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denmark Bel Air Aviation

agustawestland representative

Bel Air Aviation helicopters

Bel Air Aviation

Bel Air Aviation A/S was established in 1994 with main base at Esbjerg Airport. Provides various helicopter services including transport to offshore oil and gas platforms and wind farms in the North Sea, charter, VIP transport, cargo, maintenance and training.

Is the official AgustaWestland Service Centre for the AW139 in Denmark and will also be for the AW189.

News about this Organisation:

Bel Air AW189 Exceed 2000 Flight Hour Milestone, 06-Oct-15 : Helitech 2015 AgustaWestland announced today that the two AW189 super medium twin engine helicopters operated by Bel Air of Denmark have recently exceeded 2000 flight hours, with the first aircraft reaching 1200 and the second unit achieving 1000, setting a new milestone while demonstrating exceptional availability and mission effectiveness.

Bel Air First AW189 Becomes Global Fleet Leader, 03-Jun-15 : AgustaWestland announced today that the first AW189 super medium twin engine helicopter operated by Bel Air of Denmark has become the global fleet leading AW189, exceeding 600 flight hours in just six months of operation while demonstrating exceptional availability and mission effectiveness.

Bel Air AW189 with e-APU60, 04-Mar-15 : Heli-Expo 2015 Orlando, HAI Heli-Expo - Microturbo (Safran) and Bel Air Aviation A/S are pleased to announce the signature of a Support By the Hour (SBH) agreement for the e-APU60 on the AW189 helicopter.

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Models in this Organisation: Login to Edit    

  AW AW1892014
  AW AW139 2009

Individual Helicopters on Database: Login to Edit    

ModelC/NBuiltID     /     History
    269C / 300C S1804 OY-HHB: Bel Air
    AW139 31460 2013OY-HHL: Bel Air Feb/Nov 2013, lsd Gulf Helicopters
    EC120B 1189 OY-HHS: Bel Air
    AW139 31245 2009OY-HJL: Bel Air d/d Jun09; test serial I-RAIM
OY-HJL: 08jul09 named Spirit of Agusta is first Bel Air aw139 to enter in ...
OY-HJL: 01jun12 pictured at Norwich, UK
    AW139 31310 2010OY-HLB: Bel Air d/d 2011
    AW139 41210 2009OY-HLC: Bel Air from 2013
OY-HLC: Jun/Sep 2013 seen at Eskjerg
    AW189 49014 2014OY-HLM: Bel Air from 28oct14
    AW139 31411 OY-HML: Bel Air d/d April 2012
OY-HML: 23jun12 visit
OY-HML: 15sep12 pictured (bot) at De Kooy, Netherlands during Heldair sho ...
    AW189 49013 2014OY-HMP: Bel-Air Aviation from 03oct14; 14-16oct14 at Helitech 2014, Amste ...
OY-HMP: 15oct14 delivered during Helitech 2014, Amsterdam
OY-HMP: Jun15 achieves 600 flight hours and becames global fleet leader o ...
    AW139 31121 2008OY-HTJ: Bel Air Aviation from 2013
    AW139 31480 2013OY-HVB: Bel Air from Jun13
    AW139 31295 2010PH-EUD: Bel Air Aviation Oct10-Oct11

        12 Construction Numbers in this organisation found


CH-53D Sea Stallion 157742
crashed in Okinawa university after clipping building

CH-53G 84+84
07oct15 at Flugplatz Alpnachm, Switzerland

SA341C Gazelle HT.2 G-DFKI
11oct15 at North Weald

CH-47D Chinook N948CH
11oct15 at McClellan, CA

HSL-33 Seasnakes
1986-1989, I served in the AE shop. I was a Plane Captain, CDI, night shift supervisor of AE shop. I'm AE2 Jon M. Dishaw and was forward deployed to Atsugi Japan det. 4C. This was the best aircraft and command that I served in and enjoyed flying in the whenever I got the chance. I also was the senior AE for the Ready Det for many months and had one of the best officers I've ever known or had the privilege to serve under. At that time, he just made Lt. Commander, LCDR Mark A. Storch, I'd fly to hell and back with him again.

AW101 611 ?
09oct15 15° Stormo Cervia, Italy

Super Lynx mk90b S-170
09oct15 at Sumburgh Airport , Shetland


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