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Finnish Air Force

The Finnish Air Force was created on 6 Mar 1918. In the 1930s the mainly seaplane fleet was replaced by landplanes, which enabled the development of new fighter tactics. This enabled developement of defensive tactics during the World War II. Organised into 3 Air Commands, the Air Force has 6 major bases, mostly spread across the south of the country. Helicopter operations were introduced in 1961 at Pori (EFPO) and transferred to Utti (EFUT) in 1962. In 1996, all rotary wing operations were transferred to the Finnish Army (qv).

Model Types

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  Hughes 369 / 500 / H-619751996
  Mil Mi-8 Hip (1st Gen)19731996
  Agusta ab206119681979
  SNIA alouette ii219661975
  Mil Mi-4 Hound319611979
  Mil Mi-1 Hare419611967

List of Aircraft

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SE3130 Alouette II 1062 1957HA-1 : Delivered 28 Mar 1966. Sold to France as F-BYAM 20 Mar 1975.
SE3130 Alouette II 1147 HA-2 : Delivered 28 Mar 1966. Crashed into a lake on 14 Jul 1967.
369HM 0247M HH-1 : Ilmavoimat, w/o 25oct82 at Utti; Repaired, to OH-HAP
369HS 0611S HH-2 : Ilmavoimat, w/o 22jul82 at Utti; repaired, to OH-HIU
Mi-4 Hound 09 114 HH-3 : On display at Finnish Aviation Museum by 1988
369HS 0490S HH-3 : Ilmavoimat, ex SE-HFE, to OH-HIT
Mi-1 Hare A07060 HK-1 : On display at Finnish Aviaiton Museum, at least 1987 - 1988
Mi-1 Hare A07030 HK-2 : On display at Tampere Technical Museum, at least 1987 - 1988. Mu ...
Mi-4 Hound 07 114 HR-1 : On display at Central Finland Aviation Museum, by 1984 until at l ...

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