400th EC120 Delivered

Eurocopter Marignane delivered the 400th EC120 helicopter since 1998

Eurocopter Marignane delivered the 400th EC120 helicopter since 1998

Eurocopter, September 13, 2006 - Marignane/Donauwörth - The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department (SCSD) has taken delivery of a new Eurocopter EC120.

It is the 400th EC120 to be received by a customer since the first EC120 was delivered in 1998.

Able to carry a pilot and four passengers, the single-engine EC120 is a highly versatile, rugged, and tough helicopter.

Equipped with a Turbomeca ARRIUS 2F turbine engine, the EC120 can achieve a fast cruise speed of 122 kts, and operate in a wide range of temperature and weather conditions. Today, EC120s are performing important air support duties for police departments around the world.

"We chose another EC120 because we are pleased with its performance, crew comfort, quiet Fenestron tail, and overall suitability to our missions," said Lt. Fred Links, commander of the SCSD’s Air Support Bureau. "We also realized that having a uniform fleet is the best way to juggle our operational and maintenance requirements, and since we have gone this far with the EC120, it made sense to stick with it."

The registration of the SCSD’s new ‘Star 8' helicopter – 288JK – is a living tribute the Department’s fallen officers, SCSD Deputies Joseph Kievernagel and Kevin Blount. "Normally, we register our aircraft in sequence, so that Star 5 was registered as 255SD –"SD’ for ‘Sheriff’s Department’ -- Star 6 was 266SD, and so forth," said Lt. Links. "However, we asked and received permission to register our new Star 8 as 288JK; JK standing for Joe and Kevin. It allows us to say that Joe and Kevin are onboard for every flight."

With four helicopters in its roster, the SCSD Air Support Bureau is now fully equipped to conduct patrols in concert with local police and Homeland Defense personnel, and to provide fast response in time-critical missions such as locating missing children. Thanks to the mobility of this unit, the average response time for the Air Support Unit is an impressive 2 minutes.

About Eurocopter: Established in 1992, the Franco-German-Spanish Eurocopter Group is a Division of EADS, a world leader in aerospace, defence and related services. The Eurocopter Group employs approx. 13,000 people. In 2005, Eurocopter confirmed its position as the world’s No. 1 helicopter manufacturer with a turnover of 3.2 billion euros, orders for 401 new helicopters, and a 52 percent market share in the civil and parapublic sectors. Overall, the Group’s products account for 30 percent of the total world helicopter fleet.

Its strong worldwide presence is ensured by its 16 subsidiaries on five continents, along with a dense network of distributors, certified agents and maintenance centres. More than 9,500 Eurocopter helicopters are currently in service with over 2,500 customers in 139 countries. Eurocopter offers the largest civil and military helicopter range in the world.

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