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Turkey THK Gökçen received 17 and last EC135

This operator’s fleet now totals 17 of the twin-engine rotorcraft

Airbus Helicopters completes deliveries of EC135s to Turkey THK Gökçen Aviation for emergency medical services

Airbus Helicopters, April 29, 2014 - Donauwörth, Germany - Critical-care airlift services from Turkey’s THK Gökçen Aviation are now at their full-up capability following completion of Airbus Helicopters’ delivery of EC135 to this commercial arm of the Turkish Aeronautical Association.

Handover of the milestone EC135 occurred at Airbus Helicopters’ Donauwörth, Germany production facility, where the twin-engine rotorcraft is assembled.

The EC135 already has demonstrated its capabilities in THK Gökçen Aviation’s emergency medical services (EMS) missions, as more than 2,000 flight hours have been logged since the helicopter’s 2013 service introduction with the operator. THK Gökçen Aviation is utilizing its EC135s in the framework of a five-year EMS contract with the Turkish Ministry of Health.

“This rapid fleet build-up – with all helicopters phased in during 12 months – confirms the operational excellence of THK Gökçen Aviation, and also validates the EC135’s capabilities as the reference rotorcraft for EMS operations,” said Olivier Lambert, Airbus Helicopters’ Senior Vice President for Sales and Customer Relations.

With their 17 EC135 helicopters THK not only increase their mission capability but are also able to assure the Turkish population the best service in any conditions. Moreover, THK has established important MRO facilities together with their subsidiary Asal Aeronautics.

“Our EC135s are performing very well, with high reliability levels in the full range of operating conditions across Turkey,” added Osman Yildirim, President of THK.

The EC135 combines a wide, unobstructed cabin with excellent performance, range and payload capacity – along with low-noise operations. Its oversized sliding side doors and rear clamshell doors enable fast loading/unloading of patients – with additional safety during ground operations ensured by Airbus Helicopters’ signature shrouded Fenestron® tail rotor.

About THK and ASAL Aeronautics: THK is known for their excellent operational capabilities thanks to the biggest fleet of firefighting aircraft, two fixed wing aircraft for air ambulance, three business jets and various types of single and multi-engine aircraft.

ASAL Aeronautics is located at Isparta airport. Their MRO facilities are located in the center of the southern part of Turkey which is convenient for operators in and around Turkey. ASAL MRO facilities are capable of providing both base and line maintenance with certified engineers, technicians and tools. All personnel were trained at Airbus Helicopters’ facilities.

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