oman Oman Royal Flight

Established in 1975 to provide VIP Transport for Sultan

Rotary Wing Aircraft Units Login to Edit

Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    Royal Flight of Oman1975 --

Locations for this Org Login to Edit

Base / HeliportUnits on this Location
   Seeb InternationalRoyal Flight of Oman 1975/now

Organisation Models Login to Edit

  EC EC225LP62007
  EC AS550 Fennec32005
  SNIA as332 super puma319822005
  SNIA sa330 puma419751997
  Bell 21219751980
  Agusta ab21219751980

Individual Helicopters Login to Edit

AS550 Fennec 3932 07 : ORF; as550c3
AS550 Fennec 3965 08 : ORF; as550c3
AS550 Fennec 3979 09 : ORF; as550c3
212 30671 1974A4O-AC : Oman Royal Flight, conv Agusta ab212 c/n 5550
: RF Oman (in VIP fit) from 1975, then handed over to SOAF VIP flig ...
ab212 5548 A4O-AD : ORF; fate unk
: 1976 Went into the water on night approach off the back of the ol ...
ab212 5549 A4O-AE : Royal Flight of Oman from 1975; May/June 1980 handed over to SOAF ...
212 30803 A4O-AF : Royal Flight of Oman from 1975; 30may80 to Flt Lt Terry Dowdall ( ...
SA330J Puma 1603 A4O-AG : ORF; to air force
SA330J Puma 1605 A4O-AH : ORF; to air force
SA330J Puma 1629 A4O-AV : ORF; to air force
SA330J Puma 1631 A4O-AX : ORF
AS332C Super Puma 2027 A4O-HB : ORF; to air force
AS332C Super Puma 2037 A4O-HC : ORF; to air force
EC225LP 2648 A4O-HD : ORF, test serial F-WWOC; 14feb07 seen; 2011 active
: 28aug14 at Barberey, France in route to Groningen, Netherlands
: 28aug14 at Groningen, Netherlands in route to Stavanger, Norway
: 28aug14 arrived to Stavanger, Norway
EC225LP 2718 A4O-HE : ORF, test serial F-WJXM Mar09
: 17may15 pictured at Ostend, Belgium inbound from Norway
EC225LP 2731 A4O-HF : ORF
AS332L1 Super Puma 2315 A4O-HM : ORF; to air force
EC225LP 2650 A4O-HMA : ORF
EC225LP 2651 A4O-HMB : ORF
EC225LP 2653 A4O-HMC : ORF, test serial F-WWOV

20 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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