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HASA Signs for 3 Firefighting W-3A Sokol, 10-Dec-14 : Spanish company Hispánica de Aviación S.A (HASA) signs for 3 fire-fighting configured W-3A Sokol. HASA existing fleet includes 26 helicopters produced by PZL-Swidnik, 13 of them from Sokol range

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    310206     EC-JPC: HASA, 2006
- CCCP-04104: to SP-SUY

- SP-SUY: Poland, conv to W-3AS type, to EC-JPC

Heliseco, noted 2003-2005
    370805 w-3a     EC-JUL: Hispanica de Aviacion, noted Aug06, to HL9296
- HL9262: South Korea, to EC-JUL

- HL9296: South Korea, to N646LH

Lloyd Helicopters US N646LH: Lloyd US, 22-28 June 2007

- EC-KHG: Spain, to EC-KSI

Sky Helicopteros EC-KSI: Sky Helicopteros, Mallorca, firefighting
    370707 w-3a     EC-JUM: Hispanica de Aviacion, 2006-2008
- HL9257: South Korea, to EC-JUM

Sky Helicopteros EC-JUM: Sky Helicopteros, Mallorca, firefighting
    310305 w-3as 1989     EC-LVE: HASA
Aeroflot CCCP-04108: Aeroflot

Heliseco SP-SUM: Poland from 1992 ; 2003 conv to W3-AS

Foresbal EC-LVE: Foresbal; 11dec15 pictured in firefighting season inaug+

- EC-LVE: 07sep16 at Buenavista, Tenerife, Spain

Jan17 at Santo Domingo, Valparaiso, Chile as firefighte+
    370705 w-3a     EC-MGN: HASA, Spain by Dec15
- SP-SYI: W-3AM Sokol, to CS-HFA

HeliBravo CS-HFA: Helibravo, to I-SOKL

Eliwork I-SOKL: Eliwork, noted 2006-2013
    310311     EC-MGR: HASA
- CCCP-04114: Russia, to SP-SYC

Heliseco SP-SYC: Heliseco, conv to W-3AS

- EC-MGR: Heliseco Brigadas de Refuerzo de Incendios Forestales (+

Foresbal EC-MGR: Foresbal, Uruguay; 11dec15 pictured in firefighting sea+
    300201     SP-SUC: Hispánica de Aviación, S.A.; w/o 10aug16 hit a tree during+
PZL Swidnik SP-PSF: PZL c/n 30.02.01; conv to W-3AS

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