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Carson Helicopters established in 1963 at Perkasie, PA specializes in helicopter crane and fire fighting work using the Sikorsky S-61/H-3 helicopter. It has created the Carson Fire King conversion and new rotor blades for the S-61.

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  sikorsky s-61 H-3 1973
  sikorsky s-58 H-34

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    HSS-2 Sea King 61-140 -: Carson; ex 149723
    HSS-2 Sea King 61-236 -: Carson; 2001 Perkasie, PA; ex 151532
    HSS-2 Sea King 61-261 -: Carson; as hull/spares; ex 151548
    HSS-2 Sea King 61-162 -: Carson; ex 149727
    HH-3F Pelican 61-664 ?: Carson from May06
    S-61N 61-242 1964N116AZ: Carson from Apr88; 2003/04 with Helicopters Victoria as Helitrack ...
    HSS-2 Sea King 61-129 N13491: Carson 1982; ex 149712
    S-61N 61-472 1969N302Y: Carson Helicopters Inc from Jul06
    HSS-2 Sea King 61-186 N3173U: Carson; ex 149916; conv S-61T
    HSS-2 Sea King 61-239 1964N349FC: Carson 2008; ex 151535; 2010 conv S-61T
    HSS-2 Sea King 61-117 N349RH: Caston; 2008 Perkasie, Pennsylvania; ex 149702
    HSS-2 Sea King 61-187 N350DA: Carson; 2008 Perkasie, Pennsylvania; ex 149917
    s-58 H-34 58-387 1956N408A: sold Carson Helicopters as S-58B, N408A, 12Dec74.
    S-61N Mk.II 61-745 1978N420SC: Carson 2010; ex PP-MNL
    S-61N 61-815 1979N4228S: Sikorsky S-61N-82, c/n 61-815, ff?; del Carson Helicopters as N42 ...
    S-61N 61-818 1979N4240S: Sikorsky S-61N-83, c/n 61-818, ff?; del Carson Helicopters as N42 ...
    S-58B 58-807 1958N4247: xfer Carson helicopter as S-58, N4247, by Jul68; NTSB report: "Sa ...
    CH-3C 61-522 1964N42626: Carson 1994; ex 63-9690
    CH-3C 61-551 1966N4263A: Sikorsky S-61R, c/n 61-551, ff?; del USAF as CH-3C; sold to Carso ...
    CH-3C 61-533 1965N4263F: Carson 15nov94; ex 64-14230
    H-19D Chickasaw 55-1094 1957N43842: noted at Carson Helicopters, Perkasie, PA as N43842, unk.
    S-61N Mk.II 61-220 1963N4503E: Carson; 1991-
    S-61N Mk.II 61-476 1970N457ES: Carson from Oct11
    S-61N Mk.II 61-825 1980N457FC: Carson Oct11, cur
    HSS-1 / SH-34G Seabat 58-725 1957N46918: xfer Carson Helicopter as N46918, 13May77, derelict Mar88.
    S-61N Mk.II 61-776 1977N493RC: Carson from Jun13
    HSS-2 Sea King 61-184 1963N5193Y: Carson; ex 149914
    HSS-1N / SH-34J Seabat 58-1150 N59329: Carson ex 142; 1973 active
    HSS-1N / SH-34J Seabat 58-1158 N59330: CARSON ex 144; 1973 active
    HSS-1N / SH-34J Seabat 58-1373 N59331: Carson ex 138; 1971 Active
    HSS-1N / SH-34J Seabat 58-1442 N59333: Carson ex 137; 1973 Active
    HSS-1 / SH-34G Seabat 58-26 1955N602X: sold Carson Helicopter as S-58, N602X, 23Jun75.
    S-61N 61-297 1966N612AZ: Carson from Jun07
    S-61N 61-744 1975N612RM: Carson, noted 1998-2006
    HUS-1 / UH-34D Seahorse 58-1464 N6303: Carson Helicopters, Perhaskie, PA; conv S-58DT, then S-58ET
    HUS-1 / UH-34D Seahorse 58-787 1958N64CH: xfer Carson Helicopter as N64CH, 1977
    H-34G.I 58-750 1958N65526: xfer Hawaii Leasing as N65526, byJan76; xfer Carson Helicopter as ...
    S-61N 61-468 1969N6968R: Carson 27sep95, to C-FZLU
    S-61L 61-453 1972N6981R: Sikorsky S-61L-5, c/n 61-453, ff?; del Carson Helicopters as N698 ...
    H-34G.I 58-740 1957N7320: xfer Carson Helicopters, Perhaskie, PA as N7320, unk; conv S-58ET ...
    H-34G.I 58-828 1958N7330: xfer Carson Helicopters as N7330, Jan76; xfer California Helicopt ...
    HSS-2 Sea King 61-272 1964N81661: Carson Helicopters from Apr96; conv S-61A type with a modified la ...
    HSS-2 Sea King 61-063 N81664: Carson; 2001 Perkasie, Pennsylvania; ex 148989
    HSS-2 Sea King 61-074 N81692: Carson; 2001 Perkasie, Pennsylvania; ex 149000
    HSS-2 Sea King 61-147 1960N81697: Carson, ex 149729, to N9696W
    HSS-2 Sea King 61-232 N8170V: Carson 20apr09; ex 151529
    HSS-2 Sea King 61-028 N81725: Carson; 2001 Perkasie, Pennsylvania
    SH-3D Sea King 61-432 N82702: Carson; ex 156486
    S-61N 61-466 1969N82772: Carson; 09Jul73 damaged at sea; canc 28aug74; to Argentine Air Fo ...
    S-58B 58-775 1958N8478: sold Carson Helicopter as N8478, 1976
    S-58B 58-700 1957N870: sold Carson Helicopter as N870, Jul72; soc by 1977; NTSB: "Incide ...
    S-61N 61-465 1969N87580: Carson from 2006
    S-62A 62-001 1958N880: Sikorsky S-62, c/n 62-001, ff 22May58; retained by Sikorsky as N8 ...
    HUS-1 / UH-34D Seahorse 58-483 1957N90479: sold Carson Helicopter as N90479, 03Jul74; derelict Mar88; scrapp ...
    HUS-1 / UH-34D Seahorse 58-484 1957N90480: sold Carson Helicopters as N90480, 17Jul74.
    HUS-1 / UH-34D Seahorse 58-1332 1961N90561: Carson Jul74-Jul77
    HUS-1 / UH-34D Seahorse 58-536 1957N90934: sold Carson Helicopter as N90934, 03Jul74.
    HUS-1 / UH-34D Seahorse 58-1147 N90935: Carson, S-58DT type
    SH-3D Sea King 61-351 N92590: Carson 1997; ex 152696
    SH-3D Sea King 61-442 N9260A: Carson; ex 156496
    SH-3D Sea King 61-449 N9271A: Carson; ex 156503
    HUS-1A / UH-34E 58-545 1957N9468: sold Stinson Field Aircraft, 08Dec70; sold Carson Services, Perka ...

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