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Industria Aeronautica Romana ( IAR ), founded in 1925 in Brasov, obtained production license from french Aerospatiale in 1968 to build the Alouette III and Puma in Romania. Since then IAR has produced more than 370 IAR 316 and IAR 330.

S.C. Eurocopter Romania SA was established in 2002 to market and sell new Eurocopter helicopters in Romania and neighboring countries. It also a key industrial center for repair, overhaul and upgrades of the Puma and Super Puma models. As of 2012 more than 80 Pumas from around the world have been worked here.

News about this Organisation:

  • 03-Sep-14 - Airbus Helicopters and Romania sign MoU
  • 25-Apr-12 - Two more EC135 for the Romanian Ministry of Health
  • 15-Dec-11 - EC135 to the Romanian Ministry of Health
  • 06-Jul-04 - First Puma refurbished by Eurocopter Romania delivered

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    aerospatiale SA330H Puma

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        SA330H Puma 1310 ZJ954: Eurocopter Romania 2009

            1 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

    • EC725 and EC645T2 for Thailand

    • USAF Helicopter Conference Discuss Future

    • CAE training devices for New Zealand Super Seasprite

    • A MH-47G is 160th SOAR first new Chinook in 30 years

    • 160th SOAR performs MEATS Training at Moses Lake

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