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Organisation History:

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada and founded in 1995

News about this Organisation:

  • 25-Feb-14 - Maverick Helicopters adds more EC130T2     ( EC130T2 )
  • 25-Feb-14 - Maverick Helicopters receives 500th Arriel 2D Engine     ( EC130T2 )
  • 13-Aug-13 - Maverick Helicopters with Toshiba cameras
  • 02-Oct-12 - American Eurocopter delivers first EC130 T2     ( EC130T2 )
  • 12-Feb-12 - Maverick Helicopters orders 50 EC130 T2 helicopters     ( EC130T2 )

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      EC EC130T22012
      EC EC130B4 2003
      SNIA as350 ecureuil 1995

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    ModelC/NBuiltID     /     History
        AS350B1 Ecureuil 2141 N31MH: Maverick Helicopters; ex JA9773
        AS350D Astar 1206 N64MH: Maverick Helicopters; conv AS.350BA; ex N3530T
        EC130B4 3654 N801MH: Maverick Helicopters
        EC130B4 3707 N802MH: Maverick Helicopters
        EC130B4 3735 N803MH: Maverick Helicopters
        EC130B4 3750 N804MH: Maverick Helicopters
        EC130B4 3799 2004N805MH: Maverick Helicopters
        EC130B4 3833 N806MH: Maverick Helicopters
        EC130B4 3912 2005N807MH: Maverick Helicopters
    N807MH: 12may06 visit Sedona
        EC130B4 3914 N808MH: Maverick Helicopters
        EC130B4 3927 N809MH: Maverick Helicopters
        EC130B4 3949 N810MH: Maverick Helicopters
        EC130B4 3956 N812MH: Maverick Helicopters
        EC130B4 4020 N814MH: Maverick Helicopters
        EC130B4 4022 N815MH: Maverick Helicopters
        EC130B4 4131 N818MH: Maverick Helicopters
        EC130B4 4142 N822MH: Maverick Helicopters
        EC130B4 4158 N823MH: Maverick Helicopters
        EC130B4 4248 N846MH: Maverick Helicopters
        EC130B4 4266 N847MH: Maverick Helicopters
        EC130B4 4417 N853MH: Maverick Helicopters
        EC130T2 7355 2012N872MH: Maverick Helicopters d/d Oct12, First Eurocopter USA EC130T2
        EC130T2 7532 N873MH: Maverick Helicopters from Jul13
        EC130T2 7592 N875MH: Maverick Helicopters, Jan13 with American Eurocopter
        EC130T2 7621 N876MH: Maverick Helicopters, Mar13 with American Eurocopter
        EC130T2 7637 N877MH: Maverick Helicopters, Mar13 with American Eurocopter
        AS350BA Ecureuil 2786 1994N91MH: Maverick Helicopters; conv as350b2; ex C-FYNI; to N35HQ
        AS350BA Ecureuil 2898 N92MH: Maverick Helicopters; to HL9172

            28 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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    First EC145T2 delivered to DRF Luftrettung

    Retrofit of New Zealand NH90 fleet completed

    First Bell 429 to the New York Police Dept

    Metro Aviation receives STC for AS365 N3+

    Boeing Delivers First US Army Multiyear II Chinook

    Bristow First Anniversary of Northern Scotland SAR

    US and Canadians Paratroopers in Poland

    Russian Helicopters at Aviadarts 2014 final stage

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    Two Medical EC145 for Moscow

    HM-14 train on USS Anchorage during RIMPAC 14

    Marines MV-22 secure departure of Tripoli Embassy

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