china Eastern General Aviation


eastern general aviation

Established 1997, serves offshore industry. Part of China Eastern Airlines group

Organisation News

10-Year Anniversary of S-92 in China, 01-Nov-16 : Sikorsky celebrates the 10-year anniversary of the S-92 helicopter operating in China during Airshow China 2016. First S-92 (and S-76) entered offshore service July 2007 with Eastern General Aviation

First S-92 Helicopter Delivered to China, 23-Jul-07 : First Sikorsky S-92 delivered to China for offshore operations by Eastern General Aviation Corp (EGAC)

Eastern General Aviation to Purchase S-92 for Offshore, 15-Sep-05 : China s Eastern General Aviation Corp (EGAC) to purchase one S-92 for offshore oil support in the Bohai Bay area

Organisation Models Login to Edit

  Sikorsky s-92 Helibus2007
  Sikorsky S-76C2007
  Bell 212
  MBB bo105

Individual Helicopters Login to Edit

bo105c 0255 1976B-7001 : Eastern General Aviation
bo105c 0256 1976B-7002 : Eastern General Aviation
S-76C 76-0647 2006B-7315 : Eastern General Aviation from 2007
S-92A 92-0049 2006B-7321 : Eastern General Aviation Corp at Tianjin, China from Jul07, test ...
S-76C 76-0787 2009B-7335 : Eastern General Aviation from 2010
S-76C 76-0795 2010B-7338 : Eastern General Aviation from 2010
212 30948 B-7702 : Eastern General Aviation; to B-7477
212 30957 1979B-7703 : Eastern General Aviation, to N2011W
212 30960 B-7708 : Eastern General
Mi-8T Hip-C (Kazan) 010 20282 1985B-7819 : c/n 20282 built by Kazan; 2005 China Eastern Airlines
Mi-8T Hip-C (Kazan) 010 20284 1985B-7821 : c/n 20284 built by Kazan; 2005 China Eastern Airlines

11 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

Latest News

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