switzerland Eliticino

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  AW AW139220082010

List of Aircraft

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206A 75 1967HB-XOU : xfer Heli Neuchatel, Switzerland as HB-XOU, 11Apr84; xfer Elitici ...
AS350B1 Ecureuil 1903 1986HB-XPK : Eliticino Jan94-May02; 2000 conv to AS350B2 type
206A 484 1969HB-XXH : xfer Eliticino SA as HB-XXH, 19Apr91
A109e Power 11032 1998HB-ZBC : Eliticino 1999-2005, from Sky Jet
A109e Power 11093 2000HB-ZCQ : Valpruena (op.Eliticino) from Oct00
AW109E Power 11129 2001HB-ZDT : Eliticino Nov01-Mar08
AS350B3 Ecureuil 3543 2002HB-ZEJ : Eliticino/Tarmac Aviation May02-Mar08, test serial F-WQDP
EC120B 1396 2004HB-ZFY : Eliticino 2009-2012
AS350B3 Ecureuil 4036 HB-ZHE : Eliticino-Tarmac; March 2012 canc
EC120B 1158 2000HB-ZHV : Eliticino Oct06-Jul08 for Brycal AG
EC120B 1461 2006HB-ZIE : Eliticino
AS355F2 Ecureuil 2 5401 1989HB-ZIV : Eliticino from Oct08
AS350B3 Ecureuil 4268 HB-ZIW : Eliticino-Tarmac; March 2012 canc
AW139 31116 2007HB-ZJI : Eliticino Jan08-Jul08, ex I-EAST; to UP-AW902
AW139 31122 2008HB-ZJJ : Eliticino May08-Apr10; to YR-TIA
EC135T1 0198 2001HB-ZJM : Eliticino /Nomad Jul08-Jun12
EC135P2+ 0938 2011HB-ZTJ : Eliticino Apr11-Jul12, test serial D-HECT

17 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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