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News about this Organisation:

  • 14-Jul-14 - Donaldson filters for German CH-53GA upgrades     ( CH-53GA )
  • 12-Sep-12 - First CH-53GA handed over     ( CH-53GA )
  • 10-Feb-10 - CH-53GA Maiden flight     ( CH-53GA )
  • 18-Jun-09 - Eurocopter will retrofit 26 Bundeswehr CH-53     ( CH-53GA )

    Rotary Wing Aircraft Units in this Organisation: Login to Edit    

    Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
        LuftwaffenInstandhaltungsRegiment 2 - air force maintenance regiment 2 LIR2? --
        Wehrtechnische Dienstelle Luftfahrzeuge 61 - Defense Technical Department 61 WTD611957 --
        Lufttransportgeschwader 61 - air transport squadron 61 LTG611957 --
        Lufttransportgeschwader 62 - air transport squadron 62 LTG621959 --
        Lufttransportgeschwader 63 - air transport squadron 63 LTG631961 --
        Hubschraubertransportgeschwader 64 - helicopter transport squadron 64 HTG64 1966 1993
        Hubschraubergeschwader 64 - helicopter squadron 64 HSG642010 --
        1 Luftrettungs und Verbindungsstaffel - air rescue and liaison squadron 1 1LVS1959 1966
        Flugbereitshaft des Bundesministerium der Verteidigung - flight readiness FBS BMVg1957 --

    Models in this Organisation: Login to Edit    

      VFW CH-53G 202013
      EC CH-53GA2012
      NHI NH902010
      EC super puma/cougar 31997
      mil Mi-8 / Mi-17 Hip1990
      mil Mi-2 Hoplite2519901992
      dornier UH-1D 1471968
      sikorsky S-64A219631968
      bell 47G-2819601974
      bristol sycamore4619571969
      agusta AB47G-23119571974
      B-V V43519571972

    Individual Helicopters on Database: Login to Edit    

    Construction Numbers on database of this organisation
    2agusta ab47
    32agusta ab47 AB47G-2
    9bell 47 47G-2
    5B-V V43
    37bristol sycamore Sycamore Mk.52
    152dornier UH-1D
    3EC super puma/cougar AS532U2 Cougar
    1mbb bo105 bo105c
    25mil Mi-2 Hoplite
    2mil Mi-8 / Mi-17 Hip Mi-8T Hip-C
    1mil Mi-8 / Mi-17 Hip Mi-8S
    3mil Mi-8 / Mi-17 Hip Mi-8PS
    1mil Mi-24 Hind mi-24d
    2mil Mi-24 Hind mi-24p
    1NHI NH90 NH90 TTH
    2sikorsky s-64 CH-54 S-64A
    3sikorsky s-58 H-34 H-34G III
    2sikorsky s-58 H-34 H-34G.II
    9sikorsky s-58 H-34 H-34G.I
    20VFW CH-53G

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        Helicopter News:
    Two Medical EC145 for Moscow

    HM-14 train on USS Anchorage during RIMPAC 14

    Marines MV-22 secure departure of Tripoli Embassy

    Marines Unmanned K-MAX returns from Afghanistan

    Second MD500E to Polk County Sheriff Office

    INAER flying firecrews combat Spain wildfire season

    Bristow AW189 Takes to the Skies

    Metro Aviation delivers EC135 to HealthNet

    First 2 of 6 Bell 407GX to Pennsylvania State Police

    Derazona Helicopters orders their first AS350B3e

    Marines showcase Osprey in Sapporo Air Show

    MAK pilots to train at Ulan-Ude Training Centre

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