norway Norsk Helikopter

Established in 1993 providing helicopter transport services in the North Sea. On 2009 changed name to Bristow Norway AS

Organisation News

Norsk Helikopter achieves 30,000 fleet hours with S-92, 06-Oct-08 : STRATFORD, Connecticut - Less than a year after reaching its previous milestone, Norsk Helikopter has reached the 30,000 fleet hour milestone with its Sikorsky S-92® helicopter, Sikorsky Aircraft announced today. Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX) The aircraft achieved the milestone on Sept. 29. The achievement follows the fleet hour milestone of 20,000 hours with the Sikorsky S-92 helicopter, reached on Nov. 26, 2007.

Norsk passes 1000 flight hours with their 2 S-92, 17-Oct-05 : Bergen, Norway - Norsk Helikopter has achieved another industry milestone by becoming the first S-92 operator in the world to reach 1,000 fleet hours on both their S-92 helicopters. The aircraft was made by Sikorsky, a United Technologies Corp. company.

Norsk Helikopter Received First S-92 , 09-Feb-05 : Norwegian company Norsk Helikopter received its first S-92 scheduled for offshore service in the North Sea in a ceremony at the Sikorsky plant in Stratford, Conn.

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Organisation Models Login to Edit

  Sikorsky s-92 Helibus20052009
  EC super puma/cougar19992009
  SNIA as332 super puma19932009

Individual Helicopters Login to Edit

AS332L1 Super Puma 2384 LN-OBA : Norsk Helicopter -2009
AS332L Super Puma 2083 1983LN-OLC : Norsk, test serial F-WKQB, LN-ONE ntu
: Norsk 1996, to G-CEYJ
AS332L Super Puma 2123 1984LN-OMI : Norsk Helikopter 2000-2009
AS332L Super Puma 2111 1985LN-ONA : Nork Helikopter May98-May01
AS332L Super Puma 2122 1984LN-ONB : Norsk Helikopter Jul95-Sep98
: Norsk Oct99-Feb03
AS332L Super Puma 2099 1984LN-ONC : Norsk Aug/Nov 1995, back to G-TIGV
: Norsk Mar96-Jun98
AS332L Super Puma 2157 1985LN-OND : Norsk Helicopters 1998-2006
AS332L1 Super Puma 9002 2001LN-ONE : Norsk Helicopter 2002-2007
AS332L2 Super Puma 2488 1999LN-ONH : Norsk Helikopter 1999-2011
AS332L2 Super Puma 2500 1999LN-ONI : Norsk Helicopter Jul99-Apr09; 17jun99 handover ceremony of 500th ...
S-92A 92-0011 2005LN-ONN : Norsk Helikopter first S-92 d/d 04feb05; 2009 ren Bristow
S-92A 92-0012 2005LN-ONO : Norsk Helikopter 2005-2009, Bergen, ren Bristow
S-92A 92-0025 2005LN-ONP : Norsk Helikopter 2005-2009, ren Bristow
S-92A 92-0032 2006LN-ONQ : Norsk Helikopter 2006-2009, ren Bristow
S-92A 92-0033 2006LN-ONR : Norsk Helikopter 2006-2009, ren Bristow
S-92A 92-0043 2007LN-ONS : Norsk Helikopter 2007-2009, ren Bristow
S-92A 92-0070 2008LN-ONT : Norsk Helikopter 2008-2009, ren Bristow
AS332L Super Puma 2099 1984LN-OPF : Norsk Jan89-Jan91, rtn G-TIGV
212 30557 LN-OQY : Norsk, test serial N83072

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