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Eurocopter Tiger Combat Helicopter meets Poland military Requirements

  • Eurocopter Tiger Combat Helicopter meets Poland military Requirements

Eurocopter, September 02, 1999 - KIELCE, Poland - In view of its newly acquired Nato membership, Poland plans a comprehensive modernisation and upgrade of its armed forces' equipment, in line with a projected privatisation of its own aerospace and defence industry.

The Franco-German Eurocopter Group, a subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler Aerospace (Germany) and Aerospatiale-Matra (France), is participating in this year's International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce to underline its intent to be a partner in this process.

Being the world's leading helicopter manufacturer, Eurocopter looks forward to a cooperation with Polish aeronautical and defence companies, especially with the helicopter manufacturing facility of PZL-Swidnik.

Such cooperation would primarily be based on the Tiger combat helicopter which Eurocopter plans to offer to the Polish armed forces upon receipt of the official Request for Proposal the Tiger, cleared for production by the German and French governments in June 1999 who will procure a total of 427 units for their respective armed forces as of 2002, is presently the most advanced combat helicopter in the world.

Featuring latest-generation, fully-integrated sensor and weapon suite technolgy, the Tiger offers unrivalled efficiency and precision, accomplishing its missions in day/night as well as adverse weather conditions. Designed to operate autonomously in a rugged environment, in a wide climatic envelope and requiring only minimal logistic support, this helicopter was defined and tested by its future users in the German and French armed forces with respect to cockpits, maintainability, logistics, training, flight performance and weapons performance.

Designed for multi-role operations, the Tiger offers wide mission flexibility to meet the most stringent military requirements. For Poland's anti-tank and armed reconnaissance helicopter requirement, the Tiger in its German Army configuration featuring HOT-3 anti-tank missiles, Stinger air-to-air missiles, and 20mm gunpod, with provisions for unguided aerial rockets and the "fire-and-forget" long-range anti-tank armament Trigat LR, is the perfect match.

In view of Poland's membership in Nato and the "Triangle of Weimar" cooperation (France / Germany / Poland), the Tiger offers the additional advantage of interoperability, joint training and logistics opportunities. Eurocopter has the full support of the German and French governments in its Tiger bid for Poland.

Industrial cooperation with the Polish industry is a key factor in Eurocopter's bid and in line with long-standing corporate policy. More than 8,400 Eurocopter helicopters are in service worldwide. Of these, more than 4,000 helicopters were developed and/or built in cooperation with partners in other countries. In the case of Poland and especially in view of the renowned expertise of PZL-Swidnik, the Franco-German company envisages industrial partnership beyond Polish involvement in the Tiger programme, such as upgrading, equipping and arming the PZL Sokol helicopter, cooperating on other helicopters, namely the Mil Mi-2 replacement, and technology transfer.

Backed by its parent companies, DaimlerChrysler and Aerospatiale-Matra, who are Europe's leading industrial groups in aeronautics and defence, strategic partnerships, cooperative ventures and technology transfer potential within the aerospace and defence field as well as others industrial areas are envisaged – bearing in mind the fact that Eurocopter's German shareholder belongs to the world's No.1 transportation group, DaimlerChrysler AG. Both DaimlerChrysler Aerospace and Aerospatiale-Matra are also present at the Kielce International Defence Industry Exhibition.

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