Helicopter Serials


UK United Kingdom : G

G-214007 2006 EC135P2
G-79-06 EC135P2 Eurocopter UK
G-ABLM 1931 C.24
G-AIKF 1947 Gyrodyne Fairey Aviation
G-AJHW 1947 s-51 Westland
G-AJJP 1947 Gyrodyne Fairey Aviation
G-AJOP 1948 s-51 Westland
G-AJOV 1953 hr.3
G-AJOV s-51 British European Airways
G-AKTW 1948 Dragonfly 1A Westland
G-ALBN Type 173
G-ALEG 1949 Dragonfly 1A Westland
G-ALIK 1949 widgeon Westland
G-ALMC 1949 Dragonfly 1A Westland
G-ALSX 1951 Type 171 Sycamore
G-ALTD 1950 Type 171 Sycamore
G-AMAK 1950 Dragonfly 1A Westland
G-AMHK 1951 S-55 Westland
G-AMJI Type 173
G-AMWI 1952 Type 171 Sycamore
G-AMYF Type 173
G-AMYG Type 173
G-AMYH Type 173
G-ANFH 1953 srs.1 British European Airways ,Bristow ,Westland
G-ANJS 1953 srs.1 Westland
G-ANJT 1953 srs.1 Westland
G-ANJU 1953 srs.1 Westland
G-ANJV 1954 srs.1
G-ANJV 1954 srs.1 Westland ,Bristow
G-ANLV 1954 Dragonfly 1A Westland
G-ANLW 1954 Dragonfly 1A Westland
G-ANUK srs.1 Bristow
G-ANZN 1955 srs.1 Westland
G-ANZO 1955 srs.1 Westland
G-ANZX 1955 AB47G
G-AOCF 1955 srs.1 British European Airways
G-AOCZ 1955 srs.1 Westland
G-AODA 1955 srs.1 Bristow ,Westland
G-AODB 1955 srs.1 Bristow
G-AODI 1955 AB47G
G-AODK 1955 ab47g-2
G-AODO 1955 srs.1 Bristow
G-AODP 1955 srs.1 Westland ,Bristow ,Airwork (Helicopters) Ltd
G-AOHE srs.1 Bristow
G-AORT 1956 srs.1 Westland
G-AOUJ 1955 Ultralight
G-AOYB 1957 srs2 Bristow
G-AOYY 1957 srs2 Westland
G-AOYZ 1957 srs2 Westland
G-AOZK 1958 srs.1 Bristow
G-APBK dragonfly
G-APDY 1958 srs.1 Westland ,Bristow ,Airwork (Helicopters) Ltd
G-APJJ 1957 Ultralight Fairey Aviation
G-APKC 1958 srs.1 Westland
G-APLE 1958 westminster Westland
G-APLF mk.60 Bristow
G-APMR 1958 UH-12C Bristow ,Airwork (Helicopters) Ltd
G-APMS 1958 UH-12C Airwork (Helicopters) Ltd ,Bristow
G-APNU 1958 saro p.531 Westland
G-APNV 1958 saro p.531 Westland
G-APPR 1948 Dragonfly 1A Westland ,Bristow
G-APPS 1949 widgeon Westland ,Bristow
G-APPY 1959 srs2 Westland
G-APPZ 1958 srs2 Westland
G-APRV 1960 srs.1 Bristow
G-APRW 1960 srs.1 Bristow
G-APRZ h-3
G-APSF 1959 B-2
G-APTW 1959 widgeon Westland ,Flambards Experience
G-APTX 1959 westminster Westland
G-APVL 1959 saro p.531 Westland
G-APVM 1959 saro p.531 Westland
G-APWM 1959 srs.1 Westland
G-APWN 1959 srs.1 Westland
G-APWO 1959 srs2 Westland
G-APXA 1960 srs.1 Westland
G-APXB 1960 srs.1 Westland
G-APXF 1960 srs.1 Westland
G-ARVY 1962 B-2
G-ARXV 1962 uh-12e Bristow
G-ARZA 1962 wa.116 autogyro
G-ARZB 1962 wa.116 autogyro
G-ARZI 1962 B-2
G-ASHK 1963 B-2
G-ASNL 1963 s61n.mk2 British Airways Helicopters ,British European Airways
G-ASNM s61n.mk2 British Airways Helicopters ,British European Airways
G-ASOU 1962 srs.3 Bristow
G-ASTM 1953 uh-12b Bristow
G-ASTP 1961 UH-12C Bristow
G-ASTR 1953 uh-12b Bristow
G-ASVH 1952 uh-12b
G-ASVJ 1953 uh-12b Bristow
G-ASVK 1953 uh-12b Bristow
G-ASVL 1953 uh-12b Bristow
G-ASWI 1964 mk.60 Bristow
G-ATBJ 1965 S-61N British International Helicopters ,Brintel Helicopters ,CHC Scotia
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