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News about this Organisation:

  • 14-Jul-14 - Donaldson filters for German CH-53GA upgrades     ( CH-53GA )
  • 12-Sep-12 - First CH-53GA handed over     ( CH-53GA )
  • 10-Feb-10 - CH-53GA Maiden flight     ( CH-53GA )
  • 18-Jun-09 - Eurocopter will retrofit 26 Bundeswehr CH-53     ( CH-53GA )

    Rotary Wing Aircraft Units in this Organisation: Login to Edit    

    Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
        LuftwaffenInstandhaltungsRegiment 2 - air force maintenance regiment 2 LIR2? --
        Wehrtechnische Dienstelle Luftfahrzeuge 61 - Defense Technical Department 61 WTD611957 --
        Lufttransportgeschwader 61 - air transport squadron 61 LTG611957 --
        Lufttransportgeschwader 62 - air transport squadron 62 LTG621959 --
        Lufttransportgeschwader 63 - air transport squadron 63 LTG631961 --
        Hubschraubertransportgeschwader 64 - helicopter transport squadron 64 HTG64 1966 1993
        Hubschraubergeschwader 64 - helicopter squadron 64 HSG642010 --
        1 Luftrettungs und Verbindungsstaffel - air rescue and liaison squadron 1 1LVS1959 1966
        Flugbereitshaft des Bundesministerium der Verteidigung - flight readiness FBS BMVg1957 --

    Models in this Organisation: Login to Edit    

      VFW CH-53G 202013
      EC CH-53GA2012
      NHI NH902010
      EC super puma/cougar 31997
      mil Mi-8 / Mi-17 Hip1990
      mil Mi-2 Hoplite2519901992
      dornier UH-1D 1471968
      sikorsky S-64A219631968
      bell 47G-2819601974
      bristol sycamore4619571969
      agusta AB47G-23119571974
      B-V V43519571972

    Individual Helicopters on Database: Login to Edit    

    Construction Numbers on database of this organisation
    2agusta ab47
    32agusta ab47 AB47G-2
    9bell 47 47G-2
    5B-V V43
    37bristol sycamore Sycamore Mk.52
    152dornier UH-1D
    3EC super puma/cougar AS532U2 Cougar
    1mbb bo105 bo105c
    25mil Mi-2 Hoplite
    2mil Mi-8 / Mi-17 Hip Mi-8T Hip-C
    1mil Mi-8 / Mi-17 Hip Mi-8S
    3mil Mi-8 / Mi-17 Hip Mi-8PS
    1mil Mi-24 Hind mi-24d
    2mil Mi-24 Hind mi-24p
    1NHI NH90 NH90 TTH
    2sikorsky s-64 CH-54 S-64A
    3sikorsky s-58 H-34 H-34G III
    2sikorsky s-58 H-34 H-34G.II
    9sikorsky s-58 H-34 H-34G.I
    20VFW CH-53G

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