gabon Force Aérienne Gabonaise

Gabonese Air Force

Model Types

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  EC ec13522011
  SNIA sa330 puma 1972

List of Aircraft

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SA330C Puma 1132 1972TR-KCA : Gabon airforce; 1973 picture at Libreville, painted white but wit ...
: Nov15 pictured after modernization in video (5:10)
SA319B Alouette III 2219 TR-KCC : Gabon air force; 1984 video at NDjole where the Puma TR-KCF disa ...
SA330C Puma 1293 1975TR-KCD : Gabon airforce; c1977 pictured on flight to Franceville MVengue; ...
: Sorry this is not the one w/o 20feb78. This TR-KCD was a VIP Puma ...
SA330C Puma 1329 TR-KCF : Gabon; 1977 pictured
: w/o 20feb78 disappeared during a flight with gabonese colonel Djo ...
SA330C Puma 1319 1974TR-KCI : Gabon airforce; early 80s pictured on the way to Batanga, from Li ...
SA330L Puma 1578 TR-KCJ : Gabon airforce d/d 1980; ex F-ZKBL
SA330L Puma 1584 TR-KCK : Gabon airforce
AS350B Ecureuil 1861 TR-KCP : Gabon
AS332M Super Puma 2197 TR-KCW : Gabon airforce; VIP
EC135T2+ 0956 2010TR-KCZ : Force Aerienne Gabonais
EC135T2+ 0996 2011TR-KOA : Gabon Air Force, test serial D-HECR

11 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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