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ÖAMTC with HeliAir Kokon at Helitech 2017

Austria’ HeliAir, ÖAMTC Air Rescue’s very own maintenance facility, is showcasing helicopter interior Kokon (Cocoon) at Helitech 2017 in London
  Helitech 2017

Austria’  HeliAir, ÖAMTC Air Rescue’s very own maintenance facility, is showcasing helicopter interior Kokon (Cocoon) at Helitech 2017 in London

HeliAir, October 04, 2017 - HeliAir, the ÖAMTC Air Rescue’s very own maintenance facility, is showcasing a world premiere at the HeliTech trade fair in London: Kokon (Cocoon).

‘Aviation’s first ever self-supporting interior trim is as versatile in its applications as a helicopter is in its operational options,’ explains Wolfgang Burger, Technical Director at ÖAMTC Air Rescue.

The highly resilient trim is able to accommodate all sorts of fixings and fixtures, from medical equipment for emergency rescue helicopters to mission equipment for security forces and champagne cooler racks for VIP helicopters.

‘Kokon’s patented design is such that the airframe interior can be adapted to accommodate virtually any configuration in a time and cost-saving way,’ says HeliAir Maintenance Director Martin Weger. ‘It also means no additional licensing approvals for new fittings and fixtures are required from the aviation authorities.’

Kokon is the result of extensive development work over many years.

‘Our starting point was the desire to optimise the use of all the available space and cut down on every single ounce of excess weight,’ explains Florian Bucher, chief engineer at the design and production plant. ‘We did that by using state-of-the-art fibre composite components.’ The entire development and engineering process was designed so that, ultimately, certification by the aviation authorities was guaranteed. What’s more, Kokon is not just highly functional, it also looks good.

‘Kokon is not just the most versatile solution on the market by far, but also the most elegant,’ says HeliAir CEO Marco Trefanitz. ‘The minimalist design combines with the continuous unbroken surface to create a stylish overall appearance and make Kokon the most innovative solution around.’

Key facts about Kokon

* lightweight, highly resilient fixture grid suited for virtually every application
* enhanced versatility of the entire interior
* installation of new mounting supports requires no additional approvals, saving time and costs
* ideal standard cabin for leasing banks as subsequent uses remain entirely open
* easy to retrofit the helicopter to its factory state
* quick and easy maintenance access for mast or ARIS replacement
* improved interior lighting for optimum working conditions

About HeliAir: With Helikopter Air Transport (HeliAir), the ÖAMTC Air Rescue Service has its very own maintenance facility with European aviation legislation approval at its bases in Innsbruck and Wiener Neustadt, a facility that enjoys an excellent reputation also at the international level. Helicopters and engines from all over Europe are serviced and maintained at Innsbruck and Wiener Neustadt. HeliAir also operates its own design and production facility, developing mission equipment for helicopters and compiling all the approval documents required by the European Aviation Authority. In all its areas of operation HeliAir has established quality standards that are on a par with the systems implemented by major airlines.

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Eurocopter EC135T2 OE-XVE     ( ÖAMTC )

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