australia Helicorp Pty Ltd

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  Bell 2122008

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222UT 47549 H4-HSA : Helicorp at Henderson Airport, Honiara, Solomon Ialands by Jan17
206L-1 Long Ranger 45164 1979VH-BHF : Bell serial N5000H, 1987 to Australia; Helicorp Pty Ltd
: 08Apr09 pictured as /307 at Essendon
212 31300 1988VH-JJK : Helicorp d/d 29aug08
212 31280 1986VH-JJR : Helicorp Australia from 29aug08
212 30900 1978VH-JJY : Helicorp Australia from 14nov08
412SP 33178 1988VH-LLI : Helicorp Pty from May07
212 30957 1979VH-LLZ : Helicorp Australia from 02may06
205A-1 30131 VH-NNN : Helicorp; 08Apr09 pictured as /335 at Essendon to P2-HBY
AW139 31741 2016VH-TJE : Helicorp from Oct16
AW139 31710 2015VH-TJF : Helicorp from Oct15, test serial I-PTFS
AW139 31743 2016VH-TJG : Helicorp from Oct16
AW139 31721 2016VH-TJH : Helicorp from Mar16
AW139 31747 2016VH-TJI : Helicorp from Nov16
AW139 31723 2016VH-TJJ : Helicorp from Mar16
AW139 31729 2016VH-TJK : Helicorp from Jul16, test serial I-PTFS
AW139 31740 2016VH-TJO : Helicorp from Oct16

16 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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