usa Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron Two One

US Navy

HSC-21 Blackjacks
United States Naval Aviation

2005 to present    

  • Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron Two One US Navy
  • Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron Two One US Navy

Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron Two One
Blackjacks, tail code VR, redesignated from HC-11 after the introduction of the MH-60S

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News about this Rotary Wing Unit :

US Navy Squadrons Transition for Hurricane Harvey, 02-Sep-17 : US Navy Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron HSC-7 and HSC-28 transitioning support of Hurricane Harvey relief efforts to HSC-21 and HSC-23

Pakistan Navy Alouette III on USS Makin Island, 20-Jan-17 : An ill sailor from PNS Tariq, on patrol in the Gulf of Aden, was evacuated to the USNS Amelia Earhart (T-AKE 6) and then flown to the USS Makin Island (LHA-8) for medical treatment.

USNS Mercy in Pacific Partnership 2015, 11-Jul-15 : Pacific Partnership is in its tenth iteration and is the largest annual multilateral humanitarian assistance and disaster relief preparedness mission conducted in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.

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2005/nowNAS North IslandKNZY

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2005/now s-70 H-60     MH-60S Seahawk

Construction Numbers for HSC-21 Help Us

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
70-659 sh-60f 164087 : 03dec11 pictured as HS-10 /10 at San Diego with Santa Claus during HS-10 +
70-2561 mh-60s 165745 : USN; Apr03 (HC-11) HSC-21
70-2580 mh-60s 165747 : USN; HSC-21 /VR-67
mh-60s 165753 : USN; HSC-21 /VR-66
mh-60s 165757 : USN; 2012 HSC-21 /VR-65
70-2678 mh-60s 165766 : USN; 2003 HSC-21 /VR-63; 2011 NAS Patuxent River SAR
70-2685 mh-60s 165767 : USN; HSC-21 /VR-66
mh-60s 166290 : USN; HSC-21 /VR-90
mh-60s 166293 : USN; HSC-21 /VR-64
70-2785 mh-60s 166300 : USN; Jun10 HSC-85 /NW-00; Oct12 HSC-21 /VR-69
mh-60s 166309 : Apr14 HSC-21 /VR-61; 27jun15 pictured asg USNS Mercy (T-AH 19) in Papua Ne+
mh-60s 166311 : USN; 2012 HSC-21 /VR-71
70-2813 mh-60s 166315 : USN; 2012 HSC-21 /VR-60 2013 HSC-21 /75 CAG livery; 2014 still
mh-60s 166317 : USN; 2004 HC-11 ( HSC-21 ) /VR-73; 2006- Whidbey Island as NAS Whidbey SAR+
70-2823 mh-60s 166319 : USN; 2005 HSC-21 /VR-74 USS Camden (AOE-2); 2012 HSC-3
mh-60s 166321 : USN; 2005 HSC-21 /VR-75 Jack; 2012 HSC-23 /WC-44
mh-60s 166325 : USN; 2012 HSC-3 /SA-25; 2013 HSC-21 /VR-72
mh-60s 166326 : USN; HSC-21 /VR-26
mh-60s 166330 : USN; 2012 HSC-21 /VR-30; 2014 HSC-21 /VR-63;
mh-60s 166331 : USN; HSC-21
mh-60s 166332 : USN; 2012 HSC-21 /VR-76; 2014 still
70-2933 mh-60s 166348 : USN; 2012 HSC-21 /VR-70, tail camo; 2015 HSC-21 /VR-62
mh-60s 166362 : USN; 2008 HSC-21 /VR-71; 2014 still
mh-60s 167816 : USN; 2010 HSC-8 /NG-3; 2012 HSC-21 /VR-73
: Aug14 as HSC-21 /VR-64 on USS America (LHA-6) maiden transit, America visi+
mh-60s 167824 : USN; 2013 HSC-4 /ND-614; 2014 HSC-21 /VR-60
mh-60s 168565 : USN; Jan15 HSC-21 /VR-65
26 serials found for HSC-21

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