tanzania Jeshi La Wananchi La Tanzania

Tanzanian People's Defence Force Air Wing

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  Agusta ab205a61977

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ab205a 4417 JW9501 : Tanzanian Air Force d/d 20Jan77
ab205a 4422 JW9502 : Tanzania air wing
: wfu jan98, to South Africa
ab205a 4423 JW9503 :
ab205a 4427 JW9504 :
ab412 JW9505 : Tanzania People Defence Force
: 13apr14 crashed at JNIA Dar es Salaam Tanzania. Few injured
: w/o 13apr14 upon takeoff at Julius Nyerere Intl airport. Vicepres ...
ab412 JW9506 : Agusta-Bell AB-412, cn ?tnz06, ff:?; del TAF as JW9506, unk;
ab412 JW9507 : Agusta-Bell AB-412, cn ?tnz07, ff:?; del TAF as JW9507, unk; w/o ...
AB206A 8545 1973JW9601 : Agusta Bell 206A, c/n 8545, ff:1973; del TAF as JW9601, wfu jan98 ...
AB206A 8547 1973JW9602 : Agusta Bell 206A, c/n 8547, ff:1973; del TAF as JW9602, wfu jan98 ...

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