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Organisation History:

Bel Air was established in 1994 and provide various helicopter services including transport to offshore oil and gas platforms and wind farms, charter, VIP transport, cargo, maintenance and training.

News about this Organisation:

  • 20-Oct-14 - AgustaWestland Training for Lufttransport and Bel Air
  • 15-Oct-14 - Bel Air Gets First AW189 and Signs for a Third     ( AW189 )
  • 14-Oct-14 - AgustaWestland at Helitech 2014     ( AW189 )
  • 20-Jun-13 - Bel Air Takes Delivery of Another AW139     ( AW139 )
  • 05-Apr-12 - Bel Air Takes Delivery of Its Second AW139     ( AW139 )
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    Rotary Wing Aircraft Units in this Organisation: Login to Edit    

    Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
        bel air aviation1994 --

    Locations for this Organisation: Login to Edit    

    Base / HeliportUnits of this Base/Heliport

    Models in this Organisation: Login to Edit    

      AW AW1892014
      AW AW139 2009

    Individual Helicopters on Database: Login to Edit    

    ModelC/NBuiltID     /     History
        269C S1804 OY-HHB: Bel Air
        AW139 31460 2013OY-HHL: Bel Air from Feb13, lsd Gulf Helicopters
        EC120B 1189 OY-HHS: Bel Air
        AW139 31245 2009OY-HJL: Bel Air d/d Jun09; test serial I-RAIM
    OY-HJL: 08jul09 named Spirit of Agusta is first Bel Air aw139 to enter in ...
    OY-HJL: 01jun12 pictured at Norwich, UK
        AW139 31310 2010OY-HLB: Bel Air d/d 2011
        AW139 41210 2009OY-HLC: Bel Air from 2013
    OY-HLC: Jun/Sep 2013 seen at Eskjerg
        AW139 31411 OY-HML: Bel Air d/d April 2012
    OY-HML: 23jun12 visit
    OY-HML: 15sep12 pictured (bot) at De Kooy, Netherlands during Heldair sho ...
        AW189 49013 OY-HMP: Bel-Air Aviation from Oct14; 14-16oct14 at Helitech 2014, Amster ...
    OY-HMP: 15oct14 delivered during Helitech 2014, Amsterdam
        AW139 31121 2008OY-HTJ: Bel Air Aviation from 2013
        AW139 31295 2010PH-EUD: Bel Air Aviation Oct10-Oct11

            10 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

    • EC725 and EC645T2 for Thailand

    • USAF Helicopter Conference Discuss Future

    • CAE training devices for New Zealand Super Seasprite

    • Rostec at Interpolitex 2014

    • Luxury Bell 429 at NBAA 2014 Conference

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