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Helijet to Install NVIS to BC Ambulance S-76s, 30-Aug-17 : Helijet to develop and install Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) into all three S-76C+ medical helicopters operated for the BC Ambulance Service

North-Central Coast Fishing Lodge Service, 19-Apr-17 : Helijet renews S-76 service contracts to 2019 for fishing lodge resort clients located on the Haida Gwaii Islands and Bella Bella, along the Central-West coast of British Columbia.

Sikorsky Recognizes Helijet, 08-Mar-17 : Heli-Expo 2017 Sikorsky recognized Canadian company Helijet International for 30 years of safe scheduled airline and charter operations with S-76 helicopters

Helijet Begins Weekend Flights to Nanaimo, 23-Nov-16 : Helijet International announce weekend flights between Nanaimo Harbour and Vancouver Harbour Heliport. Nowadays offers six roundtrips each day

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    76-0043 s-76a 1980     C-FZAA: Helijet Intl from Apr12
- C-GIMG: ex N55132, to N348AA

- N348AA: Arctic Air Service Inc at Santa Maria, CA from Nov98
    76-0496 s-76c 1998     C-GCHJ: Helijet Intl from Apr11
- N397U: Canal Air Llc at Danbury, CT Sep02-Mar11

Canadian Ambulance Services C-GCHJ: BC Ambulance, op by Helijet; pictured unk
    76-0500 s-76c 1999     C-GHHJ: Helijet Intl from Apr11
- N88CP: Pfizer Inc at West Trenton, NJ 2000-2011, reser N88QP
    76-0186 s-76a 1982     C-GHJG: Helijet International 2010
Heli-Union F-GDHU: Heli-Union, to LX-HUE

- F-WZSB: Turbomeca engines, also F-BZSB

- LX-HUE: Heli-Union


Heli-Union F-GRRU: Heli-Union

Eagle Copters C-FTIW: Eagle Copters, noted 2009, also C-GFQL
    76-0214 s-76a 1981     C-GHJL: Helijet Airways Inc from Nov89; Helijet International from+
- N101PB: to C-GHJL

Canadian Ambulance Services C-GHJL: BC Ambulance, op by Helijet, noted Jan10
    76-0065 s-76a 1980     C-GHJP: Helijet Airways Mar90-May00
- N176EH: Helicopter Aviation Services at Mt.Pleasant, PA 21-23Ma+
    76-0288 s-76a 1985     C-GHJT: Helijet Airways Mar91-Sep94
- N3ZE: to C-GHJT

Air Methods N770AM: Air Methods Sep95-Jul96

Lider Taxi Aereo PT-YBG: Lider Taxi Aereo from Dec99; w/o 20apr04 crashed into t+
    76-0166 s-76a 1981     C-GHJT: Helijet Airways Oct98-May00; Helijet International May00-Jan+
- N54C: to N177CH

- VH-HRQ: Australia, to Canada

Petroleum Helicopters Inc N763P: PHi from Jan03
    76-0096 s-76a 1980     C-GHJT: Helijet Airways Nov89-Mar90
- N257AE: to C-GHJT

Petroleum Helicopters Inc N22342: PHI Inc from Oct94; w/o 22oct06 crash Gulf of Mexico
    76-0052 s-76a 1980     C-GHJT: Helijet International from Jan03; w/o 13aug12 land on water +
- N104BH: to G-BJVW

Bristow G-BJVW: Bristow Jan/Dec 1982, to Malaysia

Malaysian Helicopter Sevices Aviation Berhad 9M-AYD: MHS Aviation, 1996 to Brazil

- PT-YDM: Ar Air Taxi Aereo Brazil from May96, rtn to Malaysia

- 9M-BDG: Malaysia, to Australia

- VH-XHZ: Australia, to Canada
    76-0271 s-76a 1984     C-GHJV: Helijet Intl, noted Apr00, ex N884, to C-FABH
- N884: ex N984, canc 1990

- C-FABH: Ontario Ministry of Health from 2002 ; 7506406 Canada I+
    76-0167 s-76a 1981     C-GHJV: Helijet Intl from Oct03
State of Kentucky N5426U: University of Kentuckys Albert B. Chandler Medical Cent+

Petroleum Helicopters Inc N5426U: PHi 1994-Nov02

Canadian Ambulance Services C-GHJV: BC Ambulance, op by Helijet, noted Oct03
    76-0074 s-76a 1980     C-GHJW: Helijet Intl reg from May02, noted from 1996?
- N586C: ex N1547F, canc Dec89
    76-0499 s-76c 1999     C-GNYO: Helijet International from Dec11
- N7612S: S-76C+, to N317MX

- N317MX: noted Feb04, to N76LC

- N76LC: Tulameen Canada, to C-GNYO

- C-GNYO: Ellis Air at Tulameen, BC Dec 2011

Sep13-May14, sold Sikorsky S76C+ 1999 - Location: Guilf+
    76-0043 s-76a 1980     N348AA: Helijet Intl, noted Apr11
- C-GIMG: ex N55132, to N348AA

- N348AA: Arctic Air Service Inc at Santa Maria, CA from Nov98

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