poland policji


List of Units

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Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    lotnic policji - police aviation 1996 --

Model Types

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  PZL kania21996

List of Aircraft

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kania 900301 PL-51XP : Policji re registered to SN-51XP
kania 900302 PL-52XP : Policji re registered to SN-52XP
412HP 36028 1991SN-18XP : Police from 2011
W-3A 300420 SN-32XP : Police
kania 900301 SN-51XP : Policji
: 06may14 seen flying from Aviation Museum Krakow
kania 900302 SN-52XP : Policji

4 Construction Numbers in this organisation found