Del'd: 73 - 1980 to present

Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de Tierra bo105

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1986/09BHELMA VI Tenerife Norte / Los Rodeos
1980/99BHELMA IIValencia/Betera
1980/nowBHELA I Almagro
Colmenar Viejo

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    S-453     HA.15-19: ET-301. CASA bo105ath S-4.453
    S-463 1980     HA.15-33 : ET-302. CASA bo105ath S-4.463
    S-471     HA.15-34: ET-303. CASA bo105ath S-4.471
    S-474     HA.15-35: ET-304. CASA bo105ath S-4.474
    S-475     HA.15-36: ET-305. CASA bo105ath S-4.475
    S-482     HA.15-37: ET-306. CASA bo105ath S-4.482
    S-484     HA.15-38: ET-307. CASA bo105ath S-4.484
    S-485     HA.15-39: ET-308. CASA bo105ath S-4.485
    S-494     HA.15-40: ET-309. CASA bo105ath S-4.494
    S-505     HA.15-43: ET-312. CASA bo105ath S-4.505
    S-513     HA.15-44: ET-313. CASA bo105ath S-4.513
    S-514     HA.15-45: ET-314. CASA bo105ath S-4.514
    S-515     HA.15-46: ET-315. CASA bo105ath S-4.515
    S-516     HA.15-47: ET-316. CASA bo105ath S-4.516
    S-519     HA.15-48: ET-317. CASA bo105ath S-4.519
    S-520     HA.15-49: ET-318. CASA bo105ath S-4.520
    S-521     HA.15-50: ET-319. CASA bo105ath S-4.521
    S-522     HA.15-51: ET-320. CASA bo105ath S-4.522
    S-524     HA.15-52: ET-321. CASA bo105ath S-4.524
    S-525     HA.15-53: ET-322. CASA bo105ath S-4.525
    S-526     HA.15-54: ET-323. CASA bo105ath S-4.526
    S-529     HA.15-55: ET-324. CASA bo105ath S-4.529
    S-530     HA.15-56: ET-325. CASA bo105ath S-4.530
    S-531     HA.15-57: ET-326. CASA bo105ath S-4.531
    S-534     HA.15-58: ET-327. CASA bo105ath S-4.534
    S-535     HA.15-59: ET-328. CASA bo105ath S-4.535
    S-483     HA.15-61: ET-162. CASA bo105ath S-4.483
    S-486     HA.15-62: ET-163. CASA bo105ath S-4.486
    S-493     HA.15-63: ET-164. CASA bo105ath S-4.493. to Guardia Civil as HU.15-63
Spanish Military Police HU.15-63: 09-124. CASA S-4.493. ex EC-063
    S-512     HA.15-66: ET-167. CASA bo105gsh S-4.512
    S-533     HA.15-73: ET-174. CASA bo105ath S-4.533. HR.15-73
    S-537     HA.15-75: ET-176. CASA bo105ath S-4.537. HR.15-75
    S-359 105p     HA.15-84: ET-329. ex HEER 98+38
German Army Aviation 98+38: WTD61 for testing; to Spain Army as HA.15-84 ET-329
    S-67 105c     HE.15-10: ET-132
    S-68 105c     HE.15-11: ET-131
    S-69 105c     HE.15-12: ET-130
    S-70 105c 1972     HE.15-13: ET-127
MBB D-HDBU: MBB toward D-9586

German Air Force D-9586: WTD61 ex D-HDBU re-registered to 98+15

German Air Force 98+15: WTD61 ex D-9586 re-registered to 82+95

German Air Force 82+95: WTD61 ex 98+15 toward HE.15-13
    S-71 105c     HE.15-14: ET-135
German Army Aviation 82+96: Jun77 pictured unk location; to FAMET as ET-135. Notice+
    S-85 105c     HE.15-15: ET-134
    S-200 105c     HE.15-16: ET-129. preserved
    S-2 105a     HE.15-6: ET-137. gate guardian Colmenar Viejo
MBB D-9573: MBB, reser D-HMBL, 98+07; conv Bo.105C, to Spain
    S-7 105a     HE.15-7: ET-133. w/o 20jul80 during traiing flight. (Cap. Lorenzo and+
    S-38 105c     HE.15-8: ET-128
    S-39 105a     HE.15-9: ET-136
MBB D-9582: MBB reser D-HDAQ, 98+11, 82+9?; conv to Bo.105C
    S-451     HR.15-17: ET-138. CASA bo105loh S-4.451. to Guardia Civil as HU.15-00/+
Spanish Military Police HU.15-00: ex HR.15-17. museum ?
    S-452     HR.15-18: ET-160. CASA bo105loh S-4.452. preserved inside base Colmema+
    S-454 105c     HR.15-20: ET-139. CASA bo105loh S-4.454. to Guardia Civil as HU.15-20
Spanish Military Police HU.15-20: 09-121. Bo105CB. ex EC-060
    S-460     HR.15-21: ET-140. CASA bo105loh S-4.460. Preserved Museo del Aire Cuat+
    S-461     HR.15-22: ET-141. CASA bo105loh S-4.461
    S-462     HR.15-23: ET-142. CASA bo105loh S-4.462. preserved Agoncillo
    S-464     HR.15-24: ET-143. CASA bo105loh S-4.464
    S-465     HR.15-25: ET-144. CASA bo105loh S-4.465. museo Cuatro Vientos
    S-466     HR.15-26: ET-145. CASA bo105loh S-4.466. w/o 11nov86
    S-467     HR.15-27: ET-146. CASA bo105loh S-4.467
    S-468     HR.15-28: ET-147. CASA bo105loh S-4.468
    S-469     HR.15-29: ET-148. CASA bo105loh S-4.469. to Guardia Civil as HU.15-29
Spanish Military Police HU.15-29: 09-122. Bo105CB. ex EC-061
    S-470     HR.15-30: ET-149. CASA bo105loh S-4.470. w/o 05sep90
    S-472     HR.15-31: ET-150. CASA bo105loh S-4.472. to Guardia Civil as HU.15-31
Spanish Military Police HU.15-31: 09-123. Bo105CB. ex EC-062
    S-473     HR.15-32: ET-151. CASA bo105loh S-4.473
    S-495     HR.15-41: ET-310. CASA bo105ath S-4.495. ex HA.15-41
    S-496     HR.15-42: ET-311. CASA bo105ath S-4.496. ex HA.15-42
    S-481     HR.15-60: ET-161. CASA bo105gsh S-4.481
    S-497     HR.15-64: ET-165. CASA bo105gsh S-4.497
    S-504     HR.15-65: ET-166. CASA bo105loh S-4.504. ex HA.15-65. to Guardia Civil+
Spanish Military Police HU.15-65: 09-125. CASA S-4.504. ex EC-064
    S-517     HR.15-67: ET-168. CASA bo105gsh S-4.517. to Guardia Civil as HU.15-67
Spanish Military Police HU.15-67: 09-126. CASA S-4.517. ex EC-065
    S-518     HR.15-68: ET-169. CASA bo105gsh S-4.518. ex HA.15-68. to Guardia Civil+
Spanish Military Police HU.15-68: 09-127. CASA S-4.518. ex EC-066
    S-523     HR.15-69: ET-170. CASA bo105gsh S-4.523. ex HA.15-69. to Guardia Civil+
Spanish Military Police HU.15-69: 09-128. CASA S-4.523. ex EC-067
    S-527     HR.15-70: ET-171. CASA bo105gsh S-4.527. ex HA.15-70. to Guardia Civil+
Spanish Military Police HU.15-70: 09-129. CASA S-4.527. ex EC-068

03aug11 pictured at Boltaña, Huesca
    S-528     HR.15-71: ET-172. CASA bo105gsh S-4.528. ex HA.15-71. to Guardia Civil+
Spanish Military Police HU.15-71: 09-130. CASA S-4.528. ex EC-069
    S-532     HR.15-72: ET-173. CASA bo105gsh S-4.532
    S-536     HR.15-74: ET-175. CASA bo105gsh S-4.536
    S-538     HR.15-76: ET-177. CASA bo105gsh S-4.538
    S-327     HR.15-83: ET-178. CASA bo105gsh S-4.327. gate Agoncillo

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