1973 to 1987

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    30535 1971     C-FAHX: Okanagan, ex CF-AHX, test serial N2998W, canc Sep89; lsd to +
Viking Helicopters C-FAHX: Viking Helicopters at Les Cedres, QC Nov89-Jan90

- C-FAHX: Conair Aviation at Abbotsford, BC 1992

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-FAHX: Canadian Helicopters 1994-Mar95

- C-FAHX: Skylink Aviation at Mississauga, ON Apr95-Nov11

- HC-BXV: Ecuador, lsd C-FAHX

- XA-TSY: Mexico, lsd C-FAHX

- C-FAHX: Day & Johnston Helicopters at Copper Cliff, ON Jul03-M+

- C-GPWX: Pacific Western Helicopters at Prince George, BC Mar04-+

Yellowhead Helicopters C-GPWX: Yellowhead Helicopters Jan/May 2015

- C-GPWX: Lakelse Air at Terrace, BC from May15
    30784 1976     C-FOKC: Okanagan Helicopters from 1985; w/o unk; canc Mar90
- N9926K: to C-FOKC
    30576 1973     C-FTCQ: Okanagan Helicopters, noted 1977
- N83179: to CF-TCQ

Helicopters NZ Ltd ZK-HNG: Helicopters NZ, noted May88

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-FTCQ: Canadian Helicopters Sep89-May92

Eagle Copters C-GEZO: Eagle Copters Maintenance Jan/Jun 2007

Conv to Bell 212 Single. The Pratt and Whitney Twin Pac+

Great Slave Helicopters C-GEZO: Great Slave Helicopters from Aug07

Eagle Copters C-GEZO:
    30701 1975     C-GBHJ: Okanagan Helicopters, canc Sep89
ERA Helicopters N391EH: ERA Helicopters Jun75-Oct77

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GBHJ: Canadian Helicopters Sep89-Jun90; w/o 17apr90 Blue Rive+
    30762 1976     C-GDVG: Okanagan Helicopters, noted 1977
Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GDVG: 16sep97 Canadian Helicopters at Goose Bay

Canadian Helicopters from Sep96; w/o 18aug02 impact ter+
    30597 1973     C-GOKL: Okanagan Helicopters, noted 1977, canc Sep89
- N2990W: to C-GOKL

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GOKL: Canadian Helicopters from 1994
    30722 1975     C-GOKT: Okanagan Helicopters, noted 1977
- YV-324C: Venezuela, rtn to C-GOKT

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GOKT: Canadian Helicopters, canc Jan83

Airlift AS LN-OLK: Airlift AS; w/o 18dec03 fall down hole in ice, Svalbard+
    30700 1975     C-GOKW: Okanagan Helicopters, noted 1977
British Executive Air Services G-BEVF: BEAS Jun77-Jun78

?: 1993 asg UNTAC (United Nations Transitional Authority i+

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GOKW: Canadian Helicopters at Powell River, BC Oct94-Jan96

- C-GOKW: Panther Helicopters Mar96-Jan98

Resource Helicopters Jul/Oct 1998

Panther Helicopters Nov98-May99

2822636 Canada Inc at Inuvik, NT May99-Apr02; canc
    30680 1975     C-GOKX: Okanagan Helicopters, noted 1977
- YV-322C: Venezuela, rtn to C-GOKX

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GOKX: Canadian Helicopters Dec90-Jun91

- ZK-HNI: New Zeland, to VH-OHC

- VH-OHC: Australia, to Singpore as unk

- C-GOKX: Conair Aviation/Frontier Helicopters Jun91-Nov92

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GOKX: Canadian Helicopters Oct94-Jun95

Tasman Helicopters C-GOKX: Tasman Helicopters at Richmond, BC Jun95-Jun96

Government of Canada C-GOKX: Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sep/Oct 1995

- C-GOKX: Nunasi Helicopters at Prince George, BC Jan/Apr 1998

Northern Mountain Helicopters at Prince George, BC Apr9+

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GOKX: CHC Dec00-Mar03

CHC Dec05-Apr06

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GOKX: Canadian Helicopters from Apr06
    30698 1975     C-GOKY: Okanagan, noted 1977
British Executive Air Services G-BFVE: BEAS Jun78-Sep80

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GOKY: Canadian Helicopters Ltd Dec90-Jan10, canc
    31214 1982     C-GRWX: Okanagan, canc nov85
ERA Helicopters N523EH: ERA Helicopters

Midwest Helicopters C-GRWX: Midwest Helicopters at Winnipeg, Manitoba canc Sep84

ERA Helicopters N523EH: ERA Helicopters May05
    31160 1980     C-GSQM: Okanagan, canc 1989
- C-GMXQ: unk 1980-1982

Bristow G-BJZS: Bristow Mar82-Jun83

- C-GWRD: Kenting Aircraft Ltd at Calgary, AB , Jul/Sep 1983, to +

Viking Helicopters C-GSQM: Viking Helicopters Ltd at Les Cedres, Quebec 1993-1996

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GSQM: Canadian Helicopters from 1996, lsd to N9725N, VH-LHL

Lloyd Helicopters VH-LHL: Lloyd Offshore Helicopters, lsd many times from C-GSQM

CC Helicopters C-GSQM: CC Helicopters at Kamloops, BC Mar09-Dec10

Sequoia Helicopters C-GSQM: Sequoia Helicopters at Abbotsford, BC from May11

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