    314 ah1 1984     ZD285: AAC; conv AH.7
    319 ah7 1985     ZE375: ah9 AAC; 1995 AH.9 type 659Sqn.
    320 ah7 1985     ZE376: AAC; conv AH.9
    321 ah7     ZE377: AAC; 657 Sqn w/o 01aug89
    322 ah7 1986     ZE378: AAC
    323 ah7 1986     ZE379: AAC
    324 ah7 1986     ZE380: ah9 AAC; conv AH.9; 2009 672Sqn
    325 ah7 1986     ZE381: AAC
    328 ah7 1987     ZE382: w/o 09sep04 in Czech Rpublic, 661Sqn AH.9 type
    329 ah7     ZF537: ah9 AAC; conv AH.9 type; Sep05 1Regt
    330 ah7     ZF538: ah9 AAC; conv AH.9; Jan06 1 Regt
Royal Marines ZF538: Royal Marines in 2007 847Sqn.

conv AH.9A type, also with AAC
    331 ah7 1987     ZF539: Jun05 1 Regt
Royal Marines ZF539: Royal Marines in 2007 847Sqn.
    332 ah7 1987     ZF540: Jan06 1 Regt
    346 ah9 1990     ZG884: AAC; Dec06 1Reg.
    347 ah9     ZG885: AAC in 2000 /7 659Sqn.
    348 ah9 1991     ZG886: ah.9a AAC; Nov05 9 Regt; conv AH9A type
    349 ah9 1991     ZG887: AAC; 1993 /4 9Reg.
    351 ah9 1991     ZG888: AAC in 1993 /5 9Reg.
    352 ah9 1991     ZG889: ah.9a AAC d/d 27sep91; 9 Regt til Sep 2005; 1 Regt Sep 2005; March+
    353 ah9 1991     ZG914: ah.9a AAC; conv AH9A type
    354 ah9 1991     ZG915: ah.9a AAC; conv AH9A type
    355 ah9 1991     ZG916: AAC f/f 10de91, d/d 06jan92
    356 ah9 1992     ZG917: ah.9a AAC; conv AH9A type
    357 ah9 1992     ZG918: AAC in 1993 664Sqn. ; 1998 659Sqn. ; 2006 1Reg.
    358 ah9 1992     ZG919: AAC; 1993 9Reg./7; 2003 659Sqn.; 2007 1Reg.
    359 ah9 1992     ZG920: ah.9a AAC; Nov05 1 Regt; conv AH9A type
    360 ah9 1992     ZG921: AAC; 1995 659Sqn.
    361 ah9 1992     ZG922: AAC d/d 26jun92; w/o 19sep01 at desert landing pad in Oman d+
    362 ah9 1992     ZG923: ah.9a AAC AH9 type; conv AH.9A type

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