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Sikorsky Transfers S-70i as Turkish T70 Test Bed, 02-Mar-17 : The Polish S-70i will become the engineering test bed for an avionics suite in co-development by Aselsan and Sikorsky for the Turkish-built T70 utility helicopter (TUHP)

Sikorsky, PZL Mielec and PGZ MoU for S-70i, 12-Jul-16 : FIA 2016 Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (PGZ), one of the largest defence groups in Europe, would have significant involvement in the S-70i Black Hawk programme if is selected by the Polish government

PZL Mielec Completes Turkish T70 Prototype, 23-Jun-16 : Sikorsky accepted TUHP Black Hawk prototype helicopter built by Poland’s PZL Mielec. TAI will produce 109 (+ 191 options) T70 in Turkey

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  Sikorsky S-70i Black Hawk 2010

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S-70i Black Hawk 3595 N4905N : PZL Mielec msn 0001
S-70i Black Hawk 3652 2010SP-YVA : PZL Mielec msn 0002
S-70i Black Hawk 3816 2012SP-YVA : PZL Mielec msn 0014
S-70i Black Hawk 3992 SP-YVA : PZL Mielec msn 0031
S-70i Black Hawk 3745 SP-YVA : PZL Mielec msn 0008
S-70i Black Hawk 3877 SP-YVA : PZL Mielec msn 0019
S-70i Black Hawk 3956 SP-YVA : PZL Mielec msn 0025
S-70i Black Hawk 4008 2014SP-YVA : PZL Mielec msn 0036; 11jul16 on display at FIA 2016
: Build Aug14 according to data plate
: 06sep16 pictured with weapons kit on display at MSPO 2016
S-70i Black Hawk 3660 SP-YVB : PZL Mielec msn 0003
S-70i Black Hawk 3826 2012SP-YVB : PZL Mielec msn 0015
S-70i Black Hawk 3995 SP-YVB : PZL Mielec msn 0032
S-70i Black Hawk 3897 SP-YVB : PZL Mielec msn 0020
S-70i Black Hawk 3748 SP-YVB : PZL Mielec msn 0009
S-70i Black Hawk 3968 SP-YVB : PZL Mielec msn 0026
S-70i Black Hawk 3699 SP-YVC : PZL Mielec msn 0004
S-70i Black Hawk 3840 2012SP-YVC : PZL Mielec msn 0016
S-70i Black Hawk 4000 SP-YVC : PZL Mielec msn 0033
S-70i Black Hawk 3904 SP-YVC : PZL Mielec msn 0021
S-70i Black Hawk 3764 SP-YVC : PZL Mielec msn 0010
S-70i Black Hawk 3978 SP-YVC : PZL Mielec msn 0027
S-70i Black Hawk 3738 SP-YVD : PZL Mielec msn 0005
S-70i Black Hawk 3855 SP-YVD : PZL Mielec msn 0017
S-70i Black Hawk 3916 SP-YVD : PZL Mielec msn 0022
S-70i Black Hawk 3774 SP-YVD : PZL Mielec msn 0011
S-70i Black Hawk 3986 SP-YVD : PZL Mielec msn 0028
S-70i Black Hawk 3741 SP-YVE : PZL Mielec msn 0006
: 27+28aug11 at Radom air show
S-70i Black Hawk 3785 2012SP-YVE : PZL Mielec msn 0012
S-70i Black Hawk 3932 SP-YVE : PZL Mielec msn 0023
S-70i Black Hawk 3988 SP-YVE : PZL Mielec msn 0029
S-70i Black Hawk 3785 2012SP-YVE : 09jul12 pictured at Farnborough airshow, UK
S-70i Black Hawk 3743 2011SP-YVF : PZL Mielec msn 0007
S-70i Black Hawk 3794 SP-YVF : PZL Mielec msn 0013
S-70i Black Hawk 3858 SP-YVF : PZL Mielec msn 0018
S-70i Black Hawk 3943 SP-YVF : PZL Mielec msn 0024; 17jun13 pictured as /H114 at Paris air show ...
S-70i Black Hawk 3990 SP-YVF : PZL Mielec msn 0030

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Two Additional H225 for South Korea Firefighters

Thai Aviation Services Implemented WinAir 7

AC312E Completes Plateau Tests

Russian Helicopters at Milipol 2017

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