Del'd: 27 - 1970 to 1991

US Navy HH-1K Iroquois

The Huey HH-1K was the CSAR (Combat Search and Rescue) variant based on Marines UH-1E but with special Navy avionics

BuNos 157177 / 157203: HH-1K ( c/n 6301 / 6327 ) 27 airframes

In HA(L)-3 I flew 157200, 157202, 157203 from November, 1970 to April, 1971. The four HH-1Ks were used for SEAL operations. I have quite a bit of time in 157202. It was dark grey. Other than the one Huey Tug built with a T-53 engine, the HH-1K was the most powerful Huey in the world at the time. It had VERY special avionics. I never flew 157201, but I expect it was a Seawolf aircraft. Roger Ek, Seawolf 25

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1988/91HCS-5 FirehawksNAS Point Mugu
1977/88HAL-5 Blue HawksNAS Point Mugu
1976/89HAL-4 Red WolvesNAS Norfolk
1970/72HAL-3 Seawolves VN Binh Thuy

Construction Numbers Help Us

C/NBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    6301     157177: 011. to civ Ventura County Sheriff, California
    6302     157178: 015
    6303     157179: HAL-4. wfu 1988
    6304 1970     157180: US Navy; early 70s SAR a/c at NAS Jacksonville, FL; 1976-198+
    6305     157181: HAL-4. NW-201. wfu 1988
    6306     157182: 1980s HAL-5 /NW-02; wfu 1989
    6307 1970     157183: wfu 1989
Northwest Helicopters N6165X: Northwest Helicopters at Olympia, WA from Dec94, "Exper+
    6308     157184: 1980s HAL-4 /NW-203; wfu 1989
- N61650: conv to Garlick-Bell type; private at Tivoli, TX from J+

JR Helicopter and Aircraft Services Inc at Houston, TX +

Marine Aviation Museum Inc at Houston, TX from Aug12

31oct14 pictured during Wings Over Houston 2014, Texas
    6309     157185:
    6310     157186: w/o 01feb72
    6311     157187: HAL-3. w/o 18oct71
    6312     157188: preserved National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, Flor+
    6313     157189: HAL-5 NW w/o 03nov77
    6314     157190: wfu 1989. to civ as N61654
- N61654: Air-1 Sandpoint Helicopters at Sandpoint, ID from 1999

- N540FU: Air-1 Sandpoint Helicopters at Las Vegas, NV from 31ma+
    6315     157191: HAL-5 w/o 08jul84 Brown Field, Californa. repaired?
    6316     157192: w/o 02jun72
    6317     157193: 2003 preserved at Grissom AFB
    6318 1970     157194: Mar89 pictured with HAL-4 at Evenes, Norway during Cold W+
Northwest Helicopters N6166V: Northwest Helicopters at Olympia, WA from 1994; canc Fe+
    6319     157195: w/o 09jul71
    6320     157196: 1973 Marines markings. Navy HAL-05 NW w/o 04feb82
    6321     157197: preserved Selfridge Air National Guard Base (Sterling Height+
    6322 1970     157198: US Navy HAL-4 /NW-206; wfu 1989, to civ as N6166S
- N896RP: from 1996 ex 157198, N6166S; w/o 29jun00
    6323     157199: US Navy HAL-4 /NW-201; wfu 1989, to civ as N6166R
- N6166R: w/o 04apr96 at Vail, Washington; canc Jun02
    6324     157200: HAL-3; w/o 30apr74; preserved Pacific Aviation Museum ?
    6325     157201: US Navy; 16apr76 noted as MASDC/7H0026; Mar89 pictured wi+
State of California ?: VCSD from 1993, spares?
    6326     157202: HAL-3; w/o 19mar76
    6327     157203: HAL-3; w/o 29nov70
    6306     6306: Aug07 range target at Camp Lejeune

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