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North Carolina National Guard train for emergencies

  • Rapid Reaction: North Carolina National Guard military police rehearse for emergencies
  • Rapid Reaction: North Carolina National Guard military police rehearse for emergencies

US Army, June 17, 2014 - RAPID CITY, S.D. by Sgt Brian Godette - Military Police Soldiers from the North Carolina National Guard National Guard conducted urban patrol and down helicopter rescue training during exercises June 12 at a Camp Rapid training area.

The annual, joint exercise, known as Golden Coyote, is being held June 9-23. The event brings more than 2,200 service members together with South Dakota law enforcement agencies to focus on emergency disaster response.

North Carolina Soldiers participating in the training hail from the 105th Military Police Battalion out of Asheville, North Carolina, and the 210th, 211th, 514th and 1132nd Military Police companies out of Sylva, Haywood, Winterville and Rocky Mount, respectively. These military police units are available to support federal, state and civil authorities in the event of a domestic emergency.

The training exercise tested the soldiers’ ability to secure a fixed site in response to a threat. Golden Coyote allows these units to validate their ability to serve as a rapid-reaction force, or RRF, and integrate with law enforcement in order to increase security.

“We’re conducting downed pilot operations, which goes toward a search-and-rescue mission, which is a typical mission we run in the rapid-reaction force,” said 1st Lt. Joel Lequire, a platoon leader with the 210th Military Police Co. “North Carolina has done a great job putting together all of the training in coordination with South Dakota.”

The military police Soldiers were integrated into platoons and in sequence began the day’s training lanes. The lanes were equipped with equipment and role players provided by the South Dakota National Guard, in order to give the exercise a real life feel.

“It gives an extremely real-life feel; from the hike to being in formation and being on lookout, recognizing the proper commands, and communication” said Pvt. Tim Banks, a member of the 210th. “The mock set-up that they have here is realistic to what you would see in an actual situation.”

The RRF training will culminate with an emergency disaster response exercise at the Ben French Station power plant in Rapid City. The National Guard will team up with Black Hills Power and local authorities to conduct a real-world training scenario. The training event is being conducted as part of the Golden Coyote training exercise.

“The Golden Coyote exercise is a force on force training and the South Dakota National Guard has allowed us to use all their facilities and use their Soldiers to benefit us for the mission," said Lequire. “The exercise that we are training for is to be the Rapid Reaction Force for the North Carolina National Guard.”

For many of the new Soldiers with the MP companies, this is their first annual training exercise, and it serves as an opportunity for them to absorb technical and tactical skills.

“What I’ve taken away from this training is teamwork, and how essential communication is,” said Pfc. Mark Mainguy, another 210th Soldier. ”I’m getting good experience and really learning a lot from this training.”

North Carolina National Guard Soldiers conduct training during monthly drill weekends and short active-duty annual training periods. These men and women live and work in all 100 North Carolina counties, and stand ready to support their state and nation when called upon.

“Thanks should go to the South Dakota National Guard for giving us these beautiful facilities to train, and the North Carolina National Guard for allowing us to come here and get the training and resources we need to accomplish our mission,” Lequire said.

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