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21st SOS

1939 to 2007    

21st Special Operations Squadron
Dust Devils, created as a Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) in 1939 which served until 1946. Redesignated 21st Special Operations Squadron saw combat in Southeast Asia from November 1967 to August 1973. In 1975 was again in front line during the April evacuation of Saigon and the rescue of the SS Mayaquez in May before inactivating on September 22, 1975 at U-Tapao, Thailand.

The squadron reactivated on May 1988 at RAF Woodbridge, UK when was splitted from 67 ARRS

21st SOS was deactivated on 2007 with the retirement of the MH-53M Pave Low IV.

The replacement aircraft, the CV-22B Osprey tilt-rotor, was assigned to 7th SOS
Joined the 20th Helicopter Squadron in South Vietnam in Sep 1967. In summer 1968, the unit took on the CH-3C of 20th SOS.

The 21st SOS also flew Operation Eagle Pull, the evacuation of Vientiane, in 1975 while stationed in NKP Thailand

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1995/07UK RAF MildenhallEGUN
1992/95UK RAF AlconburyEGWZ
1988/92UK RAF WoodbridgeEGVG
1967/75TH U-TapaoVTBU
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1998/07 s-65 H-53     MH-53M Pave Low IV
1988/98s-65 H-53
1968/75s-65 H-53
1968/75s-61 H-3

Construction Numbers for 21st SOS Help Us

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
61-508 ch-3c 1963 63-9676 : del USAF as CH-3C 63-9676, 31Dec63; conv CH-3E unk; xfer 20th Heli Sq, Udo+
61-513 ch-3c 1964 63-9681 : 21st SOS Skycap 36; pictured in Vietnam/Laos date unk; w/o 13aug70 hit by +
61-521 ch-3c 1964 63-9689 : 21st SOS w/o 19jan69 in Thailand
61-525 ch-3c 1965 64-14222 : USAF S-61R; d/d 30mar65 Tyndall AFB, Florida; Nov65 to 20th Helicopter Sq,+
61-540 ch-3c 1965 64-14237 : 21st SOS w/o 26feb69 hit by ground fire in Laos during Igloo White mission
61-542 ch-3c 1965 65-5691 : pictured at Thailand, date unk; 21st SOS w/o 27jun69 during firefight i+
61-585 ch-3e 1967 66-13287 : 21st SOS w/o 24oct70 in Laos
: 21st SOS at Nakhon Phanom RTAFB
61-587 ch-3e 1967 66-13288 : 21st SOS w/o 03feb70 hit by ground fire in Laos
61-594 ch-3c 66-13294 : USAF; 21st SOS (56 SOW) w/o 30mar68 hit by ground fire over Laos
61-595 ch-3c 66-13295 : USAF; 21st SOS (56 SOW) w/o 23may68 crashed near Khe Sanh, Quang Tri Provi+
61-604 ch-3e 67-14702 : USAF; 21st SOS (56 SOW) w/o 15jan69 hit by ground fire over Laos. Destroye+
65-143 HH-53C 67-14994 : jul99 21st SOS
: USAF; early Jun07 type:MH-53M in Poland for support HMX-1. 21st SOS
65-253 CH-53C 68-10924 : jul99 21st SOS, RAF Mildenhall
65-254 CH-53C 68-10925 : USAF; 21st SOS w/o 15may75 during Mayaguez rescue. 2Lt Richard Vandegeer +
65-255 CH-53C 68-10926 : USAF; 21st SOS w/o 15may75 during Mayaguez rescue
65-258 CH-53C 68-10929 : USAF; 21st SOS w/o 18feb71
65-260 CH-53C 68-10931 : USAF; 21st SOS w/o 01mar71
65-262 CH-53C 68-10933 : USAF; 21st SOS w/o 13may75 Udorn, Thailand
65-263 HH-53C 69-5784 : Jul99 MH-53J type asg 21st SOS, RAF Mildenhall
: 11jul04 MH-53M type asg 21st SOS, RAF Mildenhall
65-269 HH-53C 69-5790 : USAF; jul99 21st SOS
65-274 HH-53C 69-5795 : 31jul94 MH-53J type pictured with 21st SOS at RAF Fairford
: 11jul04 MH-53M type asg 21st SOS at RAF Mildenhall
: early Jun07 MH-53M type with 21st SOS in Poland to support HMX-1
65-275 HH-53C 69-5796 : Jun07 MH-53M type asg 21st SOS in Poland for support HMX-1
65-335 CH-53C 70-1625 : conv to MH-53J; 27may95 pictured as MH-53J type 21st SOS at RAF Mildenhal+
: jul99 21st SOS
65-337 CH-53C 70-1627 : USAF; 21st SOS w/o 15may75 during Mayaguez rescue
65-338 CH-53C 70-1628 : USAF; 21st SOS w/o 24jan75
65-340 CH-53C 70-1630 : 11jul04 MH-53M type 21st SOS homebase
: USAF; early Jun07 type:MH-53M in Poland for support HMX-1. 21st SOS
65-387 HH-53C 1974 73-1649 : 11jul04 MH-53M type asg 21st SOS at RAF Mildenhall
65-390 HH-53C 1974 73-1652 : jul99 with 21st SOS, RAF Mildenhall
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