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Rotary Wing Aircraft Units Login to Edit

Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    BC Ambulance? --
    EHS LifeFlight? --
    Ornge1977 --
    STARS Air Ambulance - Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society STARS1985 --

Organisation Models Login to Edit

  AW AW139 2008
  Sikorsky s-76
  MBB bk117

Individual Helicopters Login to Edit

AW139 41314 2012C-FGJS : STARS at Calgary, AB from Dec12
BK117A-3 7106 1986C-FIOM : STARS from Jun93
BK117A-1 7002 1983C-FKCM : STARS from Mar11
BK117B-1 7234 1991C-FMBU : STARS from Mar12, B2 type
BK117B-1 7168 C-FRSK : STARS from Jul12
S-76A 76-0168 1981C-FSBH : Ornge, noted 2010
BK117B-1 7222 1990C-FSKG : STARS from Jul11, B2 type
412SP 36001 1989C-FWTK : BC Rescue, op by Wildcat Helicopters; 27sep14 pictured arriving b ...
BK117A-1 7020 C-GBNH : STARS from Apr11
S-76C 76-0496 1998C-GCHJ : BC Ambulance, op by Helijet; pictured unk
BK117A-1 7028 1983C-GCPH : STARS from May11
BK117B-1 7218 C-GDGP : STARS from Apr11
S-76A 76-0214 1981C-GHJL : BC Ambulance, op by Helijet, noted Jan10
S-76A 76-0167 1981C-GHJV : BC Ambulance, op by Helijet, noted Oct03
S-76A 76-0111 1980C-GIMB : EHS LifeFlight, Emergency Health Services Nova Scotia, noted Feb0 ...
S-76A 76-0110 1980C-GIMN : EHS LifeFlight, Emergency Health Services Nova Scotia, noted 2004 ...
S-76A 76-0226 1983C-GIMW : Ornge Ambulance, noted 2006-2008
S-76A 76-0055 1980C-GIMY : Ornge; w/o 31may13 impacted terrain shortly after takeoff from Mo ...
S-76A 76-0169 1981C-GIMZ : 7506406 Canada Inc at Mississauga, ON from Jul12; Ornge
AW139 41007 2008C-GLPI : STARS May08-Nov10
AW139 31277 2010C-GLPI : Stars Aviation Jan11-Dec12
: STARS at Calgary, AB from Dec12
AW139 41323 2012C-GPCO : STARS at Calgary, AB from Jan13
AW139 41226 2009C-GYNF : Ornge from Jun10, their first AW139
AW139 41227 2010C-GYNG : Ornge from Nov10
AW139 41230 2010C-GYNH : Ornge from Nov10
AW139 41232 2010C-GYNJ : Ornge Sep10-Feb11
AW139 41236 2010C-GYNK : Ornge from Sep10
AW139 41238 2010C-GYNL : Ornge from Dec10
AW139 41245 2010C-GYNM : Ornge from Jan11
: 15feb15 KGH hospital, Kingston, Ontario
AW139 41247 2010C-GYNN : Ornge from Jan11
: 23mar12 pictured after emergency landing at Colonel Samuel Smith ...
: 28jul12 landing and take off at Georgian Bay Hospital, Midland, O ...
AW139 41250 2010C-GYNO : Ornge from Feb11
AW139 41257 2011C-GYNP : Ornge Air from May11
AW139 41272 2011C-GYNZ : Ornge from Oct16

33 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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