NH Industries NH90 TTH in
italy Aviazione dell'Esercito

Italian Army Aviation

2008 to present

  • Aviazione dell'Esercito NH90 TTH
  • Aviazione dell'Esercito NH90 TTHThe Italians were the first of all NH90 to be deployed overseas
  • Aviazione dell'Esercito NH90 TTHItalian NH90 in Afghanistan

60 TTH on order. From August 2012 five were deployed to Afghanistan. As of May 2013, 21 were already delivered. 28th TTH delivered on March 2015

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3.000 Flying Hours In Afghanistan for Italians NH90, 16-Jan-17 : Italian Army NH90 TTH fleet in Afghanistan achieved 3000 flying hours. Deployed in Herat since 2012 as Task Group “Fenice”, part of the TAAC-W (Train Advise Assist Command - West)

NHI Delivers the 250th NH90 Helicopter, 13-Oct-15 : NHIndustries celebrated the delivery of the 250th NH90 military helicopter in Viterbo,Italy during the annual NH90 users conference

First deployment of Italian Army NH90, 18-Jun-13 : NHI celebrated today the first operational deployment of a NH90 helicopter overseas.

First Italian Army FOC NH90TTH delivered, 02-May-13 : AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is pleased to announce that the first NH90 TTH in FOC (Final Operational Capability) configuration for the Italian Army has been delivered today during an official ceremony held at AgustaWestland’s Venice Tessera plant in the presence of Gen. Giangiacomo Calligaris, Commander of Italian Army Aviation, and Gen. Francesco Langella, ARMAEREO.

The NH90 Deployed in Afghanistan, 25-Oct-12 : Italy deployed five NH90 Tactical Transport helicopters in Afghanistan

First Deployment of Italian NH90 in Afghanistan, 31-Aug-12 : The first batch of NH90 is deployed and operational in Afghanistan.

Italian Army Takes Delivery of its First NH90, 08-Jan-08 : Italy - AgustaWestland is pleased to announce that the Italian Army’s Aviation Unit has taken delivery of its first NH90 multi-purpose helicopter late December, 2007. The Italian Army has ordered 60 NH90 TTH helicopters which will replace older models currently operated by the service in various utility roles. The new twin engine NH90s will give the Italian Army’s Aviation Unit a dramatic improvement in operational capability and mission effectiveness.

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C/NBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    1002 2007     CSX81517: 1002/GITA01; Esercito E.I.200, at AgustaWestland
    1007 2008     MM81518: GITA02, Esercito E.I.201
    1008 2008     MM81519: GITA03, Esercito E.I.202; w/o 01jun08 crash into Lago di Bra+
    1010 2008     MM81520: GITA04, Esercito E.I.203
    1015 2008     MM81521: GITA05, Esercito E.I.204 d/d 2008 1 Gruppo
    1025 2008     MM81522: GITA06, Esercito E.I.205
    1029     MM81523: GITA07, Esercito E.I.206
    1034 2010     MM81524: GITA08, Esercito E.I.207
    1036 2010     MM81525: GITA09, Esercito E.I.208
    1039 2010     MM81526: GITA10, Esercito E.I.209
    1054 2010     MM81527: GITA11, Esercito E.I.210
    1062     MM81528: GITA12, Esercito E.I.211
    1066     MM81529: GITA13, Esercito E.I.212, test serial CSX81529
    1072     MM81530: GITA14, Esercito E.I.213
    1078     MM81531: 1078/GITA15, Esercito E.I.214
    1082     MM81532: GITA16, Esercito E.I.215
    1148     MM81533: Esercito E.I.216
    1105     MM81534: 1105/GITA18, Esercito E.I.217
    1108     MM81535: GITA19, Esercito E.I.218
    1116     MM81536: GITA20, Esercito E.I.219
    1128 2012     MM81537: GITA21, Esercito E.I.220; Jun12 25 Gruppo
    1131     MM81538: GITA22, Esercito E.I.221; 2007 noted at Donauwörth, German+
    1134 2013     MM81539: GITA23, Esercito E.I.222; 02may13 pictured on d/d as the +
    1141     MM81540: GITA24, Esercito E.I.223
    1173     MM81541: GITA25, Esercito E.I.224
        MM81542: GITA26, Esercito E.I.225
    1178     MM81543: GITA27, Esercito E.I.226
        MM81544: GITA28, Esercito E.I.227
        MM81545: GITA29, Esercito E.I.228
        MM81546: GITA30, Esercito E.I.229
        MM81547: GITA31 Esercito E.I.230
AgustaWestland Italy CSX81547: 23aug14 pictured (pic1) (pic2) at the Jesolo Internati+
        MM81548: GITA32 Esercito E.I.231
        MM81549: GITA33 Esercito E.I.232
    1244     MM81550: GITA34, Esercito E. I.233
        MM81551: GITA35, Esercito E. I. 234
        MM81552: GITA36, Esercito E.I. 235
        MM81553: GITA37, Esercito E.I. 236 at Airmobile Permanent Training II+

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