F+W Emmen SA316B Alouette III in switzerland Schweizer Luftwaffe

Swiss Air Force

Del'd: 60 - 1972 to 2010


Schweizer Luftwaffe SA316B Alouette III

Aerospatiale built airframes listed separately

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1974/    LtSt.8 Alpnach

List of Aircraft

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    101/1047     V-225: swiss af; 1999 to austria as 3E-LC
Austrian Air Force 3E-LC: Bundesheer d/d 1999; ex swiss air force V-225
    102/1048     V-226: SUI in feb1994 Dubendorf
    103/1049     V-227: SUI
    104/1050     V-228: SUI
    105/1051     V-229: SUI
    106/1052     V-230: SUI
    107/1053     V-231: SUI w/o 12Feb02
    108/1054     V-232: SUI
    109/1055     V-233: SUI
    110/1056     V-234: SUI w/o 20Aug82
    111/1057 1972     V-235: swiss af wfu 2003
    112/1058     V-236: SUI
    113/1059 1972     V-237: SUI pres. Mar04 Zurich fake serial HB-AIRPORT
    114/1060     V-238: SUI
    115/1061     V-239: SUI
    116/1062 1972     V-240: SUI in feb1994 Dubendorf
    117/1063     V-241: SUI in feb1994 Dubendorf
    118/1064     V-242: SUI w/o 29Jul91
    119/1065     V-243: SUI in feb1994 Dubendorf
    120/1066 1973     V-244: Swiss AF in 2006 LTSt.8
    121/1067     V-245: SUI; 08oct08 pictured at Alpnach
- V-245: Feb15 located in a private museum near Bäretswil, ZH
    122/1068     V-246: SUI
    123/1069     V-247: SUI
    124/1070     V-248: Swiss AF; 1983 pictured (top) location unk; 2010 pictured (+
    125/1071     V-249: SUI
    126/1072     V-250: SUI in feb1994 Dubendorf
    127/1073     V-251: SUI
    128/1074     V-252: SUI w/o 19Aug74
    129/1075     V-253: SUI
    130/1076     V-254: SUI
    131/1077     V-255: SUI in feb1994 Dubendorf
    132/1078 1973     V-256: Swiss Air Force
    133/1079     V-257: SUI in feb1994 Dubendorf
    134/1080     V-258: SUI w/o 27May80
    135/1081     V-259: SUI
    136/1082     V-260: SUI
    137/1083     V-261: SUI
    138/1084     V-262: SUI; 13oct10 pictured on last official flight during Axalp 2+
    139/1085     V-263: SUI w/o 26Jul76
    140/1086     V-264: SUI
    141/1087     V-265: SUI
    142/1088     V-266: SUI
    143/1089     V-267: SUI w/o 13May91
    144/1090     V-268: SUI
    145/1091     V-269: SUI
    146/1092 1973     V-270: swiss af from 1973
    147/1093     V-271: SUI
    148/1094     V-272: SUI w/o 12Oct01
    149/1095     V-273: SUI w/o 7Sep77
    150/1096     V-274: SUI in feb1994 Dubendorf
    151/1097     V-275: SUI
    152/1098     V-276: SUI w/o 14May98
    153/1099     V-277: SUI in feb1994 Dubendorf
    154/1100     V-278: SUI
    155/1101 1973     V-279: swiss af from 1973 to 1999 to HB-ZBL
Swiss federation HB-ZBL: Eidgenossenschaft from 1999 to 2005 registration cancel+
    156/1102     V-280: SUI
    157/1103     V-281: SUI
    158/1104     V-282: SUI
- V-282: Musée de l'Aviation Militaire de Payerne (Military air+
    159/1105     V-283: SUI in feb1994 Dubendorf
    160/1106     V-284: SUI

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